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Tuesday, August 7, 2007 5:10 AM

[BrowardDrumCircle] Labor Day * Drum Circle* 8:00a.m to 8:00p.m.

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

100+ drummers for big huge drum circle all day on Labor Day Monday September 3, 2007 from 8:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park 3109 East Sunrise Blvd at A1A Fort Lauderdale Fl.. Bring drum, chair, food, drink, blanket, umbrella, grill and a positive mental attitude. This is an open drum circle play what you want. Beginners to advanced. President Randy Robinson (954)839-5732 $5:00 weekly membership.

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President
Fort Lauderdale
Drum Circle




Tuesday, October 16, 2007 5:38 PM

BrowardDrumCircle] "Thankgiving Day Drum Circle Festival" November 22, 2007

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

Thanksgiving Day Drum Circle Festival, "A Hand Drummers Delight" at the Ft.Lauderdale Garden Club Mansion. Indoor hand drumming,  Air-condition, full kitchen, multi-clean restrooms, dressing room, enormous dining room, fire place room, huge patio with giant glass doors, five hundrend parking spaces. Plush, no looking for a tree to play under on this day. (note: this is the largest indoor mansion drum circle ever held in the history of South Florida) at A1A and Sunrise Blvd. in Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33311. Mansion will be open for hand drummers, dancers only from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
Hand Drum Only. No politics or religion allowed. All recording by hand drummers only. We will be providing Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinks. Guest apperance and performance by
master drummers and dancers. Eat, drink, be merry and play our hand drums. A drummers delight. Open drum circle, no facilitator. $10.00 membership

note:(volunteers from different drum circles welcome let us know early)
(Orlando, fl. people please let us know early how many vans and buses are coming for our food management)
*Updates weekly until Thankgiving Day
November 22
, 2007*
Randy "Atu" Robinson - President
Fort Lauderdale
Drum Circle




Saturday, December 1, 2007 3:07 AM



TIME: 11:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
$7.00 membership includes lunch, dinner, drinks.
Open drum circle, no facilitator, play what you want, no politics or religion allowed, hand drum only.
1st Place Prize $100.00 to the best hand drum solo.
2nd Place Prize $50.00
3rd Place Prize $25.00
(Registration fee $5.00 by Dec. 23, 2007)
*Special Guest Performance by Master Drummers And Dancers*
If you attended our Labor Day Festival and our Thankgiving Day Festival you know we throw down.
INFO: (954) 839-5732
Randy "Atu" Robinson - President
Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle




Wednesday, December 19, 2007 6:04 PM


From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

Deadline for solo contest  registration is this Sunday December 23, 2007  at the Birch Park 3:00 p.m.  No registration on Christmas Day for the solo contest. Also, since everyone is asking we will be using the same cook we used on Thanksgiving  Day Festival 2007.  Guest drummers and dancers. An event not to be missed!!

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle




Sunday, December 30, 2007 11:22 PM

[BrowardDrumCircle] Fwd: Debra Anderson; crookedness, deceitful, unscrupulousness, double-dealing

Sunday, December 30, 2007 11:51 PM

 [Florida Drum Circles] Debra Anderson; crookedness, deceitful, unscrupulousness, double-dealing


What are the chances of someone giving a drum circle on the same day, same time, same exact place, same exact format as the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle. What would you think of a person like this? Debra Anderson is such a person a "Shepherd for the Devil" The Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle took great pains to be creative, original, and not conflict with anyone else. This deceitful, lowlife, person called Debra Anderson behind the back sneak is causing confusion among our members and vistors. AS big as Fort Lauderdale, Florida is why would someone do this? Same place, same time, same day, same format. Well lets take a look at what group she comes from and its not a African group. We at Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle don't bother anyone at anytime. Why is people always coming toward us with such negative stuff. Is the group she comes from supports her action? Interesting thought? Are they behind her for this lowlife deed. Can you just think how our members and supporters feel behind her and her group negative actions. Some say it is the lowest thing they have seen in their drum circle history.  Why couldn't she come to me and say this is what she would like to plan and would it come in conflict with us? She didn't care because devils cause conflict, negative vibes, confusion, disorder and seek to destroy positive people and places. Can you think of the worst thing that you could do to a growing, positive drum circle as us. Well the shepherd for the devil knows how to do the worst thing and I wonder what drum circle she attends on a regular basis and its not ours.
Randy "Atu" Robinson - President
Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Dec 31, 2007 2:30 PM

Just to clear some things up!   Debra's drum building "Workshop" was to be fininished by 2 pm, which I understood to be Randy's circle start time. The intent was to bring the energy from the people who spent 2 days building their own drum into the "community drum circle" that would follow. What a great way to break in your new drum. 

Peace   &    Blessed Be!   



Monday, December 31, 2007 6:12 PM

Re: [BrowardDrumCircle] Fwd: Debra Anderson; crookedness, deceitful, unscrup...

From: "Mark Foley"

I have to add to this. I can't believe that I received this email today. This is Mark Foley, park ranger at Birch State Park and facilitator of the Tequesta Circle. Debra Anderson is a friend of mine and I am highly insulted to see this email sent out en masse with such insult and slander against Debra. From my view Debra is a very kind hearted and genuine individual who is trying to bring something novel to Ft. Lauderdale. And with this last bit of information - which is valid since I have her flier right here in hand! - that the circle is not to conflict with the 2pm start time of the Birch Sunday drum circle, I am even more livid. This is a ridiculous derailing of the culture of drumming. Randy, it's pretty clear that you owe Debra a grave apology. Period.
Mark Foley



Monday, December 31, 2007 6:22 PM

RE: [BrowardDrumCircle] Fwd: Debra Anderson; crookedness, deceitful, unscrup...

From: "Jesuriel"

I send each and every one of you blessings and trust Universal Law.  Enough already!
Calling in Benevolent Energies for 2008 ~
Human Greatness Lies in Remaking Ourselves;
Then We Are the Change We Wish to See in Our World.






Monday, December 31, 2007 6:47 PM

RE: [BrowardDrumCircle] Fwd: Debra Anderson; crookedness, deceitful, unscrupulousness, double-deali

From: "sophia letourneau"

randy is no longer a member of this list.  email him directly if you want to contact him





Tue Jan 1, 2008 12:15 pm

 --- In DrumCircles@ yahoogroups. com,

From: "DebraAnderson"

I have sought twice to post the workshop in Fort Lauderdale which includes facilitated circles to this group. My efforts have had no success and no moderator response as to why. You can imagine my surprise when a flaming attack from someone who expressedly disallows facilitation at his circles shows up instead in a Facilitator Group.
Now I don't mind the press, but how can one know what is being talked about if I am unable to actually post the event. Consequently due to this post and replys, my name with a large number of expletives has shown up on 5
different drum
groups, over 22 times to 2000 potential people. I've never posted before my workshop attempt, yet as a facilitatorI have mined the gold from all who generously speak of their experiences, and out of gratitude I am compelled to provide some clarity.
I have supported all of Randys Holiday events and have introduced others and attended as many Sundays as possible . So I am well aware of the Sunday schedule. The specific pavilion which is avilable for that circle is used if not rented out , otherwise a very small space gets utilized. Renting the pavilion for the workshop and scheduling the
circle time
to happen as usual was intentional. To me it made sense. For certain drumming could happen there and everyone could participate. When I ran this by Randy Thanksgiving he said he would have to be in control. It never ocurred to me that my choices would pose a problem to the drum community, naively I guess I'd assumed it would be seen as an opportunity. It has been suggested to me that I stand down and allow Randy to be in control or find another space. I have put much thought to this and that would be fine except he does not allow for facilitation and allows for inappropriate behavior in the circle that I do not. I thought also of another space and have decided against it for now. I apologize for any misgivings that have come out of this. South Florida has an awesome group of people who love  drumming, they make my life richer by their presence and participation. I wish only
to contribute and unify not to separate.





Wednesday, January 2, 2008 12:53 AM

[FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Fwd: African Rhythm and Drum Building name, fame and clarity.

