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The Ridges Garden and Nursery Plant List September 2018.

Included in our list are plants I love! A mixture of plants- mainly perennials and bulbs- I think are great for various reasons. As we are starting to grow some cut flowers ourselves I have included some plants that are good for picking – lasting well and providing more variety and interest.

Any questions please contact; by email, by phone 063278484 or 0211382806.

Plant Plant size code. Price/plant

Prices include GST.

Alchemilla mollis. Lady’s Mantle. C $6.00

Sprays of greenish yellow flowers 40cm height from a mound of gray/green leaves which unfurl like the inside of an umbrella. Sun or shade. Perennial.

Artemisia ludoviciana. E $7.00

Elegant stems 1.2m height with dainty silver/white willowy leaves. Plumes of tiny flowers in summer giving a silvery effect. Lovely for picking. Sun. Perennial.

Aruncus dioicus. Goats Beard. E $7.00

Cream flowers on tall elegant branching stems, 1.8m height, in early summer. Beautiful for picking with long, fine stems. Clumps of fern-like foliage. Sun or part shade- damp soil though also seems to grow well in a well drained situation. Perennial.

Astrantia major. E $7.00

A centre of tiny flowers surrounded by papery bracts forms a star-like parchment daisy. Several greenish –white with a touch of pink, flowers on 30-50cm stems. Interesting in the garden and lasts well when picked. Enjoys part-shade in rich soil. Perennial.

Buxus `Green Gem’. E $8.00

A hybrid of B. microphylla var. koreana and B. sempervirens. Glossy, bright green leaves, slightly rounded, on a compact bush ~1m mature ht x 60cm width. Has shown more disease resistance to box blight than Buxus sempervirens. Grows well in sun or part-shade, well drained not `wet’ soil.

Camellia sasanqua `Setsugekka’. H $14.00

Sasanqua camellia with large, semi double, scented white flowers in late winter/early spring. Dark green glossy leaves on a semi weeping evergreen bush ~3m ht.

Cephalaria gigantea. H $14.00

Large clumps of foliage and tall stems 1.5m with pale yellow flowers similar to a scabiosa (pincushion centre surrounded by larger petals). Good for picking –flowering in summer. Sun. Perennial.

Cimifuga racemosa. G $12.00

White bottlebrush flowers on 1- 1.5m stems in early autumn -March/April- very striking from an attractive clump of divided green leaves. Woodland perennial enjoying rich, damp soil.

Citrus aurantium var. bergamia. Collect from nursery. K $35.00

The bergamot orange has highly scented leaves, flowers and fruit. Small, sweetly scented flowers in spring with the fruit maturing late autumn/winter to a yellow colour. An essential ingredient of Earl Grey tea. The tree is thornless with a spreading habit 3-4m in height. Plant in full sun and protect from sudden changes in temperature (frost tender) and moisture.

Citrus `Limequat’. Collect from nursery. K $35.00

Kumquat x West Indian Lime. A small tree producing good crops of sharp, juicy, lemon coloured fruit closer to the lime in flavour. 3-4m ht.

Clematis `Duchess of Edinburgh’. H $16.00

Fully double flowers, a mass of petals- white, and cream with a touch of green- from late spring to autumn. Enjoys sun or part shade, moist well drained soil - needing a cool root run. Great for picking.

Crambe cordifolia. H $14.00

Forms a huge clump of large leaves (1.5m diameter) and then a cloud of white flowers like a giant (1.8m ht) gypsophila in early summer. Fertile, sunny position. Stems can be picked if put straight into water. I have tried to plant it further back in the border as the cloud of flowers is more spectacular than the leaf.

Cyclamen hederifolium. Grades B $4-, C $6-, E$8-, G$10-, 10% less for 10, 15% less for 20

Small woodland species with varying shades of pink or white flowers. Forms a carpet under the trees here –beautifully marbled green leaves and flowering Feb – May. Dormant in mid- summer which we barely seem to notice as the flowers follow. 10cm ht.

Delphinium elatum - Greenish white flowers. H $12.00

Stems of white flowers with a tinge of green in bud. Approx 90cm ht. Sun, well drained soil.

Dianthus superbus. Available soon. C $6.00

Pink or white, very feathered scented flowers on fine stems approx 50cm ht. Sun.

Disporopsis pernyii. E $8.00

Related to Soloman’s Seal it is smaller-35cm- with dark green, leathery leaves on stiffly arching stems and pendulous flared white bells in spring-lightly scented. 30cm ht. Shade. Excellent foliage for smaller flower arrangements.

