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All About The Numbers
All About The Numbers

One of the hardest things to do is to make something simple.  Now there is a simple, easy to use real estate analyzer. "All About the Numbers" has taken the mystery out of real estate investing.  Simple, yet sophisticated basic number calculations based on time proven investing criteria of cap rate, cash flow, return on equity and debt service ratio.  Super tool to determine creative financing needed to make your deal work.   Makes easy work of what type creative financing is needed for your first, second and third mortgages for creative financing with Banks, Owners and Hard Money Lenders.  This is the real estate analysis tool you've been looking for.

The Fun Is In the Journey
by Eugene Vickery

This book provides clear step by step directions on how to best channel your motivation into a systematic method to reach your goals. Learn how to set clear directives to achieve your goals using this action success system. This book provides simple steps to develop a complete system of goal achievement using modern free computer software; or if you like, just with paper and pen. Through planned organization of your thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams; you'll do more and live better than you ever thought possible. Don't let another day go bye piloting your life without a rudder. Start small but start. Implement now, and perfect later. The fun, is in the journey.