be kind to your mother so she'll stop hitting you with a fry pan


the previous page was not to cause distress to anyone it was a chance to help with de-programming.
if it did cause anyone any harm why did you continue to read or allow it to alarm you? it was a comedy you were supposed to dance and laugh and get off unhealthy food.
there were no codes or secret messages or a desire to cause any bigotry to anyone I firmly believe pretty much the whole world is of love. however we are controlled and that is when individuals lose themselves. we don't have to give away so much of our life. we really don't. we give our power away by voting with our money. we build up the giants then complain. don't buy their products. 
the main character was in fact a mixture of males but it was really the be(a)st of marriage. your self involvement which led to stalking and tricks and acts which is always unacceptable scared me each time. I believe you have been programmed because It was obsession which I will never forgive.
hence there is no more.