About the Game

Rooms is a writing community that offers members a joint setting for original characters and fandom characters based upon pre-existing works. A "multiverse." The premise and world physics are modeled to allow writers the maximum amount of control over setting and character while balancing complexity.

The game is modeled after a traditional roleplaying game, but with far more emphasis on writing quality and character development, and without the randomized element of dice. Admission is based upon written application, and an application must be submitted for every character. Participants must be 18+ for topic maturity reasons; mature logs and posts are locked to participants, but anyone may view the majority of posts in our fictional "IC" community.  

The game is hosted on InsaneJournal.com, and follows a journal/blogging format for ease of communication and posting. Contact information for players is typically locked, but once a journal is accepted to the community and the player "friends" another player, their contact post can be found in individual character journals.

About the Mods

The Mod Team has been writing together for over five years. In that time period we've created and modded four games: a fairytale premade game called Bellum Letale, an offshoot using mythological figures called Pax Letale, a mix-it-up inspiration game called Musings, and, most recently, Doors, which predated Rooms and exists in the same universe. 

Pax Letale has since closed under different management after we passed ownership to players in 2010. Bellum Letale culminated in a game-ending event in August of 2010, and Musings did the same in February of 2012. Our games therefore typically have a lifespan of at least a year and generate a great deal of content. Rooms is the evolution of its 'parent' game, Doors. (The premise of which was very similar, but combined a canon and an OC character in the same mind and body.) No previous knowledge of Doors is necessary for participation in Rooms.

This mod team likes to create games with ongoing plot events, changing themes and complex settings. Our application process is fairly rigorous as online writing communities go, and we take our Rules of Conduct extremely seriously. We promote a safe online environment for our players and treat every player as an adult with a great deal of honest communication. All of our mod decisions are made as a team with the input of all three members, and we therefore prefer all mod business and questions go on mod posts or to the mod email, so we all see it.

We love writing, and if you're here, we love your writing. Happy creating!

Contact the creators by emailing RoomsMods@Gmail.com.

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