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"Only two countries in the world have converted the majority of their agroecosystems to GM cropping (black boxes). According to industry figures, Argentina and Paraguay are true “mega countries” of GM (James, 2007), and according to UN FAO figures (FAOSTAT, 2008), they also have suffered from increased under nutrition and decreasing food supply since the introduction of GM cropping, reversing pre-GM trends (see Chapter Seven). The majority of the top 20 GM producing countries commit <1-5% of their agroecosystems to GM (white boxes with solid lines above 1%). Even the world’s largest producer, the US, commits no more than about a third of its cropping capacity to GM (grey boxes for countries above 10%)."

Hope Not Hype is available at a reduced cost from TWN to those from developing countries, and the full text has been donated to the Biosafety Clearing House.

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