Course Overview

Learn to thermal soar and fly cross-country in gliders from the comfort of home. The course consists of over a dozen live webinars, and if you have the Condor soaring simulator, (note about Condor V2) you can practice what you learn in "class" using the more than 20 hands-on flight exercises. The course starts at the very beginning (steady circles) and will take you as far as you want to go - ultimately to competitive cross-country racing. The exercises are self-paced and methodically step you through the learning process, gradually building on existing skills. While the Condor simulator only contains sailplanes, its use is almost equally helpful to pilots of hang gliders and paragliders. I've seen simulation do great things for my own real-world flying (currently in sailplanes after 20+ years in hang gliders and a little time in paragliders) and for the real-world flying of others and am confident that it can help you, too. Even if you do no simulated flying, take advantage of the course's webinars, which are focused on real-world flying and only briefly and occasionally mention simulation. I offer this course and my services at no charge and look forward to helping make thermaling and cross-country flying easier and safer for you.
Eric Carden