Workshop 'Proof Theory and Philosophy'

On December 3-5 2013, the Department of Theoretical Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen will host the workshop ‘Proof Theory and Philosophy’, jointly organized by the VIDI projects ‘The Roots of Deduction’ and ‘Logics for Intelligent Interaction: Expressivity and Succictness’, and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

The workshop will begin around 3PM on December 3rd and will end at 1PM on December 5th.It will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen (Oude Boteringestraat 52, Groningen).On Tuesday we will be in room Alfa (second floor, front part of the building); on Wednesday and Thursday in room Omega (ground floor, back of the building).

Since its beginnings in the early 20th century, proof theory remains one of the main areas of research in logic. However, as logic became increasingly ‘mathematical’, proof theory’s original connections with philosophical questions became somewhat obscured by developments in technical and computational aspects and applications. 

This workshop aims at reviving the inherent philosophical interest of proof theory, and at showcasing a number of interesting applications that the framework can have for long-standing philosophical and logical questions. Moreover, it will foster philosophical discussions on the foundations of proof theory as an area of inquiry, including the very concept of a proof and the conceptual, philosophical import of key results such as normalization, cut elimination, admissibility and derivability of rules. Finally, since the growing interest in modal proof theory is challenging and reshaping philosophical debates, the workshop will provide a forum for the discussion of ongoing research across proof theory and philosophical logics.


  • Dora Achourioti (UvA, Amsterdam): "Proof theory for an intensional notion of truth"
  • Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen): "A dialogical analysis of structural rules"
  • Norbert Gratzl (MCMP, Munich): "Is, ought and cut"
  • Ole Hjortland (MCMP, Munich): "An n-sided sequent calculus for paraconsistent and paracomplete theories of truth"
  • Laurent Keiff (Lille): "Some aspects of harmony in dialogue-based semantics"
  • Paolo Maffezioli (Groningen): "Proof theory for weak notions of knowledge" (joint work with D. Gilbert)
  • Sara Negri (Helsinki): "A proof theory for counterfactual reasoning"
  • Giuseppe Primiero (Middlesex): "Non-transitivity, security and genetical non-neutrality" (joint work with F. Raimondi)
  • Stephen Read and Bruno Jacinto (St. Andrews): "General-elimination stability" 
  • Olivier Roy (Bayreuth): "Dynamic consequence for soft information" (joint work with O. Hjortland)
  • Göran Sundholm (Leiden): "Inference and consequence in an interpreted language"
  • Luca Tranchini (Tübingen): "Ekman's paradox" (joint work with P. Schroder-Heister)


  10.00: Catarina Dutilh Novaes  9.30: Luca Tranchini
  11.00: Break 10.30: Break
  11.30: Paolo Maffezioli 11.00: Norbert Gratzl
 (L. Keiff's talk is canceled) 12.00: Stephen Read & Bruno Jacinto
  12.30: Lunch 
 15.00: Göran Sundholm 14.00: Olivier Roy  
 16.00: Giuseppe Primiero 15.00: Break 
 17.00: Break 15.30: Dora Achourioti 
 17.15: Sara Negri 16.30: Ole Hjortland