Please fill out the application and send the text in an e-mail. Do not send a link!

Applications should be sent to:

Subject line: "Application for ___"

<i><b>Player Info;</b></i>

<b>Are you 18 or over?:</b> (Yes, it is required.)

<i><b>Character Info;</b></i>

<b>Source work and author:</b> (The source of your character’s canon, if applicable. If the character is your original character, indicate that here.)
<b>Door:</b> (What Door will your character be starting off in? This can be a new Door, or it can be an existing Door.) If new, please describe the state of the world, and note your chosen point in its canon timeline.
<b>Character Journal name:</b> (IJ address.)
<b>Character Name:</b> 
<b>Character Age:</b> 
<b>Character Played By:</b> (Please give name and a link to an image. A human/real-life PB is required, even for anime/animated characters.)

<b>Character History and Personality:</b> (Give as detailed a description as you can of your character's background and their personality traits in five paragraphs (preferably more). For original characters, where was your character when they received their summons to the hotel? For canon characters, what was the last thing that happened in their world?  This is where you really get to shine.)

<b>Journal/Key:</b> (All hotel residents receive two items: A key and a journal/tablet/phone to access the network. What does your character's journal and key look like? Very brief, 2-3 sentences.)

<b>External Door items:</b> (If your character is an original character, what will they be bringing with them into their Door? This includes non-tangible items, like criminal pasts, college degrees, work history, children and backstory elements. It can also include physical items. Delete this section for canon characters.)


(Three storylines that can be filled by other characters in play. These can be open storylines for characters. For example, your character can have a storyline for their biological sister or for their spouse. Must be open upon character’s introduction into the game, not pre-filled!)

<b>Open:</b> (See above.)
<b>Open:</b> (See above.)
<b>Open:</b> (See above.)

<b><i>Writing Sample;</b></i> 

(Please give an example of at least two paragraphs. Introduce your character in one short piece. This is your chance to really show us how your character lives and breathes in the world. Make us want to read more of what you’re writing! Existing players do not need to provide writing samples.)
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