Pre-school Games and Educational links



Sesame Street- weather and seasons, body, clothing 

Star Fall - all about me, phonics

Story Place games- animal habitat

Meddybumps - spacial, sorting shadows

Scholastic - music

Papajan - letter recognition

Oxford - sorting shadows

BBC - all science

Science Activities  

Softschools - Animal classification 

Fun School- animal habitat, sorting shadows

Fun Brain - vocabulary


 Beside each link I will give suggestions if you are looking for a specific type of game. Most  links have numerous games for your child to play.

Educational Links

Preschool Educational links - web ring of worksheets, letter tracing

Teacher Planet- worksheets

Hoagies site for the gifted

Enchanted learning  - multiple language pay site

Canadian teacher freebies

Itsy Bitsy books - learning the letter and associated sound 

The Learning Page - animals, time and  measurement