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Google has chosen to discontinue Google page creator, the style in which this website has been formatted in. Therefore, I will be slowly moving my website files over to a new page located here: NEW Free Montessori Resources. Please adjust you bookmarks to reflect the new link. This site will be coming down at anytime in the next 6 months at the whims and mercy of Google.

All materials found on this site can be printed for free. All pictures used are free clip art. You are free to use the materials for your own personal use, but they are not for resale. You are free  to alter any of these pages to accommodate your child's educational needs.

 Files are presented in Wordperfect, PDF or Microsoft Word. As this site is a work in progress, it will be updated monthly.   If you are looking for Montessori materials with American content, you may find what you are looking for at Montessori Materials. I am not affiliated with  Montessori Materials.