Johnny Ringo - Dancehall Legend

Mama ASID Remembers Dancehall Legend - Johnny Ringo; with his newest cd release

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"Mama ASID - Remembers Johnny Ringo -

I-riginal  DJ  Dancehall Legend" 

Recently we were privileged to become a part of a fantastique resurgence in the Foundation Dancehall Sound Revival.  one of the most unique and recognizable voices from the 80 - 90's dancehall era; was none other than the one "Johnny Ringo"..

 Check Out Mama ASID and Johnny Ringo - Iriginal BADNESS !

Johnny Ringo, was popularly known for his "Intelligent Pronunciations".

It was noted that He also had a similar dj style to General Echo - one of the most famous DJ's of 1980's era dancehall music.

Johnny Ringo is known in the foundation dancehall school for songs such as  "Jamaica a Fi We Country"  "Bad Bwoy Haffi Fit", "Push lady push", and "Hot Number". He is credited with recording over 15 albums during his long and industrious career. His Final Recording Sessions were for Musical Ambassadors Supa Producer - Trevor Elliott; during April of 2005; just before he took his show to the big dancehall in the afterlife... 

His newly released masterpiece -"Johnny Ringo Dancehall Legend" (Musical Ambassadors 8-2007) is causing a stir in the Dancehall globally; as we experience a resurgence of Historical and Foundation Sound releases. Many from the major and minor players in the reggae game.

During the "Bassa Sessions" He recorded five new songs in April of 2005, including an updated version of one of his biggest hits, “Push Lady Push” now called “Labor Ward”. Tunes from this session are only found on the CD, “Johnny Ringo - Dance Hall Legend"

Click here to listen to his idren and fellow dj - Ray-I talk about the night in Toronto when Johnny Ringo started a Chain of Events that would end with a dancehall murder..  This is why he's referred to as a Bad Man DJ

- According to Dancehall His-tory -

the man Johnny Ringo actually began working as a Dj on sound systems like Gemini - at the Gemini Club & Love Shack; alongside Welton Irie; Ranking Trevor; and Ray I. he at one time even worked with the islands most famous system of the time " Lees Unlimited".  

Gemini Sounds' Selector - Welton Irie, is credited with bestowing upon him the name "Johnny Ringo"; as he was a wickedly clever lyricist who is rumored to have written some quick tongue lyrics for some of the hottest dj's of the time.. including his sound-a-like, General Echo.

After many dances and parties, he eventually worked his way up to the big time; Clashing onto the Scene with such massive talents as Ranking Trevor; Lone Ranger, Dillinger, Trinity, Clint Eastwood; and many other great dj's on Stereo One; Stereophonic, Volcano and Killamanjaro Sound Systems. Johnny Ringo Appeared on all the major shows all around the island, and eventually touring the US and Canada with most of the biggest 1980's - 90's Dancehall Powerhouse Sounds' to big up the major dancehall events and shows.

Most of the biggest soundclashes of the 80's and 90's include at least one tune by Ringo,, As The veteran Dj spent most of the 80 and 90's in the US and Touring Globally.

- Change of Guard - 

When He returned to Jamaica in the early 90's;  He began recording almost immediately; but soon realized that his era of sound in the dancehall had passed.

It was at this junction that He began his career as a studio artist. Earning a living by cutting his custom classic "Gunman and Bad Bwoy" dub plates for the biggest sound systems in Jamaica and abroad. As an artist, it's was amazing that he was able to become more popular in the dancehall on wax, than on stage. today this is the norm - as many artists, cannot and do not travel to promote their music; for various reasons. 

 - The Day The Music Died - 

After a Long and difficult battle; the dj Johnny Ringo passed away in Kingston Jamaica - July 1, 2005; losing his battle to his deadly nemeses; cocaine addiction.  He is buried in Jamaica; 

Johnny Ringo is survived by two daughters, four sons and three grand children

 Check Out Mama ASID and Johnny Ringo - Iriginal BADNESS !

The soundtrack for this Podcast includes these Original Johnny Ringo Treasures : 

  • Some people don't remember God
  • Ray-I Oral History of Johnny Ringo
  • M-16 Riddim with Mama ASID's Bio of Johnny Ringo
  • Rankin Trevor Discusses the Power of Johnny Ringo's Performance
  • DJ's Now A Days
  • African Decendants ft. Edi Fitzroy
  • Throw down yu Arms
  • Labour Ward
  • Plant Up Yu Vineyard

Duration : 28:25 - 64k Digital MP3 Media

Produced : September 15, 2007

Producer : Mama ASID / RE Ausetkmt of ASID Hi-Power Sound & Trenchtones Studios

Copyright : All Rights Reserved to Original Owners; for Original Mixes.

This Podcast is a co-op production; produced by BadGalsRadio "RawRoots Podcast" and FoundationSound "Reggae Supreme".  Bless to All Involved. 

 Check Out Mama ASID and Johnny Ringo - Iriginal BADNESS !