Meet Organs of Trenchtown

Meet Organs of Trenchtown - one half of the Dynamic hitmakerz "Trenchtones Twins"

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This week we bring you a new show; specifically designed to awake the business side of the creative soul. "Organs - TrenchTunes".

First Off, Organs is Trenchtown.

to say that, means that we've captured the essence of a space, place,
reality and existence and bottled them up into one very
effervescent and tasty new view of Foundation Sound.

so many singers today just sing other people's lyrics;
well, Organs writes both the lyrics and the melody; and
with our coaxing we've lured him into the producers seat to give us "Trenchtunes" a show all about the Business of Reggae.

Organs in our first show examines Copyright Issues and how to quickly and effectively deal with the issue from start to reclamation.His sure fire experience with the top of the topin the recording business follows his string of hits; tours and awards. So you know this man knows.

Organs and Mama ASID hit the heart of Copyright
Ills in this episode. Enjoy the walk through trenchtowns'
musical history and ambiance; as Organs reveals the insiders track to what made the difference between "Streggae and Reggae"

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Click here to enjoy the first edition of "Organs - Trenchtunes"

Duration: 53:43 / MP3 Format 64k

Producer:RE Ausetkmt / Mama ASID for ASID Hi-Power Sound / FoundationSound UK

Copyright: RE Ausetkmt / & ASID Studios us / - All Original Copyrights to copyright holders. all rights reserved. (published - 06/22/07)

This project is produced in collaboration with our sister sound - and Trevor Elliott of Our Biggest Thanks


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Meet Organs of TrenchTown

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