Disporopsis omiensis. E $8.00

Thickly textured, deep green, glossy leaves held on strong arching stems. Cream flowers under the leaves. Rich, woodland soil. Shade. Strong leaf to pick.

Erythronium. (Available soon) E $12.00

Euphorbia `Kea’. E $7.00

Deep, blue-grey-green leaves with the new growth tipped red. Lime-gold flowers in spring. Sun, well drained soil - can tolerate dry conditions. 50 x 50cm.

Euronymous ‘Emerald Gem’. E $7.00

Forms a neat, rounded form able to be trimmed. Evergreen bright green leaves. An alternative to box growing in a wide range of conditions. ~60 x 60cm.

Filipendula hexapetala. D $7.00

Ferny rosettes of leaves with loose panicles of pink tinged, cream flowers from darker pink buds in early summer. 70cm in flower. Sun.

Fritillaria pontica. D $10.00

A bulb with light green, bell-shaped flowers with reddish brown tips of petals and slight striping and marking inside the flowers. Fragrant. 30cm ht when in flower. Semi shade.

Fritillaria verticillata. D $10.00

A bulb with cream bell flowers with a green chequered tinge on the outside and crimson chequered pencilling inside. Flowers in Aug/Sept on stems 60 cm ht. Sun or part shade, good drainage, fertile soil.

Galanthus sp. D $8.00

Small snowdrop with single white flowers with green markings in late winter. Grey strappy leaves.

Gladiolus nanus. H $12.00

Small flowered species white with pink markings flowering in spring. Arching stem about 70 cm ht. Sun.

G. tristis. H $12.00

Creamy green, fragrant, smaller gladioli flowers on a fine 60 cm ht stem. Rush like leaves.

Helleborus orientalis, mixed.

Attractive leaves form a reliable groundcover in semi-shade and moisture retentive soil. Flowering in spring cup-shaped nodding flowers. Seedlings from the garden- not necessarily true to parent plant.

Parent plant - bright dark red. C $6.00

Strong colour on the back of flowers which makes the colour stand out.


Attractive clumps of heart shaped leaves generally enjoying part-shade or shade and rich, retentive soil with good drainage. Racemes of trumpet-shaped flowers on straight stems.

Hosta `Brimcup’. E $8.00

Deep green, lightly corrugated leaves with a streaky white/cream margin. Pale lavender flowers on stems ~35cm ht. Medium sized hosta ~60-75cm wide.

H. `Fire Island’. E $8.00

Greenish-yellow rippled leaves become greener in summer with red petioles. Lavender flowers 45cm ht. Clumps 30-60cm ht x 60-90cm wide.

H. `Fireworks’. E $8.00

Small hosta with narrow stiff vertical white leaves with streaky dark green margins. Pale lavender flowers in summer. ~25cm ht x 30cm wide.

H. `Flemish Sky’. E $8.00

Pointed bluish leaves slightly cupped with wavy margins forming a clump 30cm ht x 60cm. Pale lavender flowers in late summer.

H. `Fragrant Blue’. H $14.00

Chalky blue leaves with some corrugation and slightly wavy edge to the leaf. It holds colour well – more green blue if grown with some sunlight. Light lavender flowers in late summer. ~50cm ht x 70-100cm wide.

H. `Great Expectations’. E $8.00

Soft cream, grey green and blue grey painted leaves forming a large clump 75cm-1.2m wide. Flowers white in early summer 70cm ht.

H. `Halcyon’. H $14.00

Heart-shaped, thick, powdery, grey-blue leaves (slightly greener if in sun). Lilac flowers just above the leaves in mid-summer. ~ 45cm ht x 90cm.

H. `Kiwi Skyscraper’. E $8.00

Lovely large blue-grey leaves form a large, upright clump ~60cm ht and ~1.2m wide. Leaves are very blue in spring becoming blue-green later in the season. Lavender flowers in summer.

H. `Minuteman’. E $8.00

Dark green leaves with a crisp white edge form a clump 75-100cm wide. Lilac flowers on a 55cm stem in mid-summer.

H. `Pizzazz’. E $8.00

Thick, textured, cupped leaves with beautiful corrugation and creamy, yellow variegation through the outside of the leaf. Leaf clumps 45-60cm ht and flowering stems of white flowers 80-100cm ht.

H. plantaginea grandiflora. E $8.00

Large green, glossy, deeply ribbed leaves (the colour of a granny smith apple) forming a clump 1m wide. Beautiful, pure white flowers on 80cm stems in summer - scented and larger in this form than species.

