Concert Choir

Did I hear someone say "I Can't Sing"?  Then you my friend are in luck because I am seeking new people with little or no skills to teach how to sing. That's why I have this job! Concert choir is both an in class and after school performing group.  Students in this group have a desire to sing in an ensemble and learn skills to improve their overall group and individual expertise.  Foundations of singing fundamentals are emphasized and demonstrating them through group performances are the main goals of this group.  There is a wide range of skill levels in this group and in such an environment-student to student or pier learning is an invaluable tool.  Students are graded on participation in class and attending performances.  Those who participate-regardless of their vocal abilities, will receive the highest mark for the course.  Those desiring to excel vocally will have the opportunity and instruction to do so.
All students in the high school are warmly invited to become part of this very exciting and fun ensemble. 
You Can Be Taught To Sing if You Can Speak!  Promise!