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Welcome to the GIS Home Page. 

RMBL's GIS Objectives

  • To provide access to GIS datasets with complete metadata
  • To provide basic information on using GIS software and datasets
  • To encourage researchers to recognize the Instrumentation Grant (DBI/0420910) whenever publishing maps and/or data created using some part of our GIS/GPS sytems

Below are the most commonly asked GIS questions. Above are links to other important GIS issues.

1.) What is GIS?

2.) How do I access RMBL GIS datasets (such as aerial photos, wetland, soil, and stream data)?

3.) How do I figure out if my proposed research site is in conflict with other research or facilities?

4.) I have chosen a research site. How do I get this research site mapped?

5.) How do I take RMBL GIS datasets with me when I leave RMBL?

6.) How do I view my GPS data on an aerial photo?

7.) How do I create a map with GPS data and RMBL GIS datasets (for powerpoint, for example)?

8.) How do I save and move my GIS data?

9.)  What spatial (GIS) datasets are available from RMBL?

10.) What are attribute data and how do I view them?

11.) If I have written down GPS coordinates (lat/long; UTM), how do I get them on a GIS map?

12.) What are the basic tools and section of the ArcMap toolbar?

13.) What do I do if my question is not here?