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There she was standing there at the end of the boardwalk. He didn’t know how to approach her. They had had so much that summer. From the first time they met, to their first kiss, to the time they became one on the beach under the stars; things had just been special between them. But for some reason, things just… ended. After the day her boyfriend dropped in for a visit, Grace just seemed to distance herself from him. Trevor never did anything wrong—he made sure to keep his distance while Kevin was in town. But even after Kevin left, things still didn’t go back to the way they used to be…
It was June
25th—the first day of summer. Grace was tired of staying in her uneventful town back home and had decided to stay at her Aunt Martha’s summer condo by herself. She was ready for a summer of fun before her senior year of high school, and believed this would be the best way to do it. Yes, the town her aunt’s condo resided in was small, too, but there were a lot of nearby attractions that made it very famous throughout the country. Little did Grace know that when she went to the carnival that one clear summer’s night, she would end up meeting her soul mate on the Ferris wheel that fate had brought them together in a meeting of improbable chances.(recommended change) After that night, Grace and Trevor were inseparable. You never saw one without the other. They were always riding bikes down the boardwalk, sharing a milkshake at the famous Mart’s Malts, or even holding hands taking moonlit strolls along the shore. They fit perfectly together, like two puzzle pieces. “Grace, can I ask you something?” Trevor asked one night, as they were on one of their walks. “Ask me anything,” she replied confidently, with a smile on her face. They had been quiet the whole way down the beach, holding hands and both happy to be in each others company. Trevor’s deep, husky voice had broken the thick silence. “What would happen if your boyfriend back home found out about us?” Grace had told Trevor all about Kevin. He was the star of the football team, student body president, had a perfect 4.0 grade point average, and the looks to match—the total opposite of Trevor. Grace had told Trevor about Kevin right after one of their moonlight walks led to some pleasurable romance on one of the dunes. Of course, Trevor was crushed—he had never met anyone like Grace. She was beautiful—gorgeous strawberry blonde hair with aqua highlights, perfect model physique and bright green eyes. Trevor did not want to let her go. “Well, he might beat you up. Or… break up with me.” At this, Trevor didn’t respond. He just kept walking, holding Grace’s hand gingerly in his, their fingers interlaced as they walked back up the beach. Grace was so happy with Trevor, that she didn’t even want to think about Kevin. Then, her phone buzzed. She looked at the screen, which read:
Immediately, she flipped her phone open and read the message.
Hey baby. Miss u! I m stopping in 2moro to see your beautiful face! See you soon luv you!
Grace let go of Trevor’s hand and started running back to the condo. Confused, Trevor chased after her to see what was wrong. When Grace got to her destination, she slammed the door in Trevor’s face. He knew she didn’t lock it, and when he went to turn the lock and found that it was
[] in fact[] locked, he knew something was wrong. He turned around, and slowly walked to the steps on the small porch of the condo, and sat. He stayed there the whole night.

The next morning, Grace walked out the front door to find Trevor—curled up into a ball and sleeping on her front stoop. She decided to wake him, and tell him about Kevin’s message from the night before, and why she ran off so fast. “Trevor, wake up,” she whispered in his ear, “Trevor.” But Trevor didn’t budge. Well crap, she thought, first I run off and now he’s lying on my porch, dead. But just as she thought this, Trevor’s eyes fluttered open, and one of his goofy smiles spread across his face. “Good morning, love,” he said sleepily. When he saw Grace’s gloomy expression, he knew something was wrong and quickly became alert. “What’s going on? Why’d you run away from me so fast last night?”

“Well…” Grace didn’t know how to tell Trevor. She didn’t know how to say that Kevin was going to be there any minute, and that he needed to scram. So she just flat out told him, “Kevin’s coming in to town today, and I don’t think he should know about you. Some things just should be kept secrets.” Secrets, Trevor thought, I guess I’m nothing but a secret now. But he had to say something. “Because I love you, I’ll keep my distance. I wouldn’t want anything to happen that would hurt you.” At this, they both stood up. As Trevor was walking away, he stopped, turned around, and walked right up to Grace. As their lips met, the kiss was passionate. Trevor’s hands were gripping Grace’s face, never wanting to let go. He had never had a relationship like this—one where the girl wanted nothing but him all the time. He didn’t want it to be over, so when the kiss ended, he bolted back to his house, three streets over, and left Grace alone for the rest of the day.

