Kick-off workshop

To get the project started in style, we'll have a kick-off workshop on November 29th-30th 2011, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen. Talks will be on the themes of the project, broadly construed: cognition and philosophy of logic, history of deduction and of the deductive method, dialogical conceptions of logic and deduction. Speakers and titles are:

* Tomoji Shogenji (Rhode Island College)
The myth of epistemic circularity
(T. Shogenji's talk is a joint event with the Groningen Faculty Colloquium)

* Arianna Betti (VU Amsterdam):
Explanation and logical consequence from Bolzano to Tarski

* Wilfrid Hodges (British Academy):
Reconciling Greek mathematics and Greek logic - Galen's question and Ibn Sina's answer

* Erik Krabbe (Groningen):
Topical roots of formal dialectic

* Dora Achourioti (UvA Amsterdam):
The use of 'true' in natural language

* Igor Douven (Groningen):

* Ole Hjortland (LMU Munich):
On the empirical presuppositions of logical inferentialism

* Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson (Groningen):
Modeling epistemic actions... again...

* Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen):
The roots of deduction - Every proof is and isn't a dialogue



    Tuesday November 29th 2011:

    13.00 Catarina Dutilh Novaes
    14.00 Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
    15.00 Break
    15.30 Igor Douven
    16.30 Arianna Betti

    Wednesday November 30th 2011:

    9.30 Wilfrid Hodges
    10.30 Break
    11.00 Ole Hjortland
    12.00 Dora Achourioti
    13.00 Lunch
    14.30 Erik Krabbe
    15.30 Break
    15.45 Tomoji Shogenji
    17.30 Reception


Faculty of Philosophy, Oude     Boteringestraat 52 (map). It is a 15 min. walk from the main train station in Groningen.


If you plan on coming, please send an email to rootsofdeduction[youknowwhat] no later than November 20th.