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What types of characters are permitted?

Both canon and "ordinary" original characters are welcome.

What sources are acceptable for canon characters?

To qualify as a canon character, sources must be characters from works of Literature, Stage, Film, Myth, Graphic Print Novel, or Television. Historic figures are permitted, as long as they are drawn from a fictionalized work. Canon characters must reside primarily in their source Door, though of course they may travel.

Am I creating an original character at all?

Yes, if you choose to create an original character they should be a perfectly normal human being, who will be "transported" to a Door world of your choice.

Are underage characters are allowed?

No. All characters must be 18. Some canon characters will need to be aged up, since this is an adult game. For example, Shakespeare’s Juliet or Rowling’s Harry would, by necessity, be younger than 18 according to strict canon, but in this game, they can’t be. You can have your character be suddenly eighteen with a younger person's mind, or you can write what happened to them in the intervening time.

Do characters have special abilities?

Canon characters retain any abilities they possess in the source text. Your original character is fully human, and they will have no abilities at the offset. However, your original character can develop mutations or be bitten by irradiated spider in the Marvel Door; characters in a Door with supernatural entities could be bitten by a werewolf or vampire, etc.

Are any types of characters prohibited?

If you think it’s too controversial, it probably is. This particularly applies to canon characters depicting fictionalized political and religious figures, i.e. the Pope or the President. Characters from songs or web-comics not published by a major publishing house and works of non-fiction are not permitted.