Kevin came around noon. When Grace saw him walking towards her condo, she dried her tears and freshened up her make-up, so that Kevin wouldn’t see she had been crying. She opened the front door with a smile, and Kevin greeted her with a peck on the cheek, which seemed a bit odd to Grace since they hadn’t seen each other in so long. He put his bags up in her room, and they headed out for a day of fun. At dinner, Grace noticed Kevin was acting kind of weird around her—doing things he had never done before. He was playing with his utensils, and paying no attention whatsoever to her, which wasn’t normal. “Baby, is something wrong? What’s going on? You’re acting different,” she inquired. “I was hoping I didn’t have to tell you like this, that it wouldn’t just be blurted out…” “I just want to know what’s going on. Just tell me.” “Well, Grace, you know I love you,” as he said this, he reached across the table to take her hand, “but—“ “But…” “Things just don’t feel like they used to. I met this girl back home and—““You met someone else?!” Grace was enraged. Sure, she had been seeing Trevor for that last month, and that was pretty shallow of her, but for Kevin to do such a thing was different than if she did. This turn in events had changed things. She no longer wanted to be with Trevor, she loved Kevin, and this fact that Kevin just told her made her want him more. “Look, baby, maybe we should just take a break. I mean, you’re here, and I can’t see you everyday like I want to. When you come back, we’ll see if things can go back to the way they used to be.” Grace stood up, and poured her glass of water all over Kevin, and stomped out—crying.
While on her way home, she saw Trevor riding his bike down the street. She knew she couldn’t tell him. The fact that she loved Kevin more would be a dagger to his heart. To avoid him, she took the long way home—cutting through yards and hopping over fences until she got back to her street, and sprinted the rest of the way home.
She stayed away from Trevor. She couldn’t tell him what had happened that night when Kevin took her out to dinner. She didn’t realize that she had loved Kevin so much until he told her that he had found someone else. To occupy her time, she mostly stayed at the condo. Her copper tan was fading away, because she no longer was outside all day with Trevor. For three weeks, she wallowed in her misery. But one day, she thought she should take a walk down the boardwalk just to reflect on everything that had gone on and get some fresh air, since the condo was beginning to feel stuffy.
Trevor decided he should wait for Grace to confront him after Kevin visited. But days turned into weeks and she hadn’t said anything to him. Everyday, he would walk down the boardwalk, hoping to see her. She loved walking down the boardwalk before she had met him. Everyday he thought he saw Grace, but after getting close enough, he always realized it wasn’t her. But one day, there she was
standing there[] at the end of the boardwalk. But, he didn’t know how to approach her. After long thought—and making sure that the girl really was Grace—he ran up behind her and put his hands over her eyes. Not the greatest approach, but he had no other ideas coming to him at that moment. He couldn’t let her get away this time. “Wha—who—get your hands off of me!” But Trevor didn’t let go. Instead, he bent Grace back and kissed her for what seemed like forever. She didn’t fight; she just let it all happen. And when he took his hands from her eyes, she just looked at him. They didn’t say anything for the next few hours, as they walked down the beach together, holding hands, just like it had been before Kevin came. An as they kissed under the stars, Trevor knew the one thing that had brought them together.

Moving Site....

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Okay guys I have some news, I'll be moving the site temporaily in order to fix and reorganize some things, and once the site gets back up, I'll be putting the site back up. Until then, I'll be using the site http://lifeputintowords2.blogspot.com/ to put all my posts. So check it out, as my best friend Chris also runs the site with me. Later guys!

Cast List

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Sorry guys the site hasn't let me edit anything for awhile, so I'll be kicking things off with a exclusive cast list telling who each character is representing(appearance wise) in real life:
1. Azazel Lessard - Chris Shorten
2. Harper James - Gwyn
3. Stella Longshore - Terra Holmes
4. Darcy Baird - Lauren
5. Chloe Witherspoon - Caroline
6. Tim Capone - Justin Fitz.
7. Alexander Janney - Ryan Janney
8. Lyssa Marie - Leah
9. Drake Rockburn(subject to change) - Nathan
10. Roxanne Lewis - Alexi Adams
11. Kyle Meyer- Cody Meyers
12. Kylee - Kati H.
13. Faith Masters - Andrea Masters
14. Jenny Propps - Bailey Propps
15. Bailey Stuhlreyer - Jenny Stuhlreyer
16. Tally Baker - Heather Baker
17. Skylar - Nick Streibick
18. Blake Bones - Michael Horvat
19. Angel Norman - Stephanie Norman
20. Becca Rider - Rebecca Parker
21. Rey Ivory - Quinton Staten
Well that is the list of characters you should pay attention to in the first book, as they play all the key roles, and this should answer most of the questions of who is each character representing... Will be updating more often.

Pieces Contest INFO Release! :D

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Okay Guys it's finally here! The First Book Contest!
here are the details:

    This contest is a publicy contest, where your job is to see who can bring in the most traffic to my site! What you'll do is starting on the first of every month, you'll send links to family and friends and get them to come to my site, and get there friend's friends to visit, and so on and so forth, until the 25th of every month, and the person who can get the most people onto this site will win the book for that month. Things then reset for the next month. Now here are the rules and conditions:

  • only the first 30 people to enter will be able to compete for each month, but you have to sign back up on the 25th of each month if you didn't win that month in order to keep competing. So say you missed out for May, You can still sign up to compete for june, just make sure you beat out thirty people.
  • In order to sign up, you have to email me at drquinton@hotmail.com, and give this code: GQCTL
  •  To win, you send a link I send you to friends and family through e-mail, facebook, etc, and have them click at least one link and check out some of the ads.
  • The prize is a free autographed finished copy of my book, $10 dollar gift card to the store of their chose, and a sneak peek into the second book....


