Q&A's and Testimonials

How can I help you?
By talking things through with a counsellor, you can reach your own decisions and solutions and work through your problems in a safe space.

Will the counsellor repeat what I say to anybody?
No, it’s a confidential service.  We both sign a contract to give you confidence that what we discuss is confidential.  

How will I know if counselling is suitable to me?
Initially via phone, text or email - we will discuss if counselling is right for you and your needs. 

How long are the sessions?
Each session will last 50/60 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?
That is for you to decide.  You can discuss this with your counsellor and arrange as many or as few as you like.

How much do the sessions cost?
Each sessions cost £35.00

 Acceptance of self
"Before I met Jo, I thought I had become a shell of my former self, until I realised that I hadn't ever been truly whole. For years I had been frightened of life, stuck in a cycle of destruction and despising myself for every minute of it. I'd feel upset and irritated at work, jealous and neglected by friends and I'd become tired of merely existing. Above all I wanted to escape my own mind and find peace and happiness. And that's where Jo came in. Through her, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No story, feeling or outburst was stupid or ridiculous. For the first time I felt listened to but more importantly I was taught to listen to myself. Jo was able to pull from me worries and concerns I didn't even know I had, or I couldn't imagine being related to the overall picture I painted of myself. She was able to help me reprogram and not only face life but enjoy it, relish it. Through my meetings with Jo, I finally found who I was again, it started off as a small voice until it grew and grew. Today I feel stronger and happier than ever. You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life... And it was Jo that taught me to never waste another minute of my company."
Client from 2015 (wishes to remain anonymous)
 Acceptance of sexuality
"Jo was the first person I opened up to about my sexuality.  Jo never pushed me to say it, I was given space and time, what a relief to say it though!   When I first saw Jo I was depressed about who I was, on my last session with Jo, I left feeling I could take on the world.
Client from 2015 (wishes to remain anonymous)
"I was nervous about Counselling and first going to see Jo, I don't know why as she puts you at ease and makes you feel relaxed, I was struggling with confidence and relationships, however thanks to Jo I got my confidence and drive back."
Client from 2015 (wishes to remain anonymous)

Turning to food/Opening up
"When I first met Jo I was very confused, with Jo and a few other influences, I have now realised I would never say what I actually wanted to throughout life, which in turn made me turn to food as a comfort with many highs and lows. Jo has helped me realise that it’s not other people making me eat it’s myself. I now have strategies in place. When things annoy me, I now look at the situation and become proactive. I believe now I am much more accepting of other people and I respect the choices they make. Life is too short and I now enjoy life to the full doing what I want. The last few months have been amazing! Friends/Colleagues have commented how well I am looking and how much more confident and relaxed I am. My husband and I would truly like to thank Jo for all her support. Thank You!"
Client from 2013 (wishes to remain anonymous)

Relationship problems.
"My relationship was not in a good way and I feared loosing my partner. Having Jo to talk to each week helped me realise who I was and what I really wanted. My partner and I have a stronger relationship now as through Jo's guidance I learned how to stand up for myself. Jo says it was me who did all the work but I couldn't have made positive changes without her, thanks so much Jo!" 
Client from 2014 (wishes to remain anonymous)

Understanding stress.
"I first started sessions with Jo when I began having physical reactions to stress.  Weekly sessions helped me to see clearly for the first time what was contributing to the stress in my life.  We worked through ways I could change my behaviour and thought patterns.  The sessions with Jo helped me to identify the problems and make changes.  It was an extremely positive experience."
Client from 2012 (wishes to remain anonymous)

“After having a few sessions with Jo I started to feel an improvement in my ability to open up to someone after feeling very low and unhappy for a period of time. She helped me understand why I was feeling so down and gave me suggestions and techniques to help me feel more confident in talking to others; which I still use from time to time.  Jo never made me feel self-conscious and I never struggled to tell her what I was feeling as she has a very warm and understanding nature.  She helped me through a hard period in my life and I will always return to her if I feel that way again.” 
Client from 2014 (wishes to remain anonymous)

Friends taking advantage.
"I first came to see Jo as I felt low and was taken advantage of by people.  For the first few sessions I seemed to cry a lot and that felt great. To have a whole hour just about me was such a release.  Jo makes you feel ok to do this.  During my counselling sessions I was able to explore my relationships and learn why I was being taken advantaged of.  As well as talking, Jo gave my tasks to do which helped with my assertive skills and I learned to open up more.  I have a completely different life now thanks to Jo and just wished I'd come to see her sooner." 
Client from 2014 (wishes to remain anonymous)

 Acceptance of self, dealing with past issues.
"I first came to see Jo when I was struggling to accept myself for who I was. There was so much I needed to talk about, I didn't ever feel I could open up to anyone. Jo makes you feel at ease and I felt safe and could talk about anything and anyone! I told Jo things I never thought I could share with another person. Jo helped to accept myself and I can now live freely. I will always be grateful for Jo helping me."
Client from 2011 (wishes to remain anonymous)