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We have had the baby.  I was going to sit down and update this page on Thursday the 16th, but instead we went and had a baby.

Tiffany went into labor at 5:00AM.  Her water broke at around 5:30AM.  We checked into the hospital at 9:30AM.  

Tiffany's labor was not progressing very well, so the doctors wanted to help things along.  They started to induce with Pitocen.  At about 3:00PM the contractions were getting so hard and pain full, Tiffany was having a hard time breathing.  We elected for an epidural.  That made things much easier.  

5 hours later at 8:01PM we had our baby.  Towards the end of the labor Katrina's heart beat was dropping  below minimum heart rate that the doctors like to see.  If things did not get moving there were some invasive treatments they wanted to do.   At the very end we found why things were not progressing, and why the babies heart rate was dropping.  Once her head was delivered we found that the cord was wrapped 2 times around her neck.  After the birth she was checked out and she was found to be PERFECT.  T

The next day she was found to be Jaundice.   So she needed to be kept in a UV blanket.  She really became my little glowworm.

There are new post birth pictures in the gallery.



Today we got the Crib.  Baby's Dream - Generation Next in Cherry.

Thanks Mom!!!  Pics of the crib are in the Gallery.



I know it has been a while since the last update.  I have been too busy with work.  I am back on the road (again).  

Medically everything  has been good. Until about two weeks ago, when Tiffany did not pass the first glucose test. Had to do another, and did not pass that one either.  So she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Baby is fine, movements are much stronger, and we think she has turned  because Tiffany is getting kicked on the top of her tummy.

Tiffany says it is like an alien in her belly.  Moving around making her belly move all funny.

Tiffany has gained a total of 18Lbs.  She is doing so well.

We have our 10 year High School reunion in October.  I will be home for that so I will get more pictures taken and uploaded here.

There is a new picture in the Baby Gallery



I can now also feel the kicks (if I place my hand in the right spot at the right time)  Next doctors visits are scheduled for 8-16-06 & 8-21-06.  The 16th is an Ultra Sound to redo some mesurements, the 8-21 is our monthly check up.  Time is flying, by looking at the pictures you can really see the growth of little Katrina.   



Mommy can now feel Katrina kicking.  On monday (7-10-06) she could feel nothing, Tuesday the 11th Katrina is practicing her speedbag techniques on Tiffs interior organs. 



Well we had our latest Ultra Sound.  Guess what, we are going to have a little Girl.  Katrina Anne Polzin is due November 24th, 2006.  There are new pictures from the Ultra Sound in the Baby gallery.  The doc said she is perfect.  Everything is the size it should be, Every thing is in the place where it should be.  Except her legs, they are just a bit longer than they should be.  This means she has her Daddy's long legs.  She is going to be taller than her mother.  Her Femur bone is 3.28cm long. (that is the only calculation I can remember)



Tiff went back to the doctor last week.  

Mommy's blood pressure 120/80

Mommy's has gained 2Lbs in the last 4 weeks, That brings the total to 8Lbs in 5 months.  For a overall weight of... (do you think I am that mean?)

Baby's heart rate is 156bpm

Tests for Cystic Fibrosis & Downs Syndrom came back negitive.  

New pictures added to gallery.


Not much to report.  Mommy has gained 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks (doc says this is ok.  Tiff lost 10 pounds just before we got preg-o)

No Ultrasound on this visit.  We will have our next Ultra Sound in two weeks.  We might find out the gender of the thing.  We got to hear the heartbeat.  178Bpm.  all normal.  Mommy is down and out with a cold and without the aid of NightQuil she is having trouble sleeping.

Mommy also got a new job.  She will be making more money, with health ins.  She will be sitting in her own office.  We are hoping that her health coverage is as good as mine, that way we can save even more money.

Daddy also got bumped up in pay So with both of our increases and the drop of Mommy from Daddy's health plan ($580 a month) we should be in good shape for the financial part of having the baby.  (we can only hope)


Acording to the Doctor we are 10 weeks, 3 days pregnant.  New due date of November 24th.  First picture of our baby is in the Baby Gallery.  

Tiffanys blood pressure was, 130 over 79.  Babys heart beat was 193 Bpm (normal range for this time in its life)

Baby and Mommy are doing fine.  Next appointment in on June first.

During the Ultrasound Baby was dancing, but as soon as the doctor moved the monitor so we could see, Baby was asleep.   



Well on Sunday March 19th 2006 My wife and I found out we are going to be having our first little terror. 

Next doctors visit is scheduled for May 1st.  Should get Pictures from the Ultra Sound.