 Now, the way I track who has done what, I specialize each link so I can track who has clicked their link, where and how many people have clicked my link. This event will be done for May, June, July, and August. The contest starts now! Send in those e-mails before it's to late!



Tip #2: Making Interesting Characters Section 1

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    Okay so the second tip is how to make interesting fictional characters. There is actually broken down into sections, as this is one of the most important, if not the most important part of the book.
Part 1: How to Pick a Name
    This one of the most overlooked things when making characters. The Character name is one of the most important things, as names often explain a character's personality, or helps distinguish one character from another in terms of memory. The first thing you should do is figure out how many characters you're going to have in your book. Then, start with your main protangonist/protangonists, and give them all different, memorable names. But be sure to keep most of them simple. Do not give them a common name like Bob, if it doesn't fit into the plot. Also, be sure not to begin to many names with the same letters, so you can avoid them getting confused with other ones.
Part 2: Revealing Main Characters
    How one reveals a character can control how one remembers a character, regardless of importance. To get readers to understand your main characters better, it is vital that you let them see them the character early and often. Now, if you have over ten main characters to reveal, do not reveal everyone in the same chapter, but rather reveal a few in each chapter. The main protangonist should be revealed first, his/her two best friends(other then there love intrest) should be second or third, while the the love intrest should be the last important/main character revealed and should have a dramatic revealing. The character with the most dramatic revealing should always be the one you want the character to remember the most and play the most important role in the book.
Part 3: Remember the Difference between Fiction and Reality
    Remember that fictional characters must always have a purpose behind their actions, and are not like people in our world, where we do things just because we can. Also remember to make sure their actions match their personality, and don't have them contradicting themshelves if you have made it clear that it is part of their personality.
Part 4: Make Something Weird About Them
    Don't make any character "normal" if you can help it. People are usually attracted to the "weirdoes" because it adds to the story and most of the everyday lifes of "normal" people are boring. For example, don't have your character eating a chocolate bar when they could be eating fried cheerios, or have them owning a horse farm when it could be a llama farm. Now llamas may be a little far, but in short make should that you keep it different and make every character weird.
Okay well that's it for this installment, but next week I'll pick up on more parts for characters.

Progress Report - April 20, 2010

posted Apr 20, 2010, 4:01 AM by ReyIvory IV

    Okay guys so I'm still working on finding a publisher, but have narrowed down my sources. Meanwhile, on Thursday I will release Contest information, I'm simply finishing the last touches for stepping it up, then I'll release it. All teaser chapters are now curerntly up here, so check them out. I also need three girls assistance on something, so if you would like to help, email me at drquinton@hotmail.com for more information.

Contests Update and Information

posted Apr 19, 2010, 9:36 AM by ReyIvory IV

 Okay guys, the contest for the first book will be revealed on Friday 23 of April. There will three top place finishers, who each will win a free signed copy of my book. It will be a three month long contest, with a winner every month. The contest officially starts on the first of every month and ends on the 25th of each. More info will be give officially later.

Final Teaser Chapter is UP!!!!!

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    Alright guys Chapter 3 and the final of the three teaser chapters is now officially up! This chapter is from Azazel point of view. I'm afraid you must wait til the book is released to see chapters from Darcy, Harper, and Stella's point of view.  But I promise it will be worth the wait! Meanwhile I'll be putting updating the site to satisfy you until the book's release. So here is the link, enjoy!!!
Also, here are the links to Chapter 1 and 2.

Five Words Or Less

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Okay guys this is a section where i post a picture based on a key location in the book and you guys guess on what you think it is. The one rule is you can only use five words or less. The people who come closest will have their posts put up on saturday. Send your comments here. Here is this weeks picture:

Question of the Day

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    Okay this a friday-exclusive post where I take and answer one question from the readers. This is my first week and I already had many great questions but one stood out from the others that I liked, so here it is:
    Question: What was the hardest part about writing your book?
Answer: this is a really good question, as there was a lot about writing this series that was hard, but the one thing that stood out was writing from a girl's point of view. Not being a girl, I really don't understand how a girl thinks. When I first started to write the grils chapters, I switched between each one looking for one I actually could write. Literally on average it took me two days to write a chapter I like for Azazel or Rey, but Stella, Harper, and most certainly Darcy, all took five days to two weeks to finish one of their chapters. Easily the hardest thing about writing this book.

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