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Fly Fishing Methods

It’s called fishing, not “catching” – especially when you handicap yourself and pick up the fly rod.

There is no doubt, the second you have picked up the fly rod; you have just handicapped yourself of the chance of catching a roosterfish many times over compared to those who use conventional gear surface poppers with hooks, or live bait. But, Oh My! The satisfaction is so sweet when it is accomplished.

The Rooster and the Fly

According to one of the basic laws of physics, when two large objects, traveling with velocity, try to occupy the same space at the same time, a major eruption occurs. This is exactly the point! Even though the objects involved between a large rooster and a fly are a thousand times different in weight and mass, the eruption is about the same… or even greater. And, by conversely defying the laws of physics, it is only a one-sided eruption.

What greater thrill can be had watching the rooster, with its namesake comb raised, following a hookless teaser, and slashing his way to the boat within fly casting range of the fly angler?

When you experience a 50 pound rooster, surfing down the backside of the wave, and blowing holes in the water as big as a bath tub to get at the hookless teaser, you will be hooked forever.

With gills flared, and the maw of the mouth open, this rooster is chasing the hookless popper teaser. It appears they are similar to largemouth bass and striped bass, as they suck in the bait, rather than chomp down. The flared gills allow the water to pass through as they suck the bait in. 

The above photos and comments are excerpts out of my 120 page eBook “The Rooster and the Fly”. Fly fishing for roosters is a very specified art, and a few articles or comments will not nearly cover even the basics. If you did not receive a PDF copy of my book with your membership subscription, please contact me at edkunze@gmail.com The price is $15 for non members.

Ed Kunze