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My posted messages from a former Yahoo Art Group called vanGogh's Cafe 
Started Aug. 10, 2000 ( message #528 )  till August 22, 2001 ( message # 936 )
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The Road Uphill

Vincent's First Sermon

Vincent's first Sermon was based on a poem
called " Uphill " by Christina Rossetti, an English Poet of Italian descent. 
Does the road go uphill all the way ?
Yes, to the very end.
Will the journey take the whole long day ?
from morn till night my friend
More - Uphill quotes by Vincent in his letters to Theo
26 August 1876
Wheat Field with Cypresses
turned right side up
Yahoo Art Group called Vangogh's Café
Started Aug. 10, 2000
"Vincent's Dream" 8/10/2000

Message # 528
Many of Vincent's paintings and drawings are most interestings..."heavy stuff" you might say...
especially during his most productive and stressful period of time in 1889-90.
A number of his works have hidden figures or images, in the mountain areas as in Leoardo da Vinci's art.
In the drawing "Wheat Field with Cypresses"
most interesting. In it is an image of Vincent. In others theirs an abstract figure next to Vincent.
In "Starry Night" their's an abstract figure also, which I say is "double Impressionism"..
Yes ! that Vincent van Gogh rendered. 
Vincent's Dream ? part two
Here's what I can also. Make a 11" by 17" photo copy of the it on your wall,
most important...the right side of the drawing must be positioned at the top (12 0'clock)
In other words you'll be viewing the drawing side-ways - sky to the left - land to the right.
Look for his face - protruding forehead - fluffy beard - shoulder - chest - arm - hand and Vincent's knee,
muscular leg...he walked much. He looks as though held or entangled to a tree.
The sky has an image of a Angelic figure. In the book "Vincent and Theo van Gogh" by Jan Hulsker,
on page 359 is the drawing "Wheat Field with Cypresses", makes a very good photo copy print.
I've added color to bring out the figure using Minwax wood stains, it doesn't cover the lines in the drawing.
Yes my Artist friends, it is most interesting and mysterious drawing.

Vincent's Dream



Aug. 8th, 1888, Vincent writes: "If the drawings I send you are too "hard",
it is because I have done them in such a way as to be able later on,
 if they're still around, to use them as guides for paintings." 
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Vincent gave "Wheat Field with Cypresses" to his Mother and sister.

Dec. 7th, 1889
In time you will see the whole picture, remember it's over a 110 years ago Vincent did this drawing and never explained it to Theo.
Your one of the few now that know of it. Also in the drawing which I didn't mention,
is a tear drope below Vincent's eye. Yes, this drawing is "heavy stuff",
Theo at times used the word stuff.


Without the colors applied to the drawing I've realized people have difficulty in seeing the hidden figure.
It's like those paintings by number kits, once the colors are applied the picture becomes alive.
In a letter Vincent writes > "In either figure or landscape, I should wish to express not sentimental melancholy,
but serious sorrow... I want to progress so far that people will say of my work, he feels deeply, he feels tenderly" ]
Yes..this is in "Vincent's Dream".


It's a left side profile of Vincent..down the center of the drawing, he's in the landscape.
His beard is two and a half inches down from top center.
Think of a Christ like figure leaning against a tree, bare chest,
without clothing, knee and leg showing, below his waist is covered by a bush,
you can see the thumb of his hand in this area. Their's no ankle or foot in the drawing.
 You have to look at this picture as a "thumb nail", it has to be enlarged just as Vincent did with his paintings.
In his painting of The Pieta (After Delacroix) notice the woman's hand gesture.
It is simular to that of the hand in "Vincent's Dream" ?
His left hand
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