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

Debra Anderson ran something by me after she had paid for the park space and produced the flyer. Her attitude was tough I paid for it and its a public park and if you don't like it to bad. My thing was how can you give something, same place, same time, same format , this would confuse our new members and drummers and we have been doing this before anyone thought about this place and format.  Debra Anderson wants to recruit at non-pagan drum circles for pagan drum circles.  Our Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle have a policy that no religion or politics or recruitment is allowed at our drum circles. Debra Anderson is not and never have been a regular members. When I do bring up future new things to put into practice her views are always negative by design. Such as in October when I had put the Thankgivings Drum Circle up her attitude was it won't work nobody's going to come and she even in front of my face said to a member what are you doing Thankgiving see see nobody's going to come.  I'm a possibility planner not an impossiblity planner. I didn't say anything put made a mental note of her statement. The Thanksgiving Drum Circle was  a success and so was the Christmas Day Drum Circle. So she quickly change  the wording on the past Sunday internet fler to match our latest events. Her first flyer wording doesn't match her past Sunday  flyer. This is because she wants to give the apperance that our drum circle is giving this. She has told me face to face I'm not coming to your drum circle for the next few weeks because i have pagan drum circles to attend. I said to myself different strokes for different folks, fine, each their own.  She wants to recruit our members for her pagan groups and I'm against any recruitment in our drum circles. I will not be a part of this. Just because she doesn't believe in Christianity, Judaism or Islam doesn't mean you have to keep trying to change people's views. So, as President I solved the situation by having no politics or religion allowed in the drum circle I don't need to know your religion or politics just come and drum. Her and her pagan friends used drum circles in South Florida to recruit people; that is their goal and agenda.  The majority of our members don't believe in being a pagan. And the members that are pagan have told me I don't express my views because it will cause problems and I like  drumming every Sunday; and when I do go to a pagan circle its my personal choice and I don't need to make an announcement. Also, a numbers of drummers feel that the recruitment things turn them off. Also, If Debra don't like certain behaviors in our drum circle stop coming. That's what I would do. Stay away from us. But still even this past Sunday you keep coming around us. Last year we picked a small  place in Fort Lauderdale to have every Sunday 2:00 p.m. drum circle for like thinking drummers to be together. Now you want to do something same time, same place, same day, same format as our drum circle. And your next step is to have a monthly drum circle in the same place, same time, same day, same format. Then your reason is going to be it's a public place anyone can be here, we paid for it. Her plan is to build on our original creative work and recruit for her religion and political views by saying she is a faciltator or drummer. So to solve this problem Debra go back to where you were drumming before we even came here and leave us alone.

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Jan 2, 2008, at 7:25 AM

Re: [DrumCircles] Re: name, fame and clarity.
DING! []';-)
Dear Randy,
I don't dispute your right to hold whatever events you want to whenever you want to, and more power to you if they are successful. Even if Ms Anderson IS intentionally out to leverage the past work you have done for her own ends and recruit for Pagan Circles, publicly attacking her on this list does not win you any clarity, nor
any support.
If you chose to live with a free economy you have to accept competition, imagine CocaCola telling Pepsi "you can't sell Coke in these venues, we were here first, you're not allowed to build on our original creative work"
You don't have to like Ms Anderson, but she has every right to create drum circles wherever she wants, and every right to continue to try to change people's views, isn't this what you are trying to do with your emails to the group?
Your community are intelligent enough to make their own choices for where and how they prefer to drum, they can say No. Trust them and trust yourself, create wonderful drumming events that serve your community, and people will come.
Your attack on Ms Anderson has the opposite effect, it is even more damaging to your name, fame, and any clarity.
Big Love,






Wednesday, January 2, 2008 4:26 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Fwd: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Fwd: African Rhythm and Drum Building name, fame and clarity.

Good Question... It's amazing how stories can change once all sides are revealed.


"Much virtue in herbs, little in men."
Benjamin Franklin






Wednesday, January 2, 2008 2:36:40 PM

To: floridadrumcircles@ yahoogroups. com
Subject: Re: [
Drum Circles] Fwd: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUM CIRCLE] Re: Fwd: African Rhythm and Drum Building Workshop.... name, fame and clarity.
did debra and randy ever date?? 






Thu Jan 3, 2008 12:23 am

Re: [DrumCircles] Re: name, fame and clarity.

DING! []';-) DONG
I'm happy to offer my 'diddle' to help turn this contrived, territorial power-play around. What a waste of otherwise good rhythm sources. Randy, the sooner you let go of whatever has crawled up your ass and gotten your 'goat' the better you and all around will fare.
Priorities (as Neysa so poignantly stated). COMM UNITY guys!!! Debra, Randy - apologize, shake hands, kiss and make up.. drum together..
over simplification; maybe, but use your energy to inspire good things.
..and I'm SO relieved that we've come to some real conclusion about synthetics and natural materials; embodied in one instrument - beautiful analogy. Simply thrilled that Ms. (Pamela) Anderson has lent her attributes to the equation for juxtaposition (so to speak)... thank you for a most pleasant seguay and brilliant redirection Drs. Barkman, Scott and Steve.
Wishing all much love, peace and good health for the new year,
Scott L. Swimmer
DrumsForCures, Inc.
725 Providence Rd. suite #210
Charlotte, NC 28207





Tuesday, January 15, 2008 1:30 PM

[FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Rained Out This Past Sunday.......And.........Policy Change

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle" <>

Over the past year our policy has been if it is raining at 1:45p.m. we will cancelled the 2:00 p.m. drum circle since it takes regular members 10 to 15 minutes to arrive at Hugh Taylor Birch Park. If regular members are more than 30 minutes late they will call the President's cell phone or if they want to arrive early to practice and set up the pavilion 3 area. This past Sunday we had two carloads together from Miami come up about 3:30p.m.(late) with some serious drumming on their mind. Since it was their first time the President has approved from the treasury $4.00 per car for park entrance and $5.00 per car for gas cost. See the treasurer next Sunday or call the President cell phone.

Also, the regular members and senior advisors have made a policy change in Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle Six Point Program.  Policy number 4 has been change as of January 2008. See the change in Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle home  at fortlauderdaledrumc ircle@yahoogroup  

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Tuesday, February 5, 2008 9:27 AM

Tequesta Drum Circle hosted by pagans........?



I hope I'm reading this correctly. Michael Goodman just posted his monthly newsletter and I read Tequesta Drum Circle - Spring Equinox HOSTED by Moon Path Circle. Now when I go to the Moon Path Circle web address it pops up a pagan organization. So, why the not openly shown, secret, undercover, concerted effort from being made public, covert thing that the Tequesta Drum Circle - Spring Equinox in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. is a pagan run drum circle. It doesn't bother me at all "different strokes for different folks" "live and let live" But why, why, don't these people say up front a pagan sponsor event. It's like they are trying to hide that they are pagans. It's something to be proud of; being a pagan; so why not be a proud pagan.

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Wed Feb 6, 2008 7:38 pm

Re: Tequesta Drum Circle hosted by pagans........?

Randy, let go of the bone!
We are defined by our actions (as opposed to our words). Your actions are good. You went to the trouble of getting the park to let you use the pavilion and your special events have all been great and I look forward to more.
The Tequesta Drum Circle is good too, and they've improved over the past couple of years. They are paying attention to the kind of wood they burn so that the bonfire smoke is not irritating, they have pulled the circle closer together so that drummers can hear each other, and they seem to be allowing for flexible celebration dates that coincide with weekends. Randy, I don't mind paying a few bucks to go to your drum circle or any other. What I do mind (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is feeling as though I'm choosing sides when I go to one of the drum circles in Broward.
So, I wish, Randy, that you would let this go and let your good actions do your speaking for you.






Monday, February 4, 2008 
 Welcome, President of Fort Lauderdale drum circle! :-)
My Yahoo list hasn't been nearly as active as my drum circle.  My hope was that people would use it to discuss issues surrounding freestyle circles.  I have written some posts in an effort to generate some discussion but what I get is compliments on my posts!  So please feel free to use the group to generate ideas  and solutions to problems that your circle may face.  Or to share circle experiences, positive or negative.
Rick Cormier
Yarmouth, Maine
differentdrummersdrumcircle. Com




To: Rick Cormier <differentdrummers@ ...>

Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:01:30 AM

Subject: Re: Yahoo Group
Hey Rick,

did you delete all the messages in yahoo group today since this e-mail. You didn't seem like that type of person what is wrong?

R. Robinson




Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:49:06 -0800 (PST)

From: "Rick C." <differentdrummers@ ...>

Subject: Re: Yahoo Group

fortlauderdaledrum circle@.. .>

Hi Randy,
I felt the thread about people arguing over Pagan vs non-Pagan was WAY off topic for our group. Our circle is pretty much integrated spiritually and cares less about differences than commonality. Most of my circle members were confused about who in the heck had written it and what it was supposed to be about (since they had no previous awareness or knowledge of the thread.)
Rather than answer any more questions about the whole Pagan/non Pagan post it seemed less effort to just remove it. Brigit posted a message asking me about it this morning and I replied to her privately.

PS No need to post this to your group. It's the only email address I have for you. The last thing I want is to start a thread about threads!





Thursday, February 14, 2008 2:40 PM
Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Randy "Atu" Robinson - President   

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

Do I smell a double cross Rick C. What you said on Feb. 4 doesn't  match what you are saying Feb. 14. You should stay with your own  speed. I'm going to give you a pass this time since it only took you  ten days to double cross me.





Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:58 pm

Drum Circle Event with the Miami HEAT

Hey Randy,

I am excited that you got in contact with me as quickly as you did.  I am sending a flyer out to you in order for you to show all of the members of your Drum Circle.  This is the time to get them as excited as you are.  Performing in front of HEAT fans as they enter the American Airlines Arena is a great way to establish your name and your place in the South Florida market.  This opportunity that I am offering you generally has costs associated with it simply for the performance, but I have worked to bring the price down to $20 per participant bor both events.  This means that for just $20 per musician, you can bring your entire group of performers out to enjoy the new era of HEAT basketball AND get the prime opportunity to perform in front of thousands of fans and get the recognition you deserve. 

            It will work like this.  Each participant and spectator would purchase a group discounted ticket at $20 per ticket.  These seats are valued at $30, not including the Ticketmaster fees and taxes that would generally be added to them.  For this almost 50% discounted price, everyone that purchases a ticket for this event will be able to enjoy your performance in front of the American Airlines Arena 1 hour prior to the game. 

            Please let me know how many people are interested in making it out to this exciting event going on March 5th, 2008.  Can you please respond to this email with all of your contact information so that I have it in my records?


 Adam Ramos
Account Manager, Group Sales The HEAT Group

601 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL 33132
Ph: 786.777.4289 | Fx: 786.777.4086




Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:24 am
Subject: ** Good Morning from the Miami HEAT **

Good Morning Drummers.

My name is Adam Ramos and I am a Groups Account Manager for the Miami HEAT.  I received your information from Randy Robinson of the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle.  I wanted to pass by and let you know about some group opportunities we have here at the American Airlines Arena that can give your group another exciting chance to socialize amongst each other and create awareness for your Drum Circle. 

On March 5th, the Miami HEAT are partnering with all the Drum Circle’s in South Florida to host a Drum Circle Performance at the American Airlines Arena.  Randy is the coordinator of the event and we are looking forward to having your Drum Circle perform with the others in the South Florida region.  I have attached the flyer that Randy’s group will be using to promote their event.  I will create a similar one for your group. 

If gathering together in a fun environment sounds like something you would like to take a part of, and get the chance to hold your Drum Circle in front of a gathering audience, please get in contact with me as soon as possible.  I would love to go over the details of the event.  You can reply directly to this email or give me a call at 786-777-4289.

Thanks and have a great day!

Adam Ramos
Account Manager, Group Sales The HEAT Group

601 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL 33132
Ph: 786.777.4289 | Fx: 786.777.4086


Friday, February 29, 2008 10:48 AM

**Easter Day Drum Circle Festival 2008**


Easter Day Drum Circle Festival 2008
On Sunday, March 23, 2008 from 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. at
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd. (at A1A) Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
. In the Pavilion 3. The drum circles festival of all drum circles festivals will be going on. And it's on the water.
$1,000.00 prize to the 1st place best hand
drum solo
$500.00 prize to the best 2nd place hand drum solo.
$250.00 prize to the best 3rd place hand drum solo.
*(drum solo people please call for rules and regulations and contest entry)*
An all day drumming experience from drummers all over the country and world. If you missed our
Labor Day Festival, our Thanksgiving Day Festival, our Christmas Day Festival
positively don't miss this one. It's going to be off the hook guarantee!!
Dancers, musicians, spoken word, artists, tourists, locals are all welcome.
Food Court
with over 30 food varieties with drinks. We only feed drummers super quality food, price is no object at our festivals. If you been to ours you know that. We have paid salary cooks so no drummers have to cook only drum.
Special Guest Master Drummers And Dancers.
Bring drum, chair, blanket, umbrella, and a
positive mental attitude
. All welcome.
Children's playground, hiking, fishing, boat watching, biking, are all within sight of Pavilion 3.
Special free African gifts given to the first 50 people who arrive in the morning. And if you receive a gift from us in the past; it is not a cheap gift.
Fort Lauderdale Drum
further information:

$7.00 membership includes lunch, dinner and drinks

Randy "Atu" Robinson - President

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle






Sat Mar 1, 2008 7:04 am

About the American Airlines Arena update.......

I'm sorry I didn't get back earlier to the phone calls or e-mails about the American Airlines situation here's the update: it's difficult getting approval at the American Airlines Arena because there is so many departments who are independent of each other but the negotiation problems or approval waiting are a)to have parking reserved in one place for drummers b)to have free refreshments for drummers c)to have drummers play during intermission and half-time for the basketball games. The last one is the most important because they wanted us to play just at the opening or beginning and not the entire time. I think that will change but I won't know until our meeting at the arena next week. Mr. Ramos is manager for one department who wants everything as we want but has to meet with each department head. The American Airlines Arena itself want drummers for the entire year for different shows and sports events but every department has to be on the same page. From my experience it's best to have everything exactly planned out at the beginning so we can keep the same format for the rest of the year and future years. After I do the exact detail planning next week I will give everyone the update. And that March 5 date have been pushed until later because of the short time to exactly have things planned out. The Arena wants it to happan and it will be national explosure for drum circles, television spot, billboards in the arena, our own media kit done free, plus sponsorship for South Florida individual drum circles. And thank the South Florida drummers who called Tuesday and was ready for next week. Will post up the latest info after the next week meeting.
Randy "Atu" Robinson






Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:19 pm

**America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Okay, everything is go for 2008 and 2009. Negotiations is finish and the drummers and drum circles will benefit greatly. We are going mainstream TV, Cable, Radio, Corporation Support and Economic Mobility for Drummers and Drum Circles.
Let me start off as saying I was overwhelm with the moral and business support of the American Airlines Arena staff the moment I enter the business center there last week. Be clear these are corporate people their object daily is to make money for the arena, their salaries, and anyone else that can help them in their objective, be it concerts, sport teams like the Miami Heat, monster cars events, special events etc. They seeked us out and approach us to be a part of their plans and respect goes to them for that. What are they getting out of this? Well as it was explained to me, they being seen in different sectors that they were not before and the new sectors being in harmony with their regular base. And their research showed drum circle and hand drummer fit that model. So, here we are. And what they are asking for does not exceeds what we will be getting out of this deal. The drum circles and drummers will benefits in this way: advertisement in their media free, exposure of each individual drum circle, group, or drum professionals. Drum placement jobs, portfolio enhancement, free membership in the "Americas East Coast Drum Circle" with membership cards, drumming opportunity at the arena for any event, this is year round and not just the Miami Heat events. Now, the drum circles, professionals should and must have their flyers and business cards done and ready if you don't tell us in some written form we won't know. Remember we will be using the arena mailing and e-mail list not ours. For the Miami Heat event, which we are schedule for April 8, 2008, 7:30p.m. we will give an open drum circle peformance during halftime and the arena will give a scoreboard and public address welcome; which will cross all media. You are allowed to give out to the public, in the arena, your drum circle flyer and business card. I already have private performance gigs dates at companies and personal homes for drummers, dancers etc. The Ft. Lauderdale Drum Circle do not have the people from Atlanta to Key West for these gigs and I'm not driving to Orlanda for a two hour house party drumming event. Oh, since this came up, be clear, every person gets paid for companies and house party drumming $50.00 an hour. If myself or someone else finds out you try to schedule a new date undercutting with our contacks for $25.00 or $35.00 an hour.....well if you don't start nothing their won't be nothing. For the America Arlines Arena their thing is if you want to play with us you got to pay or we are doing this for all the drum circles, this is what we want back. For this one at the Arena on April 8 each person must pay $15.00 which I think is more than fair. I don't even care for basketball that much but the rewards far exceed the $15.00 plus the environment is plush over looking the water, we will be given our own security, our own private entrance, air time on the television and radio, customers access from private restaurants attach to the arena, chair and table provided, able to break in drum groups of style, newspaper and cable interviews, chance to meet other  drummers and drum circles in one place at the same time, it is going to spread to other arenas around the country, increase membership at our own drum circles, money and gig contacks, a chance to step on the stage of world history making a first. Note: the arena manager made it clear they mean all drum circles and drummers. And for me I rather homogenize and succeed; than to be stubborn and fail. Great opportunity awaits us and all kinds of things that will bounce off this endeavor. A weekly drum circle tv show with guests, a daily drum circle radio show, a industrial warehouse for drumming, recording, rehearsals, circles etc. An American Airlines Arena executive will be present for a few hours at the Easter Day Drum Circle, March 23 for further questions and information plus he will have giveaways. I made it clear the Arena will do all the $15.00 collection and I will give out the membership cards and drumming, dance gig placements. Updates as necessary.
The $45,000 will be distributed to the in place drum circles. Individual drummers can become members of the Americas East Coast Drum Circle which was formed in planning with the American Airlines Arena Mr.Adam Ramos.
Note for detail information or something that was missed call or e-mail me. Mr. Ramos can now start taking the $15.00 through fax or phone. My number is 954-839-5732 and Mr. Ramos number is 786-777-4289 fax 786-777-4086 The America Airlines Arena also produced their own flyer of the drum circle performance April 8 ask them they will sent it to you.
In the following days each drum circle, drummer please produce your own flyer and e-mail it to me I can't set you up with a gig if I don't have the info.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:33 pm

Update: American Airlines Arena & Remo Drum Company...

Good positive news. The Remo Drum Company, (a 50 year old company), in California, called the "Americas East Coast Drum Circle" to speak with the Drum Circle Coordinator about the great work that was coming about at the arena. They offered and will be shipping a order of free drum circle instruments. They said the (free) instruments will fit in great to what was going on at the arena. They also, said that the American Airlines Arena/Americas East Coast Drum Circle will be given wholesale status for any group instruments purchase! That's great! Now be clear the Remo Drum Company is a profit making business. What the deal is we will display their banner at the arena and special events. I felt it was a great business deal  for the drummers and Remo. Hey, we don't have to give them any money for the shipped instruments; just display a banner!  Their banner will be shown for the free instruments.

We will used the instruments, as needed, for anyone going out  on a gig and the events at the arena. Drummers you must have your membership card for the gigs and you must pick it up in person. No membership card will be mailed. If some of you already paid Mr. Ramos by debit card or credit card he will call me or at a meeting give me your name. I am not taking the $15.00 the arena has a full time paid staff let them do the bookkeeping. At the March 23 Easter Drum Circle Festival I will have the names and membership cards. I will have a limited number of tickets along with Mr. Ramos who will be bringing tickets and giveaways. And please do not ask Mr. Ramos any drum related questions or membership cards he has other full time duties at the arena besides us. I do the drum activities full time seven days it's my only business call, text message, e-mail me.

Also, check out the Remo Company web site( it is great, they have a whole section on drum circles and drum circle pictures. They have a number of sister websites that is run by them. Remember they have been in business for over 50 years. It's a honor and priviledge to do business with them. 

Randy "Atu" Robinson

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:09 pm

Drum Circle This Sunday March 30, 2008 * $5.00 membership

Drum Circle this Sunday and every Sunday 2:00p.m. at Hugh Taylor Birch
State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd. & A1A in the Pavilion 3 area.
Membership is $5.00 a week or $240.00 a year. Free food and drinks. Call to reserve. Free djembe drum lesson at 2:00p.m. Pictures from the Easter
Day Drum Circle will be shown, plus your picture will be given free.
(954) 839-5732
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:22 am

Fwd: important meeting for Christian drummers

Drummers For Jesus - West Palm Beach Chapter
Monday, April, 21 2008 - Drummers for Jesus Chapter Meeting
Lake Worth, Florida 33461
Cost : FREE
Description:More details (including location) as we get closer to the
event. Please contact Earl Bennett at westpalm@...
<mailto:westpalm@...for directions and additional






Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:56 am

Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:13 am

Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

The Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle have tickets available now for purchase for the Big April 8 event at the arena. This is where us drummers step on the stage of world history. The drummers, groups, professional zero in and go for it. If you want to step on the stage of history you have to risk more than others think is safe. You have to think possibility for yourself, the door is open. Make it happen for yourself opportunity like this don't happan everyday one good showing and we will be set for 2008 and 2009. Drum circles going mainstream!! Dream more than others think is pratical, yes; now put the practice into reality. See you on the stage. Peace out.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:26 pm

Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

the newsletter says this halftime drum circle in "East Plaza". That’s outside the arena. Do we really have to pay $15? Can we just show up at half-time and drum. Lot of us drummers are not rich but we stioll want to play!

Dog Boy





Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:14 am

Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

For your information the East Plaza is not outside the arena it is in the arena this is the space over looking the water. It is the space paying customers can sat and eat their meals. It is the space paying customers are allowed to smoke and drink. It is the space where the TV, Radio, Cable can do an outside shot or do intermission or halftime shots or talk to people. I don't know where you got this wrong information from. I have been down to the arena and did the space management. The personnel showed me this was  the best space, and it is, plus the open doors will allowed the drums to be heard in the arena plus the vendor stands we are right next to. The public is not allowed on the third level plaza. You won't see or hear the drummers from the street level. If you are not rich the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle has a huge treasury and we can put you to work so you can afford the $15.00 dollars. Ok, dogboyskeet?

Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle




Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:42 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

I'd like that. I think I can make it up to lauderdal for your drum circle next sunday. I have 5 friends that will come with. maybe there is something for all of us to do at the arena so that we can be in it?

Dog Boy




Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:34 am

Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangeme

Just a note from my own experience, if you are counting on being paid, get contract in writing and signed. Background check (personal, criminal, and business) the names and business entities responsible for payment and others that you will be associated with. If you don't care about getting paid, wing it and enjoy!

L. Matthaei





Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:51 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

From my personal observation, I wouldn't pay anyone to drum, especially when they have such a condescending attitude...

And on this comment "If you are not rich the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle has a huge treasury and we can put you to work so you can afford the $15.00 dollars", you're "huge treasury" was probably gained through actions such as these, signing contracts for paid gigs, making people pay out of their own pockets, having people work to drum for you... what an arrogant ass! I'd rather be flat-ass broke than take money in this manner!

(I usually sign off with Namaste, but not this time)





Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:38 pm

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

are you kidding! for a chance to show our stuff at the Miami Heat Half-time! I don't know about you but I want in. I don't care if I have to help carry drums or something. and also we dont have much good drum circles down here in Miami. the full moon beach thing is crap because of the cops and they keep it a secret where they are going to meet to drum now and the only other one is in the grove and you have go online to see if its going on or not. I think that if youre going to have a drumn circle you should be there every week so people can count on you. I should be able to just show up on Saturday afternoon and join in without having to check my computer! check my computer - jeez!! and on top of that its only 2 hours long. I mean whats that about!! even if I check my computer what happens if I cant get there exactly during the 2 hours?? bogous man!!Q! last time i went all the extra drums were taken by thwe time I got there and nobody wanted to let me use theirs and there was one guy with two really good drums and he wouldn't let anyone else play the one he wasn't playing! The sucker was shaking his head and all when I went to take the drum. He wouldn't even stop playing so I could ask him to borrow it - like I wasn't good enough for him to stop playing and talk to.

Dog Boy





Tue Apr 1, 2008 12:26 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**


C. Dundee




Tue Apr 1, 2008 9:38 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Below is a link that should help you come to an understanding of how drumming can be spiritual.





Tue Apr 1, 2008 9:44 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

I couldn't answer him or her because my eyes hurt... for some reason, if I attempt to read a fairly lengthy message all in caps, it hurts my eyes...





Tue Apr 1, 2008 10:44 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

"Another truth is:

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible". St. Thomas Aquinas


"If I have to explain... You wouldn't understand".

A Harley Davidson Tshirt I had in the 80's





Tue Apr 1, 2008 6:34 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

No man. not spiritual. I mean you haven't heard me play!! I'm so good that no one can keep up with me. I do a change-up and everybody is running to catch up with me. these guys that just thump along are so lame!!! my rifs just knock everybody out. stops them in their track. I mean they can't even keep playing!! they just have to stop till i finish. so don't talk spiritual with me!! I'm going to play at the MIAMI HEAT HALF-TIME and me and my bros are going to lite up the house!! we're gopna be on tv and everything and all those thumpy thump guys are gopna be telling lies like I knew him and yeah he's my bud and we used to play together and all that.

Dog Boy




Tue Apr 1, 2008 10:26 pm

Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Wow dog boy!!  You sound like an egomaniacal monster. I can assure you, that if I do know you I would not brag about it. Get over yourself man!! It's just a halftime show at a Bball game. Most people are gonna be taking a piss, getting more beer, or getting some food. The folks at home watching tv will blow you off too. Unless it's the Superbowl who watches the halftime crapolla???

Get Well Soon





Wednesday, April 2, 2008 12:29 AM

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

From: "fortlauderdaledrumcircle"

Ah, witch fl I know you just didn't put any negative vibe on a format  I'm working on. It is my firm belief that you have to think positive,  talk positive, and do positive things and positive things will happan  back to you. Now, doing things with people you can please some of the  people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time. I didn't have people like you in the plans to be in  attendance plus in my post I gave all the pros and cons and the pros  far out weigh the cons. So witch fl take your negative vibes and please put them on your own  life where they belong. And do your reading witch fl I wrote exactly  what will happan and how it will impact certain people and of course  you are not included. So, witch fl here are some principles I believe in: Expect more than  others think is possible. Dream more than others think is pratical.  Risk more than others think is safe.  Also, witch fl please don't answer my post to you, you are not worth  the time of day.  And dog boy I can't wait to drum with you it will be an honor; I hope you can throw down because I can.
April 2, 2009
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Wed Apr 2, 2008 5:09 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] running to catch up

well now , how wonderful for you. you must feel very good about yourself :)

Kris Ramey





Wed Apr 2, 2008 5:14 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] running to catch up

Dog Boy,  I hope this is satire. I can only pray its satire. I agree with some of your post: most people at drum circles can not play. They thump. That being said, you
seem to have a very high opinion of yourself. You're what's known as a djembe cowboy. You only play for yourself. Do you actually listen to other players not as skilled as you and try to pull them into your groove? I doubt it. Play with me some time. Side mail me. I'll let you know if you're any good ;-)





Wed Apr 2, 2008 5:18 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] dogboyskeet

He must be down in my neck of the woods, Ft. Lauderdale. There are only a few good djembe players down here and even fewer good doumbek players (4, counting 2 professionals!!!). Now there are plenty of djembe players that THINK they're good, but that's another story.





Wed Apr 2, 2008 5:22 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

This has absolutely got to be a parody or the post of a 9 year old child. Outstanding in his own mind! Hey, dogbone, or what ever you name is, if you think you're such a hotshot, post an audio file of some of your playing. Go ahead. let's hear some of you AMAZING polyrhythms. Do you know what a polyrhythm is, son? I know you won't post, because talk is cheap, son.






Wed Apr 2, 2008 5:34 pm

RE: [Florida Drum Circles] dogboyskeet

That may be the case but I want HIM to call out his drum circle.

 I mean after all if he is really good then he should be more then willing to call out his circle, I mean he states he goes to a drum circle and showboats.  Once he calls out his drum circle I am sure others of that circle are on this list and they can either vouch for him or tell us the real deal.  Hey if he is great.... super... good for him... being a good drummer and drumming well in a circle enviornment can easily be two very distinctive things.

Jesse Rogers





Wed Apr 2, 2008 9:59 pm

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

yeah talk is cheap! throw down and put your money where your mouth is and come to the Maimi Heat Half-time with your drum on Tuesday. Youll know me because i'll be the one drumming rings around you!!! You be staggering when I start in!! people will be dancing to my beats and youll be lost!!! everyone will be laughing at you!! But I know you wont cum cause talk is cheap, old man.

Dog Boy





Wed Apr 2, 2008 10:54 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] running to catch up

dogwater -

Man, if there aren't any ladies dancing then go ahead and do your djembe cowboy stuff, but if the ladies are dancing please don't destroy the rhythm.   And just in case nobody has mentioned it to you before... it's all about the ladies.

 - Cyndy





Thu Apr 3, 2008 12:14 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Man, you are truly amazing. This has got to be a parody because it is so completely over-the-top. But if its not, dude, please stop the caffeine! For some reason paying somebody $15.00 so I can perform is a little backwards. But I do hope you play well and enjoy yourself at the Miami Heat halftime. And I really would enjoy the opportunity to experience you "playing rings around me." I enjoy playing with people who actually can play as well as or better than I do. You know, drumming is a mutual activity that is only made better when people listen to one another and play with one another. I look forward to playing WITH you someday, not in competition with you to see who has the bigger dick!
p.s. Where's the audio file? ;-)
p.p.s. Come to Naomi's Garden in Miami this Sunday night at 8:00pm.





Thu Apr 3, 2008 6:12 am

This weekend, American Airlines Arena Update.....


This Saturday the Global Grove will be going on in the city of Hollywood, Florida from 4:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. A open circle will be going on , plus there will be stage shows going on all day. If you want to see traditional West African Djembe Rhythms this is the place to be this Saturday April 5, 2008. Then if you want to see freestyle djembe drumming this also will be the place to be. Plus, the best djembe drummers in South Florida will be performing including myself. I will be performing traditional West African Djembe Drumming  Rhythms on stage along with other great, great djembe drummers and dancers. Then off stage the freestyle djembe drumming for all drummers who show up for the drum circle. Bring your drum and time we don't have to be out of there until 10:00 p.m. plus who knows what else might happan. Go to the city of Hollywood website for complete information on other performing groups that day. Arts Park at 1 Young Circle and US1.

A big thank you to Remo their musical instruments arrive this week in time for the American Airlines Arena Drum Circle Night this Tuesday April 8, 2008. Note: all detail and official information was posted March 10, 2008, this group, for the arena event any other information is not official. I have been reading so much non-official stuff and if I didn't sign off,  it  is not official.

Drum Circle this Sunday April 6, 2008 at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Sunrise and A1A, in the pavilion 3 area. From 2:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. Drummers please call Sunday morning if you are coming because if enough calls come in we will do a bar-b-que, grilling and all that good stuff.

So, you know where to find me Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Get your arena tickets don't miss out on Tuesday Historial Drum Circle Event.

April 3, 2008                                                                                                        

Randy "Atu" Robinson

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Thu Apr 3, 2008 8:37 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

i think it's time to CHECK YO HEAD DBS::::::: This list is The Florida Drum Circle list not the I CAN BLAST YO ASS OUT DA WATER WIT MY DRUM CUZ I'M BETTER THAN YOU LIST ... seriously bro , no one gives a shit about yer riffs. I think we can all appreciate a sick ass drummer but you shot it all to shit when you started runnin yer mouth with a punk ass attitude.
look , i hope you have a great time at the game - not everyone wants to be the dopest drummer , so you can have it . and i believe what is being said here is come to a local drum circle and drum with us , there is a lot more to drumming than just blowin it up . just relax okay. just go do your thing and one day you'll realize what we're all

saying ...
how old are you by the way ?

Kris Ramey




Thu Apr 3, 2008 11:14 am

Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangemen

Just seeing all the negativity surrounding this group is enough to make me glad to not be a part of the local drum circle "scene".

No wonder people are fleeing to places like North Carolina,Georgia,Tenn. etc.

What worries me is that people start to associate these "Drum Circles"  with the facilitated rhythm events that I present. This is espec. disturbing that the local corporate entities will do so.

I am a Rhythm Circle Facilitator, trained by Arthur Hull and others. My company goes into situations where we have any number of  participants, most if not all, without ANY musical training. Numbers of participants have ranged from 12 to over 1,000.   We do parties ,Bar-Mitzvahs, Weddings etc. AND corporate events. Properly facilitated,rhythm circles are excellent vehicles for corporate metaphor delivery.  We demonstrate that EVERYONE has an innate connection with RHYTHM by having everyone present participate.  Just showing up with a bunch of local drummers ,while possibly entertaining, just isn't the same thing. I'd be much more excited if you were doing something WITH the audience.  10,000 people participating (CAN be done) would truly capture the imagination.

There are many kinds of "drum circles" I just hope that the folks in the corporate world here in south fl don't get a bad impression from what takes place and assume that all drum circles are the same  

                                                    Good Luck,

                                                     Jed Davis





Thu Apr 3, 2008 3:20 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

are you going to be a solo act? because if you can't work with the other drummers that are there, you will look like a moron...did you not read the posts from the elders drummers in this forum this week?....seriously, what circle do you rock, boy -- we wanna know who you reppin'...we'll see if anyone stands up for you -- as for the heat game?  who the fuck is gonna check a heat game this year? at this time point in the season?

what a maroon

Ian Porter




Thu Apr 3, 2008 3:55 pm

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Um, Dogboy, Do you even own a drum? I was curious 'cause you were so upset over not being able to borrow one at some circle you mentioned. If you don't, how do you practice? Do you have a home circle? I'd love to hear you in person but will be out of town for the arena thing.






Thu Apr 3, 2008 6:15 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

I noticed doggy boy has not responded to either post which called him out... this one or the one about him posting about needing to borrow a drum... hey doogy-boy... need to buy a good drum at a good price?





Thu Apr 3, 2008 7:14 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

I really think its a parody because it is so over the top and the fact that he has to borrow a drum really makes it ridiculous. But it is a good joke made even funnier because some of us bit on it! But if he is real, I hope I get to hear his "change-ups" and his playing rings around me this sunday night in Miami.





Thu Apr 3, 2008 7:22 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Dog boy don't need no stnkin' drum to practice on. He ain't human. He be Super Drummer!!!




Fri Apr 4, 2008 11:45 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Hey, Kestrel...chill brother! You're dissing a truly great artist/performer. Dog don't have a drum because he destroys them every time he plays. He has to find a new drum every time he performs because his hands work like lightning and while he's playing, his Djembes begin to smoke. After awhile, they ignite, combusting in a ball of flames. He's tried to slow down but he still ends up grinding the drum down to wood chips by the time the night is over.  

Animus facit nobilem

Cras Iterum Tentavo

C. Dundee




Fri Apr 4, 2008 6:54 pm

Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

I told the other old man and I tell you STEP UP AND THROW DOWN! You bring your drum the the AA Arena on Tuesday and step up on that stage and FACE-OFF with me in front of the TV cameras and all those fans and you will be schooled! People are going to watching you on TV and laughing or maybe just feeling sorry for you. And don't worry about a drum for me. The guy that set this up just got a bunch of hot new drums from REMO - free! so I bet I'm playing something way better than whatever you bring!

Dog Boy




Mon Apr 7, 2008 7:13 am

RE: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

No, Jesse, don't ban him! His posts are a riot! I realize that it really can't be someone real. It’s a parody and a very clever one at that. But if for some strange reason it is real, then perhaps this group will be the only professional help he will ever get!




Mon Apr 7, 2008 7:21 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Fwd: Today's Drum Circle and Tickets for.....

Randy, paying to perform at the Miami Arena is simple exploitation on their part. They are taking advantage of drummers who they know will want to play in such a large venue. This sets the tenor for the relationship in the future. If you pay to do it now, why would they pay you bundles of cash in the future? We have a difference of opinion here. I do hope it works out for you guys, but I have my doubts.





Mon Apr 7, 2008 9:46 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

If you are so good, SOMEBODY has to have a recording of you playing your AMAZING rhythms.... so post it!  Talisen will let that through! Remo... can't even get a real djembe... has to play a plastic bucket...

