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Greetings from an unseasonably warm winter in MN.
Thank you to families who stopped by during our winter conferences. Please contact me if you were unable to make conferences and have a concern about your student's learning.

Animated revolving earthWelcome students, parents, and curious onlookers. 
This page is designed to keep everyone informed and involved in class happenings in Mrs. Olson's classes at North Branch Middle School.

The earth is revolving and we as citizens are affected by it's every move. While class time is reserved for learning, sometimes we can't always get to everything in the time provided. If you want to know what happened in class today, or where to find more information, you can stay up to date by visiting this site often.

Top 5 Earth Science Events (for Mrs. Olson) of summer 2011...

5. Record setting heat indexes and humidity levels in MN in July.

4. Visiting with and being inspired by Will Steger, arctic explorer, at his homestead near Ely, MN.

3. Being humbled by the force of wind in light of July and August storms.

2.Watching Atlantis take off for the International Space Station, signaling the last shuttle launch (live on TV).

1. Hiking across the largest island on the largest lake (surface area) in the world.

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