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Mass Effect

The Mass Effect door is based on the world of the Mass Effect videogame trilogy. For the sake of door stability due to the multiple endings of the series, the Mass Effect door exists during the main events of Mass Effect 2, prior to the mobilization for war in 3.

The Mass Effect series takes place in the 2180s. Earth is now no more than a small island in a vast universe, whose myriad races fight and conduct diplomacy through the central hub of the Citadel, an ancient space station nearly the size of the planet. Colonialist wars are fought, peaces brokered, and the old stories of rebellion are cast in the new light of violent races of sentient machines and insects. Many races, including humans, can now harness the power of biotics. With biotic members of many species able to generate a field of energy which they control with the use of cybernetic implants, the door has opened to telekinesis on an epic scale.

Against this backdrop, the threat of the Reapers looms, a beyond ancient race who schedules the rise and fall of civilizations, leaving technology to help a fresh crop of races achieve space travel in mere hundreds of thousands of years, rather than millions. Once the universe is full of life, the Reapers devour it, scouring and feeding. Then they wait in dark space, beyond the edges of the stars, for the next crop of life to rise and proliferate. Only now does it seem that the cycle might be broken, though many in the universe still do not believe.

Door Rules:  Standard Door-rules apply, and abilities are normal here, with specified plot exceptions.


Note: As the world of Mass Effect contains literally countless worlds, no attempt has been made to replicate them all here, and any worlds that have appeared in the series can be assumed to exist in their current state as of ME2.

The Citadel: The Citadel is an immense space station built by the Protheans, an ancient race that was the most recent to be wiped out by the Reapers. Taking the form almost of a flower 
whose petals can be folded and unfolded, the Citadel is home to the Council, governing body of most races in the universe. It features slums, merchant districts, ports, and luxury beyond the wildest dreams of most inhabitants of the universe. It is also an intensely diverse place, where species from every corner of the universe come to live, truly the metropolis at the center of all things.

The Normandy SR-1:
Built by Cerberus after the destruction of the Normandy, the SR-1 is captained by Commander Shepard. It includes a shuttle for landing on some planets, as its size prevents it from landing on every planet it encounters. Equipped for inter-space travel and the comfort of its crew, the ship includes a fully stocked med bay, captain's quarters, crew's quarters, and individual rooms for most members of the Commander's team. In the absence of Shepard, the Normandy will remain docked at the Citadel, though an enterprising individual could, potentially, commandeer it for themselves.

External elements added to the world, if any: