The REAL Mikey Dread Meets Mama ASID

Mama ASID clears up the Mysteries of The Dread @ The Controls

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"Mama ASID Meets Mikey Dread"

Yes Yes Yes,, Rumors a fly, and lies a clear up.. When Mama gets down to Nitty Gritty with Mr. Michael "Mikey Dread" Campbell - the Original Dread @ The Controls.

if you want to know the facts Listen To This Podcast,

Late last fall we got a note from Mikey Dread on MySpace warning us about a Poser who was doing interviews; shows and appearances pretending to be the Real Mikey Dread..

Oh Heavens to Murgatroid..we nah like dat ! soooooo we asked Mikey Dread to Come bring the Facts on BadGalsRadio live with Mama.. and He Did.

We Clear the air on all the little controversies that have clouded the air and added to the mystery of Mikey Dread; both as a Performer and Producer. we get to the bottom on how and why he Became "Mikey Dread". as well if or not he Produced "The Clash". also we talk about that mine field between he and former partner "Edi Fitzroy".

if you want to know the facts Listen To This Podcast,

Mikey Tells the story of how "Barber Saloon", which is one of his biggest hits - is actually a studio out-take. yes, he was just making noise for the producer to tune the mic and riddim and it was so comical "Clement Dodd" decided it would be a novelty release; becoming his first number one hit on the world charts; and introducing the world to a new dj - "Mikey Dread At the Controls"

Mikey also defines the truth on what a DJ is, then and now.. this is a must hear definition for those of you who run a soundsystem; and want to become a FoundationSound.

you'll love the "Mikey and Mama Pon di Mic" team wrap up.. and Mikey's PSA for His Fans about the Poser Fake Mikey Dread. if you Love Dub Style Roots and Culture, this is a pod that you'll want to save to your archives. Remember This is The REAL "MIKEY DREAD"..

so Tune In Here Nah,,

As Mikey Says "Good Evenin and Good Nite, I hope you're feelin alright - well here comes a Musical Treat to make you know Roots and Culture is the Theme of the Nite, Flash it now Selector"

This Bounty of Dub includes such world classics as:

  • Knock Knock
  • Barber Saloon
  • Industrial Spy
  • Roots and Culture - Original Version Introduced Live by Mikey Dread
  • Break Down the Walls
  • First Generation
  • Barcoding
  • Inna Foreign
  • Goodbye

Duration: 61:46 Mins 64K MP3 Format

Produced By: Mama ASID / RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio & ASID Hi-Power SoundSystems

Copyrights: All Rights Reserved to Original Owners / RE Ausetkmt 06/07 for ASID Soundsystems

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