Workshop 'Argumentation in mathematics'

On May 30th 2013, the Roots of Deduction project will host a workshop on argumentation in mathematics. Speakers are:
  • Andrew Aberdein: "Types of dialogue in mathematics"
  • Erik Krabbe: "Aristotle on squaring the circle"
  • Bart Verheij: "Mathematical discovery as investigative argumentation"
  • Catarina Dutilh Novaes: "A dialogical conception of indirect proofs"
NEW TIME: 9.00 - 13.00 
Place: Room A902, Broerstraat 9, Groningen.


9.00-9.45: Dutilh Novaes, "A dialogical conception of indirect proofs"
9.45-10.30: Krabbe, "Aristotle on squaring the circle"
10.30-11.00: Break
11.00-11.45: Verheij, "Mathematical discovery as investigative argumentation"
11.45-13.00: Aberdein, "Types of dialogues in mathematics"

The workshop is open to all, but please send us an email (rootsofdeduction 'youknowwhat' gmail dot com) to register.