Thermador Electric Wall Heaters

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  • (Wall Heater) A heating unit installed in or on a wall.
  • Thermador is a line of kitchen appliances produced by BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH. They specialize in high-end appliance equipment such as cook ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers.
  • Manufacturer of window-mounted swamp coolers
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thermador electric wall heaters
thermador electric wall heaters - CADET 79220
CADET 79220 SL Series Small Room Heater Wall Heater, Assembly and Grill Only 240 Volts 1500 Watts (SL152TW) (79220)
CADET 79220 SL Series Small Room Heater Wall Heater, Assembly and Grill Only 240 Volts 1500 Watts (SL152TW) (79220)
SL152TW The SL series is a high performance fan heater for medium to large areas. It has a unique fan to reduce air turbulence and deliver heat quietly, evenly and efficiently. Features: -Fan forced wall heater. -Color: White. -Assembly and grill only. -Built-in double pole thermostat included. -Wall can sold separately. -Dual warm exhausts provide even distribution of heat. -Must be cleaned every 6 months. -Unique fan delivers heat quietly. -High temperature manual reset: Turns off heater if normal operating temperatures are exceeded. -36'' Clearance in front, 12'' above, 6'' to sides. -2 Years warranty. Specifications: -Voltage: 240VAC. -Wattage: 1500W. -Rough in dimensions: 10'' H x 14.63'' W x 4'' D. -Dimensions: 12.88'' H x 16.75'' W x 5'' D.

Wall Heater
Wall Heater
Bored, took some pictures of the water heater, edited.
wall heater SOLD
wall heater SOLD
Wall Heater (3 bars)
thermador electric wall heaters
Cadet Sl101t Sl Series Small Room Heater Wall Heater, Assembly And Grill Only 120 Volts 1000 Watts (sl101tw) (79233)
SMALL ROOM HEATER General Information: The SL Series is a high performance fan heater for small to medium areas. A unique fan reduces air turbulence, allowing The SL Series to deliver heat quietly, and dual warm exhausts provide even, efficient distribution of heat. The grill louvers are designed to conceal the internal components from view. Also included is an adjustable automatic quick-action thermostat control for your comfort and convenience. Architectural Information: Fan forced electric air heaters shall be UL Listed, factory rated at 120V, 208V, and dual field rated from 208V to 240V. A painted 22 gauge wall mounting can with 2 knockouts and 70 cubic inch wiring compartment shall be provided with each heating unit. The elements and blower shall be of unitized construction and attach to wall can with 4 screws. Elements shall be of nickel chrome type with an oversized 25 amp at 240V high temperature manual reset limit switch. Blowers delivering approximately 65 CFM shall be driven by an impedance protected motor. The motor shall be totally isolated from the heating chamber. Metal grill shall be of one piece, 22 gauge construction and finished with a powder coat paint system. Available in White Thermador by Cadet Built-in thermostat Quiet Dual exhaust Fits 16" on center studs Fits wall can mfg. No. SLC (Ace No. 4063467) UL approved Boxed 1000 W 120 V