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Join The Roosterfish Foundation and have access to the 4 Members Only web pages. Plus, all members during the first fiscal year will receive a Founding Member laminated wallet certificate. The Founding Member wallet certificate and number will stay with you through all subsequent renewals.      
   1)   Guides and Captains pages - information

    2)   Caught Roosterfish pages - data
The documented tagged rooster fish and non-tagged fish are all in this Members Only section, from information submitted by members. Data from these pages will be used to determine the Top Angler, Top Captain, and Top Destination awards. 
The data is compiled annually, with previous year's data retained below each new year.

Another great feature - Here is where members can review the ongoing results, making determinations as to captains, places to go, and time of year for future trips. The patterns which can be interpolated from this data do not show up in the open public Awards page, which will only summarize the results. And, being the data from members for the non-tagged Release Only cards are not eligible for the awards, this is the only location they show up, which means this page will have a lot more information on caught fish than the awards Race pages.

  3)   Retrieved Tags pages - data

  4)   Top Captains, Destinations, and Anglers Race pages - data

Is your membership contribution tax deductible? I am not sure. We have formed the Roosterfish Foundation as a Mexican Corporation. With 100% of the roosterfish habitat being in Latin American countries, Latin American countries are usually flat out opposed to anything coming out of the U.S. as far as improving their own policies for the fisheries. We felt a Mexican Corporation would have more credibility with the Latin American governments.  

Granted, the Roosterfish Foundation will be funded by mostly “Gringo” sportsmen, but this way we actually can get our foot in the door with some credibility. After all, we will be citing relevant information about the roosterfish, its impact for tourism, and the need to sustain the fishery, with the added benefit of learning a lot more about this species than we ever knew before.

Note: Of the 5,000 plus miles of “straight line” coastline defining the roosterfish habitat, more than 50% of that habit is in Mexico. This includes the Latin American countries of Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Roosterfish Foundation Membership Rate Options: (Paid in U.S. Dollars with all options including secure shipping from Mexico).

Guides and Captains discount - You get the full three year package, with tags and tag stick, for $100 U.S. 

Note: Jr. Members (under age 18), $15 when signed up with a parent for any regular membership, and for the duration of that membership. The membership includes 2 logos and a laminated wallet card, shipped with the parent’s membership package. The Junior Member will retain the Member number for as many years as they continue in the Foundation. We really need the Jr. Members to help carry the torch.

If you are a young adult (18-24), an active member of the armed forces, or simply can't afford the membership, please email us with your situation and you will become a 3 year member,for a much reduced fee. 

1 Year

(2) Logos, (1) Laminated membership wallet card


 Option 1

2 Years

(3) Logos, (1) Laminated membership wallet card, (8) Release Only cards, (1) PDF copy of the 194 page eBook “Fishing, Methods, and Incredible Stories - Fishing the West Coast of Mexico”


 Option 2

2 Years

As above with the addition of 8 tags and corresponding tag and release cards and (1) tag applicator with wood handle (less than 6.5” overall length)


 Option 3

3 Years

(3) logos, (1) Laminated membership wallet card, (1) PDF copy of the 194 page eBook “Fishing, Methods, and Incredible Stories - Fishing the West Coast of Mexico” (1) PDF copy of the eBook “The Rooster and the Fly” , (1) Roosterfish Foundation short sleeve T-Shirt, 10 release only cards.


 Option 4

3 Years

As above with 20 tags and release cards and (1) tag applicator with wood handle.  


 Option 5
  Spouse or Jr. Member
 Option 6

 1) The Roosterfish Foundation (8" x 4") logos have the peel back paper, with adhesive on the back side of the logo. 2) To save shipping expenses the eBooks, in PDF format, will be sent by email. 

Note: A lot of people think they do not need a fly fishing book, but they couldn't be more wrong. Unlike the Fishing the West Coast of Mexico book, which covers many of the species in general form, this book is specifically about roosterfish, and goes into great detail. After all, most salt water fly fishing is 90% conventional gear fishing to find and attract the fish. It doesn't become fly fishing until the fly is cast.

Just send the below information to roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com 


Full address where Membership kit is to be shipped:

Email address (if different than one sending the application):

2 Year Member___  3 Year Member ___ or 2 Year (no tags) ____

Paypal ____ or Check____?

If you prefer to pay by personal or business check, I will send you information to an address in California to mail it to. You will get return receipt.

If you are located in a Latin American country, especially Mexico, I can give you the deposit information to make a direct deposit into Banco Santander, Mexico. 

Ed Kunze (Director)