Model of the Year

The votes are in and we’ve new models and events of the year for 2010. Both will be popular and well-contested. The 2010 MOY will be Earl Stahl’s Hi-Climber, one of his few duration models. The HC is a very good flier and pretty easy on the eyes. A bit of a "tweener", it slots into the SAM Commercial and Small Rubber Cabin classes and FAC Old Time Rubber Cabin. It probably fits the AMA Moffett spec, but that would be a stretch. With its 30-inch wingspan, you can use a P-30 prop and it’ll be OK, but the plan specs a 12-inch freewheeler which would be far superior. I’m guessing any twelve-inch, balsa freewheeler will do because the various plans show a little difference in block outline. (Please note: for a legit FAC kanone, the HC has to ROG, which should be no problem with that big prop).

There are many sources for plans. I'm going to use my old (Model Builder) plan by Al Patterson (#484-OT). You can download a plan from <>, Earl Stahl section, but it'll be 3 sheets of page size and the wing and stab are reduced. This material is a direct lift from the Aug., 1939 issue of  Air Trails.

Jim O'Reilly sells a fine CAD plan for $6.00, plus shipping, available at: <>.

Bob Holman sells a short kit along with Jim's CAD plan for $19.00, plus shipping, available at:
I’ve bought several Holman short kits over the years and the wood is usually OK. A kit will save some time because the wing, stab, and fin have sexy, curved tips you have to cut out or laminate. (Archivists will note the wing and stab tip outlines, courtesy of Patterson, have a more stylish taper than the round-ish ones, courtesy of O’Reilly. Go figure.)

The EOY in 2010 will be FAC Embryo. This is a great choice for EOY because most of us have them already and we fly it regularly. EOY status will encourage more flying and more kanones will be in the offing. I’ll just remind everyone that for a legit FAC kanone, the Embryo rules require a ROG/ROT launch.