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How Big do Roosters Get

French angler Messeri with Adolfo and an approximate 75-80 pound rooster

Typically the hard fighting sport caught roosterfish weighs between 25-40 pounds, with 50-55 pound fish fairly common, and occasionally a 75-80 pound fish is taken during the year at most locations that target the fish. The IGFA world record fish is currently 114 pounds taken by Abe Sackheim in 1960 in La Paz, Baja California Mexico. More recently, an almost 106 pound fish was recorded as an IGFA 80 pound line record in 2008 by Jeffrey         Reinhardt when fishing with Captain Adolfo Espinoza on the panga Dos Hermanos in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

And another shot of the one above

A couple of years ago, Adolfo guided his conventional gear (spin fishing) French client (Misseri Jean Pierre) for 14 days straight, wrapping up the last day on Dec. 24, 2011 (Christmas Eve) with a 100 pound plus rooster.

Here is what I wrote about the catch in my “Z Fish Report” (I have been doing the fish report for the area for over 15 years): We went way up north to the Ranch…and where Adolfo had been fishing this last couple of weeks with his French clients.

During a dry spell, Adolfo casually pointed and mentioned to me: “This is the spot my French client got a 50 or maybe 51 kilo rooster on Christmas”, the 24th of this last week.

 I slowly turned my head and just looked into his ice blue eyes, searching them for the punch line. He softly said “I have a photo on my phone”.  I reached up and pulled his phone from its protected place and said “show me”.

And, there it was! A fish too big to lift and a head almost as wide as the French client’s body… Incredible!

Estimated at 100 pounds (plus)

 Adolfo has now logged 3 roosterfish over 100 pounds for his clients here in Zihuatanejo, including the existing 80 pound IGFA line class world record of almost 106 pounds, and caught by Jeffry Reinhardt in 2008.

This recent fish was taken on spin gear, as were all the other large roosters. This time it was taken with 30 pound braid backing. But, the client had a plane to catch that afternoon, to get back home, and decided to not contact me for IGFA certification. He was very happy with the way his 14 days straight of fishing with Adolfo finished up. The fish would have been marginally close to breaking the conventional gear 30 pound line class world record,

Here is a translation from Adolfo’s French client, MISSERI Jean Pierre: (Note: He does not speak English, and I do not speak French, so we both use Spanish as a mutual language medium)

I have been fishing Zihuatanejo for 14 years, and 12 of them with Adolfo. On every trip I keep precise records of species caught, inshore and offshore. My wife also fishes with me on every trip.

On the panga Dos Hermanos I have recorded 312 roosters, with 35 equal to, or more than 30 kilos (66 pounds). I only keep my records for memories and a photo.