My drum (partnered with me for 8 years) is hand carved Lenge, with a calf-skin head and rings made of 5/16" steel. And I am not going to pay to get into a drum circle just so "I can be on TV"... been there, done that.

And, doggybone?  I'm one of the guys you cry to when you've played your drum improperly, or one of your stoner friend has an accident and puts a hole through the head... yes, I can repair my own drum, and others!





Mon Apr 7, 2008 4:48 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Tickets Have Now **America Airlines Arena Finish Arrangements in Miami**

Ok, that was hysterical!  A "plastic bucket".   Never heard that one before.  Thanks!
You know, I'll never be able to play my "plastic bucket" again & not laugh. Not to worry, I do have "real djembes" as well.  :-)






Mon Apr 7, 2008 10:13 pm


"Risk More Than Others Think Is Safe"
"When A Person Regrets Endlessly, He Gets To Pay More For What He Regrets" (African Proverb About Not Giving Up)
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle




Wed Apr 9, 2008 12:44 am

Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

We have finish drumming at the American Airlines Arena today and it went beyond my expectations. Before I arrived the executives had already moved  us to a different area because of the rain which was even better than the plan spot we went over last month. The manager gave me his personal number while I was driving on 95 to the arena so he could be waiting to help unload the five djembe drums I was bringing along with remo percussions. (I don't know where the rumor came from that remo sent drums) Then my car was personally driven by the manager in a $35.00 space free in the arena building. (I had thought I was going to unload in front and park in a $5.00 space two blocks away) Then I was introduced to the three different security agencies that worked at the arena, along with the floor people. Plus, I was told you guys can start drumming now you don't have to wait until half time. But things even get better. We were in an underpass next to an entrance and next to the main floor on the third level. A lot of us had time to walk around before the public was allowed entrance at 7:30p.m. which was good to meet the various companies that was set up. Well we were drumming during the first and second quarters when one of the large companies Verizon ask one of the drummers could they borrow a drum of course we said sure. Also, Verizon had the largest space inside, the most giveaways, and the loudest sound system. And then to my great surprise the arena executive came over before half time and said Verizon ask him to ask us could we come inside and drum at their space. Now, of course the arena would never put us next to a six figure rental space like Verizon but since they asked, their money talks.  When we got to their space they had turned off their $5,000.00 sound system and told us do your thing, you all are getting more attention than us here. And did we throw down during half time, the best prime space in the arena people were moving to the beat of the drums, people were coming over playing remo percussions, adults asking can we play the drums also, parents enjoyed seeing their children playing, Verizon happy people signing up for their products and Verizon announced over and over on their sound system "Are you all enjoying Americas East Coast Drum Circle" bang, our first public apperance. Of course, I was giving out Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle flyers and business cards all over the place.

Verizon people said they will be getting in contack with us after the Regional Manager approval for three drummers and two dancers in a paid position for future work at the space there and around South Florida. Plus, they will post up a thank you on my yahoo groups page.

The arena executives said this was a great practice run and they were looking foward to the 2008 and 2009 year working with the Americas East Coast Drum Circle. But they would like to see some dancers along with the drumming. Also, we would be included in any concerts, summer programs, and special events. Then to my suprise  one of the managers said "I'm not a drummer or even been to a drum circle I read those negative things about us but money talks and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ walks. Now we going to include Americas East Coast Drum Circle in our long term plans. We will throw things your way we have companies that will money up for you. Verizon is just a start.

Time went so fast we just took a peep at the game we didn't even sat down in our paid seats. All the action was with the companies and drumming. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the scoreboard announcing the Americas East Coast Drum Circle Night put people said they saw it posted up on the screens. But, I have dozens of pictures at the Verizon space and drum circle space that will be posted up this week.

April 8, 2008

Randy "Atu" Robinson

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle 





Wed Apr 9, 2008 9:57 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

sounds like everything worked out well for you, glad to see everyone had a good time and that people took a look at drummers in the non standard hippie way they usually do. But I really must ask I am sure it is on the minds of everyone on the list.
What about Dogboy?





Wed Apr 9, 2008 10:00 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

Jesse / Randy...

Is there a sound clip somewhere?  Just looked on YouTube and didn't find any vids.

Om shanti,






Wed Apr 9, 2008 10:33 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

yeah... did DoggyBone show, or just his mouth?!?





Wed Apr 9, 2008 11:06 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

Yes, I would be very interested to hear about that as well, especially after the dog's e-mails of the past week.
It is Awesome that things went so well!  If I wanted to, where would I be able to see you folks playing?  Do you think it was recorded or saved anywhere on video?
Summerfield, FL




Wed Apr 9, 2008 12:58 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

Sounds great, Randy. But inquiring minds are clamoring for DOGGY BOY!! Did he throw down and rock the house? Did his "change-ups" leave everyone in the dust?
Wo sind sie Herr Doggy Boy?





Wed Apr 9, 2008 1:11 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

 “May I have your attention ladies and gentlemen…DogBoy has left the building…I repeat….Dogboy has left the building”

C. Dundee




Wed Apr 9, 2008 2:06 pm

I don't ridicule people; doggy dog. It is not my style to ridicule people. I think it is poor taste. If someone has a PMA (positive mental attitude) about themselves whom am I to down that. "They who build no castles in the air; build no castles anywhere" "If a dream is your only scheme dream on" When I did response to doggy dog it was an issue he stated that wasn't correct. I don't do character assassination. If you think positive, talk positive and do positive things, positive things happan back to you.
But, one thing I would like to see a change in is people state where they are from, where they have drummed, and their real first name. As for doggy dog I was never part of that ridicule circle so, if he is real or unreal doesn't make a difference to me.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle





Wed Apr 9, 2008 4:37 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

Randy I agree it is not good to ridicule people, but that is not what is being asked of you. Dogboy said some crap, and all the people are wanting to know is if he showed up and what happened, if dogboy puts up and delivers the goods then the same people who are given him crap on the list will be the first to give him the credit, so we want to  know if there was video, if someone has video and so on.
But most of all we want to know if he showed up and did his thing and how it went. Of course if he was there and your non desire to ridicule him would state that he didn't put up, but as President of the Ft Lauderdale Drum circles and in an effort to keep everyone informed give us the goods. And based upon the amount of work that you did to organize this I am sure you have video, it would be very out of character for you not to have video of something of this magnatude.
Please advise.
Jesse Rogers
Currently residing in Sanford FL
Local Drum Circle - Dandelion - Full and New Moon Circles
Sometimes appears at the Lagoon House once a month drum circle in Melbourne
Sometimes appears at Melbournes Friday Fest
Facilitator of Florida Pagan Gathering Drum Circle in Ocala Forest 2x a year
Regular attendee at Paralounge Drum Gathering
I think those are my regular circles of where you can find me.





Wed Apr 9, 2008 4:56 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

Doggy boy "threw down" in this newsgroup stating he was an incredible drummer in the most asinine, immature confrontive way by claiming he was better than everybody else. An amazing claim by someone who doesn't even own a drum. So, we responded by giving him grief. Doggy boy opened the door to this dialog, no one else. He  disrespected others by his carte blanch claim. So we teased his absurd claim in response. But its pretty clear now who Doggy boy was, isn't it, Randy? ;-)





Wed Apr 9, 2008 6:00 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

I actually only wanted to see video of the drumming so that I could see and share in the awesome thing that you described.
There was never any ridicule meant on my part at all regarding that (and what I said about Dogboy was only in jest - not meant in any mean way at all).
Sandra Webster
Summerfield, Florida




Wed Apr 9, 2008 6:08 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

So, Randy... you're saying that you wouldn't call someone on their bullshit if they couldn't back up what they were unjustly bragging about?





Wed Apr 9, 2008 8:15 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

While we were drumming at the Verizon spot the arena executive asked me for my digital camera, ( a dxg-608, 6.0 megapixed ccd sensor, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, records video with sound, 2.0" ltps tft screen, with 2GB sd memory card) he didn't expect such a great positive feedback we were getting from the crowd and Verizon. Plus, he kept asking me, three times, to send him the pictures so he could have more backup proof when he meet with the President of the arena, to gives more things I wanted, and to include us in next season brochures. And no, doggy dog was not in attendance.
R.R. 8:15p.m.




Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:08 am

I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] I don't ridicule people; doggy dog.


I agree with you 100%. I am evolving more and more into a person who tires to see the good in all Beings and someone who tries to evoke compassion, mercy, and understanding. I was just having a little fun by poking fun at Dog. I’m always looking for opportunities to laugh and have fun. I actually feel sorry for Dog since they took his show (Bounty Hunter) off the air.


Animus facit nobilem

Cras Iterum Tentavo




Mon Jun 9, 2008 2:21 am

 Monday Lunch Today as Planned Drummers, Dancers

Nice Drum Circle yesterday. Some drummers didn't have to work today Monday June 9 and wanted to get together to practice and go over some entrepreneurship projects so we decided to do lunch today at 11:30a.m. at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We will be grilling vegetables and chicken. Any drummer or dancer who missed Sunday this will be a rare time to meet on a Monday. And if anyone wants to talk to me personally this Monday will be a good time to do it.

