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October 20, 2019: New Book! Gentle Wave Of The Quill

posted Oct 15, 2019, 10:21 AM by Delta Colony Studios
Theresa Borrelli - Gentle Wave Of The Quill

Poet and author Theresa “Terrie” Borrelli recently published a new book, “A Gentle Wave of the Quill,” which features poems inspired by photographs taken by four Hudson County photographers, Matthew Minucci, Toni Lynn Keating, Paul Fourianjian, and Justin Jimenez.

Minucci is a self-taught photographer and 18-year Weehawken resident, who takes photographs for his wife, who is a travel journalist.

Keating, a West New York native, became enamored with photography through studying graphic design, and has since had several exhibits of her work.

Fourianjian is a father of two, who lives in Weehawken and has a dental practice in West New York.

Jimenez lives in Jersey City, and works as a special events cinematographer for Jersey-based Breathe Artistic.

The contributing photographers provided source material for Borrelli’s anthology that came from years of world travel, but weren’t limited to the travel genre.

Photos include breathtaking landscapes, nature closeups, and rustic architectural features. A candid shot of Borrelli’s cat is also in the mix, Borrelli said.

The concept for “A Gentle Wave of the Quill” came from discussions among Borrelli and local photographers. She was inspired by other photo anthologies, and had ideas for poetry to accompany some of Jimenez’s photos. The two reached out to other photographers, and the rest is history.

Well worth the work

“The book was three-plus years of work, so it was the most challenging book I’ve done in a lot of ways,” Borrelli said. “But I received a huge outpouring of support, which I’ve always had, but there was so much of it with this book.”

Borrelli attributes the book and her talents to her religion, and a connection to a higher power.

“My faith is very strong,” Borrelli said. “It’s always been strong, but it’s even stronger now.”

Prior to writing full time, Borrelli was a juvenile probation officer for Hudson County, a counselor for children, both inside and outside of school districts, and an assistant criminal justice professor in Virginia.

“The most challenging book I’ve done.” — Theresa Borrelli

Her first book was a memoir about overcoming struggles resulting from Tourette Syndrome. She’s also written children’s books, bilingual prayer guides, and other anthologies. Having experienced bullying herself, anti-bullying advocacy is a priority in her writing and public speaking.

In a children’s books released last year, “Is Alicia Different?,” the main character has Tourette Syndrome. The book demonstrates the importance of accepting others.

Borrelli has collaborated with musicians on lyrics and songwriting. She’s currently drafting lyrics for West New York-based musician Fernando Gonzales, for a full-length album.

“A Gentle Wave of the Quill” will be available in soft cover, hard cover, and eBook formats on, Barnes & Noble’s website, and

Borrelli, Minucci, Keating, Fourianjian, and Jimenez will host a book party in Weehawken on Nov. 17 from 2-6 p.m., at the Weehawken Senior Center, 201 Highwood Ave.