Help Me Find My Brother Jamal!

This is my brother Jamal. You probably know him better as Dr. Jamal Jones, the CERN scientist who helped discover the Higgs boson and Dark Energy.

After his discoveries, and the media frenzy settled down, Jamal partnered with Malus Evermoore to start an energy company based on his experiments. The last time I saw Jamal was at the ribbon-cutting at Evermoore Energy in Dauphin, Pa. I think something's happened to him. All of his sites are down with weird errors. He hasn't called, or e-mailed. Whenever I call Evermoore Energy looking for him, they tell me he is busy and will tell him I called. He has never called me back. This isn't like him. We have always been close. We talked everyday before he started at Evermoore Energy. The cops won't file a missing persons report because "being busy isn't the same thing as missing". I don't know what to do...

Please, if you've seen my brother, let me know!

I'm worried.