Bob Andy Meets Mama ASID

 If You Love Reggae - Listen to the Pioneer, Ras Bob Andy

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PODCAST: "Mama ASID Meets Bob Andy"

If You Love Reggae - Listen to the Pioneer, Ras Bob Andy

This is episode One of Three, with Bob Andy - one of Jamaica's Reggae Pioneers ..

Ras Bob and Mama ASID Uncover the Layers of Bob's His-tory, beginning in the Church Hall; leading to his work at Studio One; and eventually Head of A&R for Tuff Gong.

Bob tells Mama all about the early days when he had to wear all the hats, in Studio One; while Sir D (Coxsone Dodd) attended to the business of financing the studio and production work.

Ras Bob knows the program; Working his way up from studio salesman; selling the sides to the major record shops in the corporate area'; then rushing back to make the sessions; is why Bob says "Fame is Earned.. not Bought".

He takes us behind the scenes in Gdansk Poland; into the Shipyard celebration, and the feeling of human equality. Bob also touches on his Masterpiece Film Debut in "Children of Babylon".

Listen in as Bob discusses his favorite Soul artist "Sam Cook", and why he emulated his business model to assure his own success. Did you know that Bob Andy was the first Jamaican Recording Artist to own his own Publishing Rights; and Label..

If You Love Reggae - Listen to the Pioneer, Ras Bob Andy

This Tablet of Truth Includes Masterpieces:

  • Reggaeland - Studio One ver.
  • Reggaeland 2007 - w. Tony Rebel
  • Let Them Say - Studio One ver.
  • Young, Gifted and Black - w. Marcia Griffiths
  • Going Home - Studio One ver.
  • Going Home - Musical Ambassador 2007 ver. (unreleased)
  • MyTime - Studio One ver.

Duration : 35:14 64k Downloadable MP3 Format

Producer : ~RE Ausetkmt // Mama ASID for BadGalsRadio // ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem 10/05/07

Copyrights : All Rights Reserved to Original Holders; // ~RE Ausetkmt 06/2007 for The RawRootsPodcast //

In Our Next Episode with Ras Bob Andy He gives Us "The Formula For Success"

If You Love Reggae - Listen to the Pioneer, Ras Bob Andy


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