H. `Praying Hands’. E $8.00

Dark green, narrow leaves with a cream rippled edge - partly folded- form an upright clump ~40cm ht and produce lavender flowers in late summer. 45-60cm wide.

H. sieboldiana `Elegans’. H $14.00

Huge blue/green, heart-shaped leaves with heavy ribbing. Leaves bluer when in semi-shade. White flowers. 90cm ht x 100cm.

H. `Sum and Substance’. E $8.00

Large leaves soft green to soft greenish yellow (with more sunlight) with a quilted texture. Forms a clump ~60cm ht x 1.2- 1.6m wide with flower stems of lavender bells, 75-90cm ht, in mid- summer. A favourite here.

H. `Thunderbolt’. E $8.00

Big blue-green leaves with a creamy yellow thunderbolt pattern in the centre that fades to white in summer. Forms a clump spreading ~90cm. White flowers in mid-summer 60-75cm ht.

H.`Twilight’. E $8.00

Thick dark green leaves with a creamy yellow edge. Lilac flowers in mid-summer ~60cm ht. Clumps 80-100cm wide.

Hydrangea nigra. H $12.00

Dark, blackish stems with pale blue flowers in summer. Shrub 1m ht.

Iris evansia `The Ridges’. E $10.00

A form grown at The Ridges with blue flowers on branching stems above wide ribbed leaves. Forms a slowly spreading clump in part-shade. 60cm ht.

Lilium `Courier’. E $10.00

Thick petals of cream/pale yellow on strong 1m stems with ~6-9 flower buds. Dramatic in the garden in bud and when flowers open in December (end of the school year sort of time). Enjoys sun with well-drained soil.

Lilium longiflorum. H- $12.00 J-flowering size $16.00

White, fragrant, trumpet lily thought of as a Christmas lily as it flowers around this time. ~1m tall with 3-5 flowers /stem. Likes sun with cooler roots and rich soil.

Lilium regale. J $16.00

Christmas lily. Highly scented white flowers with a yellow throat and a touch of pink on the outside of the petals. 1.8m stems.

Myosotidium hortensia. E $8.00

Chatham island forget-me-not. Fabulous glossy, thick, lined leaves and in spring/early summer beautiful blue flowers like a very large forget-me-not. Likes rich, moist but well-drained soil. 60cm ht x 60cm wide. Perennial.

Orlaya grandiflora. C $6.00

Flat heads of lacy white flowers with the outside ring of flowers 8x longer than the others. Flowers in summer on 60cm ht stems. Ferny divided green foliage. An annual which we find gently reseeds. A beautiful addition to garden style flower bunches.

Ornithogalum nutans. C $6.00

20-30 cm ht stems carrying 3-12 reflexed, tubular, pale greenish-0w.hite flowers with silvery white on the edge of the petals and darker on the back. A bulb flowering in early spring – mid/late August. Enjoys sun or part-shade in well-drained, but not dry soil.

Papaver rupifragum. E $7.00

Light orange, semi-double flowers on fine stems. Attractive rosette of grey/green leaves. Likes sun and good drainage. 60cm ht in flower. Perennial.

Paradisea lusitanica. E $8.00

Fine, elegant 1.5m stems with pure white star flowers opening up the stem as a delphinium would in Nov/Dec. Rosettes of green linear leaves. Lovely linear form both in the garden and adding height in flower arrangements. Best grown in the open in moisture retentive soil, although ours appear to be happy also in our sunny, well drained border.

Polygonatum x hybridum. Solomans Seal. H $12.00

Graceful, arching stems with pairs of smooth, green leaves spaced regularly up the stem. In late spring/early summer cream, green tipped bells dangle beneath the leaves. Forms an attractive arching clump of stems 70cm ht. Woodland plant.

Polygonatum falcatum variegated. E $8.00

Clumps of smaller, finer stems than Solomans Seal 50-85cm ht. with reddish colouring. Leaves in pairs have a fine cream edge and cream bells hang beneath in late spring/early summer. Lovely to pick whether in flower or not. Rich, damp soil in sun or part shade.

Polystichum setiferum. H $14.00

A European fern forming clumps of slightly soft, arching stems with finely divided fronds. I like the variation in greens of different aged stems. Lasts when picked once mature. 60cm ht. x 60cm. Woodland.

Rodgersia pinnata `Hanna’. E $8.00

Bold, divided and very textured leaves (horsechestnut-like) form handsome clumps. Stems with small side branches carry fluffy, pink/red flowers. 1.2m ht x 80cm. Rich, moist soil in part-shade.