Note and be clear: the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle is a membership base group. You must pay your $5.00 Sunday weekly dues. This is how we stay ahead of the money game and don't be crying poverty. The first time you don't have to pay if you don't like this drum circle, fine. The second time we expect your $5.00 weekly dues. If you show up the third time and don't want to pay please go to another drum
circle or you will be asked to leave. We don't do poor or want to be a poverty base drum circle.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:09 pm

Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle at The Big Pink, 6/17/2008, 8:00 pm

Just when I thought I was away from the ----- see what they are doing example (number 1) it's no accident and look what site this is on do one notice the names???

--- In, wrote:
Reminder from: MiamiDrum Yahoo! Group
Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle at The Big Pink
Tuesday June 17, 2008
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(This event repeats every week.)
Location: 327 SW 2 Street in Ft Lauderdale - nextdoor to Imax Theater
on Avenue of the Arts
Street: 327 SW 2 Street
City State Zip: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:53 pm

Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle, 6/13/2008, 7:00 pm

another example: similar names all of a sudden by the ----- and notice what site it is on. Let's watch and see how the ----- deal with this!

--- In, wrote:
Reminder from: MiamiDrum Yahoo! Group
Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle
Friday June 13, 2008
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Whole Foods Market Lifestyle Center
Street: 2000 N Federal Hwy
City State Zip: Ft Lauderdale

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:35 pm

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle, 6/13/2008, 7:00 pm

Doesn't sound to threatening, sounds like the ----- as you put it is just trying to put something positive together and just happens to be in the same city that you are to tell you the truth.





Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:49 pm

Re: Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle at The Big Pink, 6/17/2008, 8:00 pm

sorrysorrysorrysorry - not thinking
I've changed them on the calendar to read "Ft Lauderdale - Drum Circle at..." and "Ft Lauderdale - Community..."

Mark R. Richards




Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:20 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle at The Big Pink, 6/17/2008, 8:00 pm

Its a drum circle, Randy, on a completely different day than your circle. What's the problem? Are you fucking paranoid or what?





Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:14 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle at The Big Pink, 6/17/2008, 8:00 pm

"paranoid or what?"
What... would be egocentrically certain the world revolves around him





Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:39 pm

Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend


Randy "Atu" Robinson

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle 




Thursday, June 12, 2008 7:33 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

As usual the main point is never address "What about the different  name change from from May 16 to yesterday as I stated. Period. Don't  even try to evade the main point. Why did this happan on the same  pagan site it wasn't no accident. Confess up to what you see as  proof. I'll let somebody else talk about what you stated; it doesn't answer my maid point. Period. What about the name change.

Randy "Atu" Robinson

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle 




Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:33 PM

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

Randy, you've got a serious case of misdirected accusations going on here. It was not a member of the pagan congregation who posted this announcement. I did. I've just figured out how to use the Calendar in the Yahoo! Group, and I set up the events. I put "Ft Lauderdale" in front of the drum circle names so that people would know that the circles are in Ft Lauderdale, as most of the people in the MiamiDrum group are in Miami. I've changed the naming convention now by adding a dash and a space after "Ft Lauderdale" to differentiate those circles from yours and to indicate that "Ft Lauderdale" is the location, not the name, of the drum circle.

It sounds as though you are doing a great job of defining a whole new kind of drum circle.

Best of luck, man!

- Mark




Thursday, June 12, 2008 10:44 PM

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

wow have got some serious flippin issues! Nobody really gives a shit, don't you get it? We just wanna drum.  Stop trying to spread hate...especially over some thing as silly as  drum circles






Thursday, June 12, 2008 11:25 PM

Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

Ok lets get off the god thing for awhile and back to the root of the problem.

I mean no one is going to change anyones minds about there beliefs on this list so if you want to discuss the god thing further please take it off list with the people you want to talk about it to.  One other thing that I have found is that most drummers don't give a rats ass who or what you believe in when you are drumming its all about the groove and not about the god, anything you find spiritual in your drumming is found from within and its all yours to keep.

 Now to the root of the problem:


 oh wait one more thing....

 Randy if nothing else I find you damn entertaining to watch, I have never seen you drum but the way you think is funny as shit and the fact that you have no interest in listening to the advice of your drumming peers is quite a serious character flaw but I am sorry I digress.

 Back to the names thing.....

 I know I shouldn't but I am sorry I just can't resist I came up with this great idea.....  And I think all drum circle organizers across the great state of florida should help me out with.

 I am going to start a drum circle here in Sanford and call it..... .

 wait for it.....

 come on you can hold on....

 "The Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of SANFORD"

 and I think for the next circle that any organizer puts together they should name it accordingly

 "The Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of [YOUR TOWN HERE]"

 just one thats all that I ask, I mean lets get this over and done with.

 I mean come on Randy its a drum circle, its not a busines, you don't have employees that are being taken away from your circle because they can't figure out which circle is which circle, after all you seem to want a very select group of people for your circles anyway, they have to pay five dollars, they can't be new or poor drummers because you just can't have them messing up the circle while they are trying to learn how to play, they can't just simply enjoy whacking the drum because it brings them great joy or happiness to release pent up energy, or the instant gratification it may bring them to be making sounds to them that sound like music, or to be a part of something that is special to them in there mind or heart.

It almost makes people feel like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, they can't play in any reindeer games with you.

You should consider yourself lucky afterall you have more drum circles in your area then any of us have in the rest of the state, most of us have to travel 20 to 100 miles to go to what they consider to be there local drum circles, did you have a bad experience at someone elses drum circle and then decide to start your own, kinda like taking your ball and going home?  If you did I am sorry, I have had bad experiences at drum circles when I first started I was very intimidated by some people who I felt were very unapproachable, but I got over that and kept on drumming and eventually made my way up the ranks of drumming respectability, maybe you should try that and gain the respect of your fellow drummers in the rest of the state, you would probably find that more fulfilling in the long run. 

Now I on the other hand meet your requirements I think lets see:

I can play very fast and very cohesive

I know more rhtyhms then the average person,

Though I am self taught and I have never been to Africa but I don't recall that being a requirement

I have a good job so I am not a poor drummer

I know how to play for a dancer, oh wait that isn't a requirement, I forgot in your circle its up to the dancer to dance to the drummer not the other way around.

I don't have an ego so I know thats a strike against me.

Oh wait I forgot I am a predominantly a Middle Eastern Drummer and that doesn't always sit well with the Djembe Cowboys, but I can play really loud and in fact I can play on top of the Djembe players with my Doumbek so thats gotta count for something doesn't it?

I can be very sarcastic and though thats not a requirement I think it will add something to your circle.

I don't know if your circle plays in odd metered rhythms but I do enjoy that very much, I hope you guys could follow me with 5's 7's and 9's

I know some people don't like these threads because it is considered flaming but sometimes its just so much fun to play ping pong.  For those of you who do not like this type of response I am terribly sorry please delete it and forget about it, but for those of you who enjoy it then don't forget to change and advertise your next drum circle based upon the plan above.






Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:30 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

Alright, alright, Glyndower oh witch of the west we must tell the truth to Randy, yes we are the witches and warlocks of Ft. Lauderdale. We dream and scheme to steal the drum power from Randy. But he is to powerful. Jesus stands before him with outstretched hand and says, "Oh stop you douche bag pagans and go no further, for Randy is the choosen el Presidente of the Ft. Lauderdale drum circle and he throws down with the prophets of old" And then he usually adds a whole bunch of other shit filled with thee and thous.... But the point is oh Randy, drum stud of Ft Lauderdale, you have sniffed us out again. Oh curses, back to boiling toads and snake poop.
Peter, Warlock of Darbouka




Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:31 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

Talisen, hey bro...this is a little like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't it? But we really shouldn't make fun of the mentally ill!
--- Jesse




Thursday, June 12, 2008 11:41 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

Come on now, Mark. I've seen your devil horns! You warlock, you! Why just last Saturday we danced naked at Fern Forest and priestess Sophia led us 13 times counter-clockwise around the burning pyre while we played a brisk Saiidi! Oh, the devilish fun of it all!





Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:46 am

Re: Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

Calling all drummers!
The Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of TARPON SPRINGS (next to
ZORBA's Greek deli) invites you to join us for Revival Fire drumming!
Bring your doumbeks, tonbaks, riqs, dafs, bendirs and tars (a little mousaka would be nice too) and lets throw it down with some old school 5's, 7's and 9's. Jesse, you'll bring the 21, I reckon. We'll kick this off at the next full moon. Check back for exact dates and times.
Beginners welcome.
- Cyndy're welcome




Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:28 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass


  I wiil really try to remember to promote our next circle per your suggestion.... so, guess that would make it The Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of PLANT CITY?
 Was counting on my fingers and toes as to when you'd join the "fun".  Onward to drumming and discussions thereof!

