Thank you to everyone that came out to Fort Snelling and made this a great event.


    When news arrived in the Nation's Capital of the fall of Fort Sumter, Minnesota's Gov. Alexander Ramsey immediately tendered 1000 men.  Within days, 10 companies were raised; rugged frontiersmen, ready to serve.  Be one of those men 150 years later, almost to the day, in the historic fort where they trained. 

            Based on extensive primary source research, this event will be a semi-immersion (due to the location of the fort), EBUFU experience of the soldiers of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry and the civilians who thronged to the limestone fort on a daily basis. NCOs will be elected by the men just like they were 150 years ago. Expect to re-live drills that turned recruits into one of the most storied regiments in American military history. Live in the stone barracks, eat what the army provides, do guard duty, and have many interactions with friends and family while daily awaiting orders to the seat of war.

The Rise of the First Volunteers is seeking to recreate the raising of the first volunteer regiment tendered into US service – the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry.  Approximately 80 military participants will be quartered in the Stone Barracks of Historic Ft. Snelling. The event will also make use of auxiliary buildings such as the Guard House, Officers Quarters, and other structures. Military participants will be organized into two infantry companies. Civilians, around 40 participants, will be portraying laundresses, local shop keepers, politicians, local aid societies, and other documented impressions.

Recreate the first days of the Union's first volunteer regiment!

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