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Edi Fitzroy Meets The BadGal - "Hold the Vibes"

Again BadGals Makes History - This monumentous interview breaks a long interview silence for The General of Roots and Culture.. The One and Only Ras Edi Fitzroy.

Mama ASID Gives YOU an insiders view of her chat with the Great Edi Fitzroy,

Of course it's all due to The Musical Ambassador - Trevor Elliott. All Thanks and Nuff Respect Mr Bassa. ya "bigga than big and tuff ta tallawah"

Our Interview took place by phone to Kingston JA. on May 09, 2007; as Ras Edi was preparing to do his own radio show in Jam Down - Cultural Explosion; Which airs on Roots FM 96.1. His most recent musical release is "Hold the Vibes"; available from The Musical Ambassador's One Stop Hit Shop;

Ras Edi is the BEST. His devotion to reggae spans 3 decades and dozens of global hits. his world travels and tours have only served to enhance his standing as an "Icon of Foundation Reggae".

We Suggest You get a cool drink and kick back for this trip down memory lane; and into the vortex of todays madcap world of "Playola, Studio Politics, and Production Lags"..

Ras Edi puts it on the table. he doesn't hold back on his views of todays music crisis; as well the BadGal backs him up on the CRB Playola Issues and Ras Edi Responds Like a True Veteran.

Mama ASID Gives YOU an insiders view of her chat with the Great Edi Fitzroy,

Tunes in this podcast include:

  • Princess Black
  • Revolution - Drum and Bass Version
  • First Class Citizen
  • Hold The Vibes
  • Youthman Penitentary
  • The Gun 2006 Version
  • Johnny Too Bad ft. Hylton B & Unique
  • Revolution On My Mind 2006 Version
  • Check For You Once

Duration: 68:00

Format : MP3 Digital 64K Format Downloadable

Copyright: all rights reserved to original copyright holders; RE Ausetkmt for BadGalsRadio/ ASID Hi-Power Radio for Podcast Production. copyright 05/2007

BadGals Suggest that You Check OutThe veteran Roots and Culture singer Radio show - He is the host and creator of the radio show "Cultural Explosion" aired on Roots FM 96.1 Kingston, Jamaica, every Wednesday from 12:00noon to 3:00 PM.

He's One of Our Friends and You Too Can ADD & Link Him on MYSpace Here,


(courtesy of MusicalAmbassador.com)

Edi Fitzroy was born Fitzroy Edwards on November 17, 1955 in Chapelton, Clarendon; the son of a sound system operator Vasco Edwards and Kathleen Robinson. After leaving primary school he went to live with his mother in Whitfield Town, Kingston and he attended the West Indies Commercial Institute and studied Accounts.


Exposed to music and in particular local music from an early age; an association with Pam Hickling and Michael “Dread At The Control” Campbell led Edi to do his first set of recordings  “Miss Molly Colly” and “Country Man”, both written by Hickling. Songs like “African Religion”, “The Gun” and “Sylee” followed. As a result of this exposure Edi traveled to London with Mikey Dread where he did opening acts for the ‘The Clash’, a British Rock Group.

A split with Mikey Dread followed shortly after their return to Jamaica, and after a “cooling out” break, Edi began recording with the “Musical Ambassador” Trevor Elliott, then of The Agency For Public Information (now The Jamaica Information Service). This marked the renewal of a long-standing relationship with Elliott and Graphic Artist/Songwriter Pablo Aiken, then also of API.


Edi’s first album “Check For You Once”, produced Trevor Elliott, was number one on the Jamaican Hit Parade (Albums) Chart for a period of four weeks. The album did well in England as an import and was rated the best album coming out of Jamaica at the time. 

The album included such hits as “Check For You Once”, a number one single, “Youthman Penitentiary”, “African Queen”, “Work On Mr. Farmer”, “First Class Citizen”, “People Dem A Suffer” among others. Alligator Records, a Chicago based label also released the album in the U.S. and Canada under the title “Youthman Penitentiary”.


Edi received the Press Association Of Jamaica Award in recognition of his contribution to the development of Jamaican music.


