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Honors College Student Council
The Honors College Student Council was established in fall 1987 thanks to the efforts of current Honors College students and administration. The mission of HCSC is "to promote a sense of community within the Honors College and enable the personal growth and academic success of all Honors students." Continue the tradition by taking an active part in your Honors community.

Theresa is in her second year as an Executive Leader for the Honors College Student Council. As a Junior, she served a full term as an Events Committee Chair. Along with her co-chair and committee, she organized, planned, and promoted events for Honors students. These unique events included two seasonal picnics, a Great Gatsby themed dance, a Coffee House style Open-Mike Night, and a Play-A-Bull game night, among others. Through Council events, Honors students  have the opportunity of meeting other students, mingling with the Dean and administrators, questioning advisors and learning about campus projects and organizations.
Now in her Senior year, Theresa is looking forward to her second and final semester as Vice President and Recruitment Chair. Her duties include assisting the President in leading executive and general meetings, facilitating committee chairs with advertising, volunteering, and social event planning, as well as overall promotion of Honors Council endeavors. She is dedicated to developing student and faculty network and collaboration. Theresa prides herself on being the 'Face-of-Honors-Council' and encourages other students to get involved within the University.

Honors College Executive Board at Leadership Summit (left) and Great Gatsby Dance (right).


Theresa and Eilis at Honors Annual Fall Picnic.             Theresa, pictured above, hosting Coffeehouse Open-Mike Night
HCSC Events Co-Committee Chairs