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Australia has the largest and heaviest road-legal vehicles in the world, with some configurations topping out at close to 200 tonnes.                                 

Road trains can be unwieldy, and driving and maneuvering them safely without unduly obstructing traffic is only possible because of the sparse traffic and extremely flat and straight terrain through the Australian outback.

"Strict Regulations also apply Regarding Licensing and Driving Experience"!!!

Road trains are used for transporting all manner of materials, with livestock, fuel, mineral ores and general freight the most common. Their cost-effective transport has played a significant part in the economic development of remote areas, with some communities totally reliant on a regular service.

Overtaking a road train can be quite difficult. Patience, assistance from the driver, and large amounts of clear road are required. Many road train drivers help by blinking their right-turn indicators a couple of times to indicate that the road ahead is clear.


When the flat-top trailers of a road train need to be transported empty, it is common practice to stack them. This is commonly referred to as "doubled-up" or "doubling-up." Sometimes, if many trailers are required to be moved at the one time, they will be tripled stacked, or "tripled-up."