Edi received the Rockers Award for the Most Conscious Performer, after crowing the year with a tribute to women, titled, “Princess Black”.

What must be regarded as the most significant achievement of Edi’s musical career was the launching of his second album “Coming Up Strong”, a title which seems to emphasize the stage of his career at the time. The “Musical Ambassador” started this album in 1982 before he left to reside in the U.S.

Some of the featured cuts on the album were “Jah Son”, “Sow Your Corn”, “Easy Ride”, “Love The People Want”, and “Princess Black”; done in typical Edi Fitzroy style. I must also mention the tracks “Father” which displays a superb vocal performance, and “Chant It” which is quite mystical and enchanting.

The displays of unity that brought about the completion of this Album would make an interesting chapter in Edi’s life story. Special mention must be made of Newton “Sipho” Merrit, who came in at a crucial part of the journey. Merrit had faith in the direction that Edi was headed, and eased the burden by taking some of the load, so that, in oneness the spirit of love prevailed in the long hard journey across the border.


Edi visited England as a Reggae Ambassador, bringing Reggae for the first time within the walls of the Royal Festival Hall; home of European Classical Music situated on the south bank of the River Themes. He later played his part during the tour of England dubbed by the music press as “The Magical Mystery Tour”.

Edi closed the year by winning the Rockers Video Award for “Princess Black”.


This period saw the release of 45s “Death Trap”, “Easy Ride”, “Shame” and “Level Yu Vibes”.


Edi’s third Album, “Eclipse” was released in Europe, the U.S., and Jamaica. If an “Eclipse” means the passing of one time period and the birth of a new one, then this Album was aptly named. “Dance Hall Feel”, “Shout It Out”, “Lonely Woman”, “Hotel California”, and “What A Trick” are among the ten tracks on the album. “What A Trick” was the first single released from the album and it spent 23 weeks on the Jamaican Hit Parade.  Delroy Thompson and Carl “Jacko” Thelwell produced “Eclipse”. Later that year, Edi’s third album “Pollution” produced by Owen Brown for his Bromac label was released.


In 1988, 1989, 1990, Edi received the Award for The Most Culturally Orientated Artist in the 7th, 8th, and 9th Annual International Music Awards held in Miami, Chicago and Jamaica respectively


Edi’s fourth Album, “Deep In A Mi Culture” on the Henry K label was released at the Bob Marley Museum, in Kingston, Jamaica.

Edi has made his impact on the music industry with his message songs of consciousness and “Deep In A Mi Culture” did not betray this formula that has propelled him all these years. There are ten tracks on this Album witch includes, “Deep In A Mi Culture”, “Love The People Want”, “Bounty Hunter”, “Revolution”, and “Hunting”

Singles released from this Album prior to its release were, “Deep In A Mi Culture”, and “Love The People Want”, together with a DJ style 45 “Bounty Hunter” (with Papa San). Other singles released in 1993 were  “Don’t Worry” and “Mind Must Be Free”, (with Jack Radics).


Edi toured the U.S. with the #1 Reggae backing band, Massawa. They performed at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Reggae On The Beach, and Reggae On The River. He also toured the Pacific Northwest.

Singles released during this period on the Confidence Label (Edi’s own Label) were “Prison Life”, “Border Line”, and “Jamaican Girl”.

In the summer of 1995, Edi did an extensive tour of the U.S. East and West Coasts.


The single “Guiltiness” by Edi and Cutty Ranks on the Digital B Label, was released in 1996
Singles released from Edi’s fifth Album, “I Cry” released in the summer of 1996, were “Oh Jah”, “I Cry”, and “Africa Is Calling”, (with Frankie Paul) which made it to #2 on the Top 40 Chart (RJR radio) during March of 1997.

The following singles were released, “Mr. Bossman”, and “Live Upright” on the Jack Scorpio Label. “I Love You My Dear”, “Trickster”, “Not Giving Up”, “So Tough Luck”, “Johnny”, and a remix of “Princess Black” (with Sizzla) all on Bobby Digitals Brick Wall Label.
During this period Edi worked on projects with K.C Whyte and the Californian band, Massawa.


