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Gonzo journalism, (PDX history, infamous crimes, favorite restaurants) Literary fiction, (personal memoirs, Portland history, confessional poetry and creative writing). 

          The Portland Daily Blink!

The importance of News, Literature, Reading and Writing: Literature, poetry, interviews, local history and opinion pieces are important parts of a city's culture. In Portland, Oregon… local news matters. Creative responses to a confusing and violent world can enhance civic-engagement and arouse social conscience.

There are many benefits to reading the news and to reading in general....

Reading the news enhances creativity

1.) Reading the news increases moral awareness and empathy. 
3.) Reading the news helps develop critical thinking skills and ability to discern. 
4.) Reading the news helps us distinguish truth from falsehoods spread online. 
5.) Reading the news helps us connect with remarkable people and events.
6.) Reading the news helps build knowledge, and teaches problem solving. 
7.) Reading the news helps with storytelling techniques and with writing. 
8.) Reading the news helps improve our language skills and comprehension. 
9.) Reading the news helps us become better conversationalists and communicators. 
10.) Reading the news helps us become more civic minded and engaged with others. 

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If you would like to read my "RUMPUS" interview from DECEMBER, 2018, with Portland's very own, one and only FRANCINE RAFTEN, you may click this active link at THE RUMPUS DOT COM

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                                            And remember, happy reading and happy writing! 

                                                        Sincerely and with love, 

                                                                    Theresa Griffin Kennedy~

Online since 2007

About Myself:

Name: Theresa Griffin-Kennedy.

Hometown: Ptld, OR. 

Education: Portland State University.

Bachelor of Science degree's: Criminology-criminal justice & Arts and Letters, 2009.

Minors: Writing and English,

Masters Degree:

Adult Education, Leadership and Policy, 2013.

Masters Certificate:

Teaching Adult Learners, 2014.

Activities: Published Author, Poet, Creative writing instructor, writing coach, abstract painter/mixed media.

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My favorite books...

Behind the Badge in River City; A Portland Police Memoir

By: Don DuPay

Frank's Revenge

By: Don DuPay

The Language of Flowers,

By: Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The Woman Destroyed

By: Simone DeBavuior


By: Toni Morrison

We have Always Lived in the Castle

By: Shirley Jackson

The Parasites, 

By: Daphne Du Mauier

Ten Little Indians

By: Sherman Alexi

Suicide Blonde,

By: Darcey Steinke

White Oleander,

By: Janet Fitch

Luminaries of the Humble

By: Elizabeth Woody 

American Smooth

By: Rita Dove

Of Human Bondage,

By: W. Somerset Maugham

Fearful Symmetry

By: Greg Bills

Favorite Quote: “To be Irish is to know that in the end, the world will break your heart.”

~Daniel Patrick Moynihan


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* Author with The History Press
* Author with Oregon Greystone Press
* Writer with GoLocalPDX.Com
* Writer with Live Encounters
* Former writer with Street Roots Newspaper
* Former writer with The PDXX Collective
* Editorial writer with The Portland Alliance
* Finalist for 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award 
            Author of...
* “Murder & Scandal in Prohibition Portland," 2016.
* “Blue Reverie in Smoke: Collected Poems,” 2016.
* “Burnside Field Lizard and Selected Stories,” 2018.

Dear Friends and supporters!
On Writing and Creating an Inner Life!

The process of artistic inspiration, reading, writing and revision can be a slow but revelatory engagement of mind and spirit. There exists an elusive whisperer of truth within our brains. That voice orchestrates and extrapolates unexpected words which somehow miraculously appear on the page. These poignant and picturesque renditions may seem like magic, but stem from deeper parts of ourselves.

This voice within our writing may seem alien to how others normally perceive us. What we produce as writers sometimes originates from darker and often misunderstood parts of our characters or identities that we rarely if ever engage or connect with. These subconscious allusions can be powerful. 

What we write may offend, startle, move or inspire the reader to newer levels of thought, awareness, empathy or action. Sharing our writing can begin a terrifying proposition, and for others become a source of becalming pride and happiness. 

Learning to listen to and trust this sometimes fickle and unpredictable voice can be one of the more difficult aspects of evolving into and ultimately becoming a skilled writer. What follows next is simply revision - or the hard work of being a writer, which some may not enjoy and others relish. 

This website contains letters to the editor, poetry, articles, interviews and pages detailing my three published books. You will find raw and courageous personal essays I am willing to share with others, irrespective of public opinion. 

Writing has been, for me, a meaningful exploration of the various limits and boundaries of my skills. This journey has challenged my capacity to learn and allowed me to engage in fearless self-discovery. Writing gives  me the confidence to challenge myself with radical topics and difficult explorations involving a variety of cultures, women's rights, poetry and various forms of "Gonzo" journalism. Autobiographical fiction, the personal essay and pieces about social injustice are only a few of the various genres I have explored.

The greatest gift a dedication to writing can give us it to learn to appreciate our current lived history as we have lived it, and as it has been lived. This appreciation helps us embrace rather than reject our personal history. We learn to see the value in how history has shaped us into the unique individuals we are today. 

Substantive transformative learning gives meaning to the manner that we have suffered or persevered in our lives. This allows us to transcend that suffering so we can endure, survive, rejoice, celebrate and prevail.

This validation helps us make sense of the world. When we can make sense out of nonsense, then understanding, freedom and peace of mind is the end reward. 

            Theresa Griffin Kennedy

                                            Online since 2007