***Germs Lab Report***

Q: Where are the places that has most bacteria in school?

Experimental Question & Hypothesis
The reason that I did this experiment was to see were bacteria are growing all around us in the school. I predict that the places that have most bacteria are toilet seat and the sink in bathroom.

Materials & Methods
Before we start our experiment, we have to collect the bacteria from different places. First, we went to girl's bathroom to find bacteria. I get the bacteria from the sink. Second, I use swab to rub the sink. Then, I put the bacteria into Petri dish by rub it on the agar. I repeat to rub the bacteria on agar. After that, I cover the agar, using lid. Finally, I tape the Petri dish to make sure my bacteria won't come out. We leave our bacteria in science classroom.

Two day later, we do our observation. I saw a lot of bacteria. I observe the bacteria and record my result of bacteria. I record the qualitative and quantitative of bacteria. It growth bigger then the first day I observe. In my Petri dish, have a lot of different color bacteria. For example, I saw light yellow color's colonies, and red color's tiny colonies. My colony #1 was the biggest one. It was 10mm, and the rest of the bacteria have different sizes. My whole agar in Petri dish was cover by the bacteria. So, as I see, the sink in bathroom has a greater number of bacteria than other.

As a conclusion, my hypothesis was supported by my result. It shows that the sink in girl's bathroom have most bacteria. This result was important because as we view the result, we can know where have the most bacteria in the school.

>>>>Here I have some images about my result of the bacteria.


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