Edi toured North America extensively with the Massawa and Overstand Bands. He performed in  San Diego, Seattle, and other West Coast cities, and Philadelphia.
Edi released a single; “Dreadlocks Can’t Live In a Tenement Yard”, A remake of the 1970 song by the legendary Jacob “Killer” Miller. This was produced Goldfinger.

Singles released that year were, “Bury The Guns” and “I Love”, on the African Museum Label.  An Album titled “Togetherness” by Gregory “The Cool Ruler” Isaacs and Edi is in the works.

The veteran Roots and Culture singer has added another dimension to his artistic prowess. He is the host and creator of the radio show “Cultural Explosion” aired on Roots FM 96.1 Kingston, Jamaica, every Wednesday from 12:00noon to 3:00 PM.


Edi visited Gambia, West Africa during June 23 to 30. He attended and perfomed at the Roots Homecoming Festival.

Edi’s Sixth Album released to date “We A Lion”, produced by Whitfield “Witty” Henry and lauched  on November 29 th, at The Tropics Night Club in New Kingston, Jamaica. The Album opens with a spiritual chant “Mount Zion” giving praises to the Almighty.  “We A Lion” displays a concious, explosive and energenic Edi Fitzroy. This CD reaaly rocks.


Edi’s latest CD is titled “First Class Citizen”. It is a compilation of most of his early with the Musical Ambasador, Trevor Elliott. The material  were digitally remixed at the following studios, Digital B,  and Black Scorpio, in Kingston, Jamaica and Mirror Image in Gainesville, Florida.

The CD revives such favorites as, “Check For You Once”, “Youthman Penitentiary”, “First Class Citizen”, “African Queen”, “Work On Mr. Farmer” and the people’s favorite, “The Gun”.  Reggae fans will hear a young Edi Fitzroy vocally on top of his game and equally matched by Roots Radics at their musical best.


Edi is one of the featured artist on the “Put My Faith In Jah” CD. This project is a tribute to Peter Tosh and will benefit the Tosh Foundation’s effort to provide musical instruments to the youths in Jamaica. “Revolution” is the title of Edi’s contribution.

Mama ASID Gives YOU an insiders view of her chat with the Great Edi Fitzroy,

Edi Fitzroy: Holding the Faith
Observer Reporter
Friday, January 27, 2006

Fitzroy...I always been recording, it's just that I hadn't been getting the airplay in the Jamaican market

To fans of his unique vocal stylings and conscious lyrics, it seemed that Edi Fitzroy had suddenly become a "where are they now?" candidate.

The erstwhile accountant, who got his break while in the employ of the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC), seemingly disappeared in the mid-90s after racking up an enviable string of hits, dating back to 1978, with Miss Molly Collie.

But speaking with Splash, Fitzroy revealed that he had in fact never been out of action from that time, but had actually spent much of the interval recording and touring overseas.
"I always been recording, it's just that I hadn't been getting the airplay in the Jamaican market," he says. "I've been touring a lot, mostly on the US West Coast and in Africa, especially the Gambia and Zimbabwe." He actually lived in the latter country for a time until running out of patience with leader Robert Mugabe's despotic tendencies.

But the past, as was once written, is prologue. In the now, Edi has renewed his presence in Jamaica, firstly with a single and video, Rappa Pam Pam to be followed, shortly thereafter, by the release of his latest album, Hold the Vibes.
The disc, a collaborative effort between Fitzroy's own Confidence Music enterprise and California-based Joe Bressler, reflects the artiste's commitment to the kind of issues-driven roots music with which he made his mark in the 80s.

"I always speak as the voice of the downtrodden, the voiceless," he says. "Bongo Herman told me once, he said 'Edi, you never come, you was sent, and that's why them can't stop you, and it always stay with me."

Indeed, the catalogue of albums and singles reflects this single-mindedness and strength of conviction: cautionary tunes like Prison Life and the Gun, inspirational songs like Love The People Want, and Not Giving Up and then there is the anthemic salute to women, Princess Black.