Salvia forskaohlei. Woodland sage. H $12.00

Large bright green leaves forming semi- evergreen clumps with vivid blue flowers with touch of white. Stems 90 cm ht. Grows in sun or shade.

Sarcococca ruscifolia. H $12.00

A small, compact shrub with very fragrant, small white flowers in winter followed by bright red berries. Evergreen stems with dark green, glossy leaves lasting a very long time in water - useful for picking. Grows in part-shade or shade in well-drained soil. ~1m ht. Can be grown as a hedge.

Sedum sp. pale pink form. E $7.00

Cream and green buds open to flat heads of pale pink and cream flowers giving a pale pink effect.

Very striking clumps of pale green, succulent type stems of leaves. Sun- can cope with hot dry conditions.

Trillium chloropetalum - white form. Collect from nursery. H-$22.00, J- $30.00

A woodland plant with stems topped with a whorl of 3 leaves and in spring an upright 3 petalled flower appearing through the centre of them. Either pure white or with a touch of pink at the base of the petals. Rich retentive soil in shade. Drier dormancy time (late summer through autumn). These are flowering size plants- Trilliums can take 2 years to germinate and 4+ years from seed before flowering.

Trillium chloropetalum seedling. Collect from nursery. H-$22.00, J -$30.00

Flowers are a pale earthy pink.

Some NZ native plants we are using around waterways.

Austroderia fulvida syn. Cordateria fulvida. E $7.00

A small native toetoe generally found in damp ground on stream banks and swampy edges. Bluish-green leaves. 2m tall flower spike.

Hoheria augustifolia. E $7.00

Narrow leaved Lacebark. Divaricating branches when young- forming an attractive tree 6m height x 3m diameter when mature. Masses of small, white flowers in summer loved by bees. Evergreen and hardy. Well-drained soil and sun.

Phormium cookianum `Emerald Gem’. E $7.00

A smaller form of green flax. Emerald green leaves with spikes of green-yellow flowers in summer loved by birds. Clumps -50cm ht x 50cm wide.

Plagianthus regius. Ribbonwood. E $7.00

A lovely, deciduous tree with leaves rather like a birch and cream-green flowers like Alchemilla mollis in frothy bunches. Quick growing to 12m when mature. Hardy.

Sophora seedlings from the garden. Kowhai. E $7.00

Ordering and payment.

When we have received your order we will confirm availability and advise the total cost including the freight. The guidelines below are to give you an idea of what the freight is likely to be. It makes the freight more worthwhile if the carton is full. Minimum mail order $35.00. NZ orders only.

Payment can then be made by cash, cheque, and direct credit online or by eftpos (at the nursery only) or debit/credit card Visa and Mastercard (at the nursery only).

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Freight by courier is charged at cost. We send out plants Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that plants are not sitting over the weekend. Please open and check the plants on arrival. We encourage you to collect from the nursery if you are able – please ring 021 1382806 or email to arrange a time.

A carton will take approximately; 20 x size E or 12 x size G 8 x size H.

For larger plant sizes than these it is better if they could be collected from the nursery.

Guide for prices/carton:

Local area; the area including Waikanae up the coast to Waitara, across to Raetihi, Ohakune, Waiouru, Dannevirke and down to Martinborough.

$9.60 for 1 carton 15kg.

The rest of the North Island; $14.20 for 1 carton 10kg.

South Island; $25.00 for 1 carton 10kg.

Rural delivery requires an extra $5.90/ 25kg. Please let us know – if not declared we will need to send another account.

Excess; If more than- -15kg local area $5.90/extra 10kg. Maximum 25 kg.

-10kg North Island $5.90 /extra 5kg. Maximum 25kg.

-10kg South Island $11.70/extra 5kg. Maximum 25kg.

Please open and check on arrival and contact the courier and us if there are any problems as soon as possible.

Plant sizes.

Most of our plants are in sizes C (small), E, H and J – see chart below to give an idea. Sometimes we have a different size to that listed in the catalogue in small numbers so do say if you prefer smaller or larger plants and if possible we could send those.

Code equivalent pot/PB height of pot diameter of pot approx. volume approx. weight

A 7cm

B 9cm 7cm 225g

C RX90 10cm 8cm 350g

D 10.5cm 9cm 430g

E 12cm 10cm 1.2litre 625g

F PB2 15cm 14cm 1.5litre 1.13kg

G PB3 1.76kg

H PB5 16cm 15cm 3litre 2.36kg

I PB6.5

J PB8 19cm 17cm 5litre 3.95kg