Lennard-Jones Lectureship

Lennard-Jones Lectureship of the Royal Society of Chemistry 

This prestigious lectureship, named after sir John Lennard Jones, is awarded once every two years by the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics group  of the Royal Society of Chemistry Faraday Division to a deserving individual who has made important contributions to scientific fields of interest to the group. 

        This year, the Lennard-Jones lectureship will be delivered by 

Prof. Dr. Kurt Binder (University of Mainz) 

and will be titled

" Computer simulations of critical behavior and phase behavior of fluids"

Previous winners of the LJ lectureship include 

      1982 Prof. J.A. Pople 

      1983 Dr. L.A.K. Staveley 

      1984 Dr. N.C. Handy 

      1985 Prof. J.S. Rowlinson  

      1986 Prof. A.D. Buckingham  

      1987 Profs. J.M Deutch and I Oppenheim  

      1988 Prof. G.G. Hall  

      1989 Prof. P.-G. de Gennes  "Flexible polymers at solid-liquid interfaces" 

      1990 Dr. A.J. Stone  

      1991 Prof. W. Gelbart  "Overview of self-assembly and self-organisation" 

      1992 Dr. B.T. Sutcliffe  

      1993 Prof. B. Widom  "Applications and extensions of van der Waals theory of capillarity" 

      1995 Prof. M.E. Fisher  "Criticality in ionic solutions: Debye-Huckel, Bjerrum and beyond" 

      1997 Prof. D. Frenkel  "What van der Waals could have told us about protein crystallisation" 

      1999 Prof. E. Sackmann  "Regulation of cellular processes by the  membrane-bending-elasticity concept" 

      2001 Prof. D. Chandler  "Hydrophobicity at small and large length scales: two faces of water" 

      2003 Prof. J.-P. Hansen  "Mixing colloids and polymers: from coarse-graining to accurate phase diagrams"

      2005 Prof. G. M. Schneider  "The continuity and family concepts  for fluid mixtures: Links between experiment, theory and correlation"

      2007 Prof. R. Evans  "Phase transitions of fluids under confinement:some new perspectives" 

      Originally, the Lennard-Jones lectureship was awarded annually, and  alternated between the Theoretical Chemistry Group (TCG) and the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group (SMTG) of the RSC's Faraday Division. Since 1993, however, it has been awarded biennially by the SMTG.

      The Lennard-Jones lectureship is kindly sponsored by Unilever.    

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