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We love being part of the communities we serve, and celebrating important moments in life. Do contact us for a thanksgiving, baptism, confirmation, wedding, blessing, funeral, or to make an appointment with a minister:


Who's Who

Team Rector  Canon Tim West (normal rest day: Thu) The Rectory, The Weir, Preston, Weymouth, DT3 6BX (01305) 833142 [follow on]

For St Andrew, Preston; or St Osmund, Osmington  (01305) 837147 or

Team Vicar for St Francis  Rev'd Lorraine Dobbins (normal rest day: Mon) The Vicarage, 2 Primula Close, Littlemoor, DT3 6SL (01305) 835921

Team Vicar for Holy Trinity, Bincombe; St Laurence, Upwey; St Nicholas, Broadwey; St Nicholas, Buckland Ripers  Rev’d Philip Elliott (normal rest day: Mon) The Vicarage, 526 Littlemoor Rd., Weymouth, DT3 5PA (01305) 459971

Team Vicar  Rev'd Brian Ellis (part-time, normal rest day: Thu) 07791 397830

Team Administrator  Shirley Mitchell (please ring to make an appointment) 4 Church Rd., Preston, Weymouth, DT3 6BU (01305) 837147

Retired Clergy  Rev'd Ada Whittock, 79 Clearmount Rd., Weymouth, DT4 9LE (01305) 788045


If you see something of concern, say something to one of the clergy, a churchwarden or a group leader.  We share responsibility for safeguarding people from physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse.  Records are registered under the data protection act no. Z6847063; leaders are registered under DBS no. 20262000000.


S¶ACES to grow in faith

Mon      4.00pm  Home group [fortnightly] at 58 Sutton Rd. 07988 163121

Tue     10.00am  Ridgeway Bible Study Group [fortnightly] Preston (01305) 834604

            6.30pm  Home Churches [weekly], Littlemoor (01305) 835921

Wed     7.30pm  Home group [1st, 3rd] at St Francis, Littlemoor (01305) 833242

                          Home group [fortnightly] co-ordinated by Jackie Meadows 07715 668058        


Community Angels  (01305) 834866


Hall booking secretaries

Frank Reynolds Community Centre, Broadwey: David Moth (01305) 812218

Mission Hall, Sutton Poyntz: Maureen Morris (01305) 835533

Osmington Village Hall: 07521 966252

Preston Village Hall: Julie Witt (01305) 834232

Scutt Hall, Preston: Betty Hennessy (01305) 833614

St Andrew’s Church Rooms, Preston: Sheila Wilby (01305) 832290 [837147]

St Francis’ Community Room, Littlemoor: Chris Sivyour 07742 104690

Upwey and Broadwey Memorial Hall: Jonathan Harwood (01305) 814940

Upwey Old School: Phil Cooke (01305) 812665