Welcome to The Refuge!!!

The purpose of The Refuge is not to "steal" or "win over" members of other churches or denominations. We exist as a place to worship the Lord along side your church. We do not hold services on Sunday mornings, and we are not a traditional church. We are a venue for you to come and use the gifts God has given you. A place to fellowship and worship with other believers.

The mission of The Refuge is to be a place of refuge to those who are weary in the world. With a primary focus on youth. The Refuge is a place where vision and a passion for excellence will be fostered as all those who come seeking refuge will find truth and encouragement. 

The Refuge is more than a place to hang out. It is a place to find who you are, to find your value and your purpose. The Refuge is a place of equipping. 

Eph.4:12 "For the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ "

....there is hope and a future.... ....come to The Refuge....

711 East Main Street 
Building #A3 -across from The Cotton Grill- In The Old Mill - Lexington, SC 29072

Please use the back door, the only back door on the building, follow the ramp!  

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