Welcome, to the website of There Once Were Dragons. This site is dedicated to the work of the author of the
book(s) "There Once Were Dragons" which as of today (2-16-2010) are in the process of being written. This site
is also here for the discussion of ideas and thoughts about many topics including dragons, movies, TV, art,
games, Internet, science, religion, mythology, history, sports, and whatever else takes my or your fancy. I
hope to be able to keep this site updated as much as possible and also answer any questions visitors might
have. This is my first time using Google websites so I have tried to keep this as simple as possible to promote
ease of use for me and my visitors. I am not an expert by any means at website creation or HTML. But hopefully
readers will overlook that and focus on my art and writing instead.
Artist and Author - James Todd Shelnutt (aka; J.T.Shelnutt)

email me at: thereonceweredragons@gmail.com