Counselling and C.B.T.

Are friends taking advantage of you? Do you feel lonely, can't seem to find anyone?

Are you feeling depressed?

Are you a parent, feel drained and have no time for yourself? 

Suffer with Anxiety?     Fear of Change?     Stuck in a rut at work? 

Relationship problems, constantly arguing?   

How can Counselling and CBT help you... 
I will help you to understand why the above is occurring   You'll offload your frustrations and I'll help find strategies that suit you as an individual.   I offer a warm and sensitive approach to my work.   I promote equality of opportunity whilst valuing a person’s individuality.  
Please text, email or call me for a free assessment.

Counselling in general
Sometimes we can feel lonely or isolated and may find it difficult to talk about our feelings and fears.   Sometimes the people we turn to for help talk about themselves and give their opinion.   At times this isn’t helpful and you as a person can feel frustrated.  Counselling offers an opportunity to explore the unresolved problems in our lives, in a confidential and reassuring space, without fear of feeling judged in any way.  It also offers the possibility of positive change and a deeper sense of autonomy.