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What kind of character am I creating?

You have the choice of creating an Original Character (a human from our modern present world), or a fictional character from an existing canon.

Where do characters live and work?

Characters live and work in various worlds, all accessed from the Doors within Passages Hotel.

What is Passages Hotel?

The Passages Hotel is a small physical hotel that appears to certain people in random locations. There is no documentation of it anywhere, and it has no existing staff. The public areas, such as the Lobby, serve as a gathering place for characters. Most importantly, the Passages Hotel houses all the Doors. See the Passages Hotel page for more information.

How does my character know about Passages Hotel?

When your character begins play, they will receive a Journal and key. For original characters, this key (and the address on the box containing it) will lead them to Passages. For canon characters, the key will allow them to leave their world to wander through the hotel and also enter other doors.

The journals take many forms. They could be smartphones, tablets, notebooks or legal ledgers, leather bound or boring paper.

Note: Should characters lose their journals or keys, a replica will be returned to them via mail. Should a journal be stolen, the thief can read/use them at will.

What are Doors?

A Door serves as a portal to a source world. All characters will have an assigned Door, though changing Doors is permitted. Please select a "home" Door for your original characters when you apply.

All canon characters from the same source will utilize the same Door, so they all have the same world beyond the door and can interact there. Whenever possible, we suggest grouping characters into their larger source worlds. So, Metropolis would also be through the DC door, for example. 

Doors are defined by the first player’s definition of the source world, or by the Mods, in the case of pre-created, empty worlds; if Sherlock Holmes from the BBC serial television show is the first character accepted based in the world created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then all subsequent Sherlock Holmes characters must utilize his door and time period. A John Watson Alter created from the movies featuring Jude Law, for example, might find the setting disconcerting, but his own movie-based world would not be available to him in this example.

This simplifies the Door worlds so that writers don’t need to deal with parallel universes.

Can my original character bring anything with them into their Door?

All original characters will find, upon their first trip into the hotel, whatever belongings a players wants to give them. This could be everything they own, or it could be completely empty. Children and dependents can accompany your OC, should you wish.

Additionally, any external forces/items your character needs to maintain their conflict within the Door will be graciously integrated by the Door, provided they aren't world-changing or momentous. Examples being familial or financial circumstances, criminal notoriety, etc. Please submit any of these special circumstances to the mods with your application.

Can my original character have any contact with those they've left behind?

Yes! There is a phone in the lobby of the hotel. Unfortunately, it only allows calls out.

Why are there original characters in the Door worlds?

It's entirely selfish. In order to sustain itself, the sentient hotel requires energy of thought and belief, and maintains its uncountable universes with the lives retained in it.

Can my character visit other Doors?

Yes, any number of characters can go through any Doors, so long as they have the key the hotel originally sent them. Players can have their characters experience difficulty finding the door if necessary, as the Doors for non-key bearers are not stagnant within the hotel.

Additionally,  characters possessing abilities might find their abilities are limited in Doors that are not their Home Door. Check specific Door pages before having a character Door hop. When in doubt, ask!

Can items/possessions be moved between Doors?

With varying levels of success. Money that is moved between Doors will be considered counterfeit. Technology will not work if it is introduced in a timeline in which it does not yet exist, nor can it be reproduced in those timelines. Decorative items, personal items, etc., can be carried from Door to Door, as long as they fit through the entryway.

When is it in the Door worlds?

Canon characters can be taken from any point in their canon, and from any canon interpretation or combination of canon interpretations. Canons are not required to be consistent within a Door. For example, Harry Potter could be taken from the end of the Wizarding War at the end of Book 7, while Draco Malfoy could be taken from the Epilogue. If Ron Weasley joins the game three months later, that player must respect any changes that the Harry and Draco players have implemented on that world, if any.

The physical state of the world upon its creation in the game, is determined by the first character through a door or by the Mods, in the case of pre-created, empty worlds. If the first character through a door in DC Comics, for example, is Batman from Nolan's movieverse, then the physical world will reflect that. New characters can introduce changes to the world, so long as they do not change the existing landscape. For example, Clark Kent could introduce his version of Metropolis, in the DC Comics example, if no other characters occupy the city. In Doors like the Tales Door, where original representations of characters is common, locations can be created that do not exist in the original canon.

Additionally, canon characters can be any age (as long as they are over 18) in their world, and do not need to be the age they were at the end of their canon. A change in character age requires an additional application once it is chosen; otherwise, all characters will age in real time.

This gives writers the maximum amount of flexibility.

What if my canon character died in the source?

The character would then enter a new world with a brand new body at the age of your choosing. Many of the canon characters might not be applied for yet, and their absence may cause chaos in their canon world.

This allows all canon characters to start relationships fresh or choose to renew canon ones if they choose.

For example, when Harry Potter enters Wizarding London, many of his friends and relatives (any deemed “major” by the writer and therefore potential characters that may enter the game later) will not be there for him to interact with.  “Minor” characters already existing in the world won’t realize anything in their setting has changed.

This prevents writers from defining the history of incarnations that don’t exist in the game yet.

How do characters communicate? 

The journals, which your character received when they began play, are all linked together, and they will serve as a forum community for the game for first-person POV and direct character-to-character interaction. Despite the difference in journal appearance, the following guidelines are consistent across all journals:
  • If a character writes in her Journal, other characters can see her handwriting when it appears in their Journals by default.
  • Audio, graphic and video posts are permitted, but on paper journals, they would be written links or immobile pictures.
  • Entries can be public, private (like a diary) or locked to specific characters (like an email or text).
  • For non-human characters and characters that do not speak English, the journals can transcribe, and entries are always translated to the journal-owner’s native tongue.

Are journals the only way my character can communicate with other characters?

No. Characters can dream about each other and meet that way. Shared Dreaming is common among Door residents, and this is common knowledge.

Additionally, there will be game events during the course of play that throw characters together, and characters  may bring items back and forth between worlds, if they so desire, which might allow for additional communication. Lastly, the hotel itself is a public area, and characters can encounter each other there.

Reminder: Technology will not work if it is introduced in a timeline in which it does not yet exist (cellphones will not be able to make calls in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice).

What should I know about game events?

This game will include world altering game events and group plots managed by the Mod Team. We’ll notify players at least a week in advance for any such events with the option not to participate, but the game world will be ever-changing. If you prefer an unchanging, static setting to write with, this might not be the place for you. Your character will often be in spaces controlled by other players and the Mods.