Given all of that, Edi says he harbours no ill will to any of today's music practitioners or even to the media which has largely overlooked him these past years. "Well, is the media I get my start in and they have supported me,except for the recent period, but I don't get into any bad vibes - it would be nice to get some more air time, but we continue."

Of the current musical scene, he says, "I don't fight the deejays, that's the language and pulse of now and they are dealing with their experience - is just how you choose to deal with it. I can't get into the 'unda woman ting' and I can't 'big up' the gun culture because I see the destruction that it bring which is what I was talking about from over twenty years ago when I do like The Gun and Prison Life, but I don't swear off the deejays them".

On the resurgence of roots music he is equally sanguine. 'The music have to come back to the one-drop because that is the source of the power, the message and that whole vibe, like I say, of representing the people who either not represented or misrepresented. That is and has always been the core of the thing, so is just time that bring it back around."

Upon the release of Hold the Vibes, he will again be hitting the road, but will be more directly conneced to the "rock" than previously.

"I am of the people and for the people. If any one don't see or hear me is not the case that I am not doing anything, but is part of the cycle. We been all over with this music and this messgae and the times demand it more than ever so we going to be all over, but home is home. We going to continue to be focused, to be positive and treat people the way we would want to be treated. That will carry us through."

Edi Fitzroy Signs Record Deal With San Jose Base Record Label King Step Recordings
11/03/2006 06:39AM
Contributed by: Anonymous
New ReleasesSan Jose © (California), USA Edi Fitzroy, The King of Conscious Reggae, signed a multi-year record deal for his new album Hold The Vibes with San Jose© based record label King Step Recordings. Jamaica and San Jose are not close to each other, but this unlikely pair work together in perfect harmony. Adam Heller founder of King Step Recordings and Producer Joe Bressler are neighbors and form the nucleus of this winning team. Adam is also the founder of ReggaeDJ.com and has been serving the Reggae community since the late 80s. Besides producing several albums for multiple artists, Joe founded Riddimbank.com, which boasts thousands of riddims. Joe also plays keyboards and was the heart of the Reggae band Massawa for many years. Massawa was known as the best Reggae backing band on the West Coast in the 90s. Fitzroy's first hit, "Miss Molly Colly', broke into the Jamaican Top 10 in 1978 and the hits kept coming, including "African Religion", "The Gun" and "Stylee", leading to a tour of the UK supporting punk group the Clash (The). He then put out the massive hit "Check For You Once" (number one on the Jamaican Hit Parade chart for four weeks), followed by "Youth Man In Penitentiary" and "Have You Ever". His hit 'What A Trick' spent 23 weeks on the Jamaican Hit Parade.Edi received the Press Association of Jamaica Award in Recognition of his contribution to the development of local (Jamaican music). He received the Award for the Most Culturally- Orientated Artist in the 7th, 8th and 9th Annual International Music Awards held in Miami, Chicago and Jamaica respectively. He also received the Rockers Award for the Most Conscious Performer, after coming out with a tribute crowing to women, titled 'Princess Black'.

Hold The Vibes has been in the works for almost a decade and is being compared to Edis best works. The album features a classic acoustic vibe and superb vocals that are sure to last the test of time. It displays a conscious, explosive and energetic Edi Fitzroy. Edi has always been a consummate artist. He makes music for the love of music and the message it spreads. His messages are always of love, peace and equal rights. The long awaited album will soon be released.

The Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is the main distributor for Edi Fitzroys new album Hold The Vibes.

Hold The Vibes will be in stores coast to coast within weeks. IDC has revolutionized the independent music distribution business as a whole. Using the "Strength in Numbers" concept, and employing grassroots and industry tested practices, IDC has created a whole new avenue for current and next generation artists who are trying to bring their music to the public. To find out more about IDC, visit their website http://www.independentdistro.com.

King Step Recordings: www.KingStepRecordings.com

Mama ASID Gives YOU an insiders view of her chat with the Great Edi Fitzroy,

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