The Passages Hotel

"When the sky was only this blue vault, with the stars nailed to it, the universe seemed small and narrow to me... [There is] infinitely greater breadth and depth to this vault by dividing it into thousands and thousands of vortices... Nothing is so beautiful to visualize as this prodigious number of vortices, each with a sun at its center making planets rotate around it."
- Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle (1657-1757) 
Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds (1686)

Expand your mind to accept the infinite number of worlds made possible by philosophy, physics, and imagination. Imagine each of these worlds has its own line, and then, if we may test your patience, accept that this countless cluster of worlds crosses at a single point. That point of intersection is magnificent, specific, complete, and as old as time. Some would say it's even alive. It is The Passages Hotel.

The Hotel has been sighted at the edge of cities around the world, not in just this world but every world, appearing and disappearing at will, beguiling the people who live there into its center, where infinite possibilities exist at once.

Travel the halls of the old hotel and find a Door, a fantastic door, and step through. Here fictional worlds flourish, and characters of imagination inhabit their own realities.

Where you come from doesn't matter, not even a little bit. You might have just stepped off the five o'clock train on your way home, or maybe Scotty just beamed you down from the orbiting Enterprise. It doesn't matter. It only matters where you are now, because that place can be... Anywhere.

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