Remove Spindle Arms

This article assumes you have already removed the braked drum assembly.  Look at the Remove Brake Drum  page if you have not.

1. Clean off as much road gunk as you can in order to see and get to the greesed bolts that hold the assembly in place.


2. Removing the spindle assembly.

    A. Remove the bottom nut that secures the steering arm.  There is a 1 1/4" cotter pin securing the  7/16" nut.

    B. Remove the bottom bolt both spindle bolts are 1" (It is very important to secure the suspension arm as it will be under a lot of pressure from the spring, use a hydraulic jack to get the pressure situated on the jack rather than the spindle assembly).


    C. Remove lower spindle bolt.  It is another 1" bolt and nut.  There are rubber grommets on the spindle where the 1" bolts went through the interior diameter appears slightly larger on the top grommets. (Think about polyurethane replacements).

    D. Remove the 5/8" nuts securing the shock to the spindle.

3. Remove spindle and get ready to replace the king pin if necessary.