Om shanti,


Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:33 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

My Dear Friend Jesse,
 Once again You have certainly touched on several topics and made us all here smile. a beginner drummer I know I am glad to have You as a friend who understands how we feel as beginners at a very intimidating  circle.I know I will drive from Panama City to be a part of the new and improved FT LAUDERDALE DRUM CIRCLE OF SANFORD !!! plz count me in ... have a wonderful day all you wonderful peeps. hugs  Happy





Friday, June 13, 2008 8:46 AM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

Yes, Peter, you are right! I have suspected Mark from the beginning but was too Pious to say anything to anyone. "Old Nick" definitely has Friend in Mark.

Lux et Veritas





Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:48 am

Re: Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in My Back Yard

Please make it very widly known which drum circles you will be attending. I want to be absolutly sure I don't go to one that you are at. I'm afraid I'll be attacked for missing a beat or helping a less experienced drummer. This is NOT the sort of drumming environment that I would willingly choose to be in.
Don't forget your meds today....
Im off to start the "Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in My Back Yard"





Friday, June 13, 2008 9:13 AM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up


 Ye Gods, he's silly!!




Friday, June 13, 2008 9:44 AM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

Checking in:

"The Ft. Lauderdale Drum Circle of Iowa






Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:21 am

The Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of SUMMERFIELD

Joining in the new tradition of drum circles here in Florida, I would like to invite you to come join us at the "Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of Summerfield" on Saturday, June 21, 2008.

Where:  Summerfield, Florida (north of the Villages and south of Ocala)  Please e-mail me privately for directions (since it is held at my home for now).

When:  On the Saturday closest to the Full Moon (This month, Saturday June 21!st)

What time:  6pm to ????

I usually have a crockpot of something going, so if you want to eat you are more than welcome to.  If you can, please bring something to share (and if you can't PLEASE do not worry about it - we usually have more than enough).  Please do bring yourself, your friends and family, your drums, your chair, and anything that you would like to drink.

I have a couple of "extra" drums, so if you don't have a drum that is fine, come anyway!  I also have some other percussion stuff to share, as well.

Namaste and have a wonderful month,






Friday, June 13, 2008 10:22 AM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

I, too, will drive to the Fort Lauderdale Community Drum Circle of Sanford. :)







Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:47 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in My Back Yard

I don't think Randy would show up at a drum circle he doesn't feel he's in charge of...especially after all the people he's pissed off/on.   Also, he so despises Pagans that I don't think he'd show up at a circle/event that many be run by Pagans or Pagan friendly coordinators.
To be honest, I've been to Randy's circle once & it was ok.  The people there were friendly & not hostile to each other.  Most of the drummers were the average drummers, not the "great" drummers he claims to attract.  The "master" drummer that did show up, pretty much played fast & showboated...nothing anyone could play to/with or dance to, not a recognizable rhythm or song...just loud ego pounding.  We all just waited for him to finish so we could drum again.
I do agree with you, I'd rather show up for a drum circle where we can drum, have fun & not worry about all Randy's issues & fears or who he's gonna flame next.  I'd love to make it to the Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in Your Back Yard. 






Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:39 pm

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in My Back Yard

Can we make individual crosses for our Ft. Lauderdale Spinoff Circles just in case our totalitarian drummer friend wants to come hang himself on it ?

Kris Ramey ( Mama K )
Kaleidoscope Promotions
St. Augustine Beach , Fl.




Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:21 pm


Have you made an appearance at a drum circle you don't run in, oh... let's say... the last 18 months?
If not, maybe you should get to know some of us "other drummers"... If you can shut your ego down long enough, you might even get to tolerate some of us...
One thing to definately remember is... "A closed mind gathers no knowledge..."





Friday, June 13, 2008 3:06 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Oh this is just to much fun to pass up

ok... I have never felt advanced enough to start my own drum circle ...but now ...I DO ... Sooo plz eveyone ....when in north florida ...come to my FT LAUDERDALE COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE OF PANAMA CITY... Its free ...because ..well because drum circles are NOT ABOUT MONEY ,POVERTY,RELIGION OR ANY OF THE CRAP THIS CHRISTIAN ASSHOLE PROMOTES...SORRY ... I TAKE BACK THE CHRISTIAN PART... no real Christain would ever act in such a manner...again I agree with Jesse ..NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS HERE . PLZ  feel free to contact me for the directions to my house ...i can hold the drum circle every sunday ...if you come there any other time ..well we can have it then too . Love and Peace ...thru all of us ...Regards ...Happy





Friday, June 13, 2008 8:27 PM

[Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

I will attend any drum circle I please, and I wouldn't pay so much as a dime to go to yours.  What, you servin' lobster & champagne at these things? Renting chairs? What are you doing with the money? Show us the books, man. I have no obligation to state my spiritual path at the door. You want to proselytize, go find a street corner, I ain't stopping. People drum for the joy of it. You don't have to like it. Nobody died and made you Lord o' the Drum. Try teaching and being helpful to less experienced drummers. You'd get some respect. By the way, re: the name "Ft. Lauderdale Community Drum Circle". If Wiccans or Buddhists or Mennonites choose to use it, it's theirs for the taking. There is more than ONE "Ft. Lauderdale community". If you want your great circle to have "name recognition" , how about being a little more creative? Like "The Great and And Powerful Drum Circle of
Fort Lauderdale
and Randy". Can't imagine anybody else stealing that. You have my permission, bro.
Peace and blessings.





Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:31 am

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Re: Fwd: Ft Lauderdale Community Drum Circle in My Back Yard

Me thinks he already  has enough rope for that.
~ Peace Through Hands That Drum  ~




Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:14 am

DRUM CIRCLE EVERY SUNDAY 2:00 P.M. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

We will be in the Pavilion 3 area or further down the road on the causeway water front. $5.00 weekly membership or $240.00 a year. Free hand drum lesson every Sunday at 2:00p.m. sharp before the drum circle starts. If enough people call before Sunday we can bar-b-que. Come and relax for some real cool vibes. Reduce tension and stress. Be there!!

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:47 pm

Re: Fwd: drum soon... coming up - there's some new stuff this weekend

You are right! I was checking out the other drum Yahoo groups and there are definitely some that should be avoided/boycotted. One is MiamiDrum that is trying to make confusion about our group's name and they never post Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle events and when they do, it's AFTER it happened! And when they gave an explanation about the name stuff, well I wonder if anybody could believe anything they say after all that covert name confusion stuff. The other is FloridaDrumCircles. One of the other guys forwarded me the stuff they were putting on their site and these guys are just mean and evil. Every one of them was putting down Randy and the Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle group. And they want to steal this group's name just to make trouble. But the joke is on them because they didn't get it right - they are sticking the extra word Community in their ripped off drum circle names.
I say all the members of The Ft Lauderdale Drum Circle should unsubscribe from these two groups and boycott any events that they send out emails for.





Sunday, June 15, 2008 8:58 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Summer Solstice Tequesta Drum/Dance/Fire Circle Celebration 8pm-Midnight Friday, June 20, 2008

Hmmm.... I wonder if Randy approved this drum circle - I mean, he does own the Ft. Lauderdale area, right?




Tuesday, June 17, 2008 12:45 PM

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Now lets get back on subject

This is Life. Life is far from perfect. People disagree and Argue. Especially about Religion and Politics. We get to know eachother a lot better through these types of threads , and i think that is a very important aspect of a group. Must of us here are not here for all of that , but that is a part of reality , and growth is occurring as far as i'm concerned.
This group is Not called " Florida PAGAN Drum Circles "
”Florida CHRISTIAN Drum Circles "
i don't think it should matter who believes what. If it bothers anyone ( what another drummers personal beliefs are ) then may i suggest you start your own group and be specific in your Group name , and you will be able to reach out to people of like mind/religion and live happily ever after , Amen.
If not , then don't purposely start threads that ignite drama. other than getting to know what people personally believe , it's a waste of time.
Our group isn't called
" Florida Drum Circles - Lets Get to know eachother - Christian vs. Pagan "
Randy. Honestly. If you have such a hard time with the Pagan Drummers , then you should leave the list and start your own specific list because none of us appreciates your attack on  personal beliefs whether we agree with Pagan Beliefs or not.
I will pray for you and i hope that God softens your heart one day.
St. Augustine Drum Circle this Thursday Folks !
Hope everyone has a great week.





Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:33 pm

Entrepreneurship Update & Progress

Our entrepreneurship drum circle project at the Thursday and Saturday Swap Shop Flea Market, in Fort Lauderdale, is making a good progress. The drummers that used our paid free space have made some of their own pocket money which is good. Some drummers have made $20.00 profit in one day while one woman drummer made $275.00 in one day but she brought some real good inventory with her to sell. We are going to keep the free space available through out the summer until September. And you can't tell what is going to sell when. One week when I was there I only made $5.00 on a Thursday then came back Saturday and made $155.00 with the same merchandise. The Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle still have a supply of used drums and music instruments available. But we have ordered and have now new djembe drums and new shakers from Ghana. And we mean Ghana not, Senegal, Mali, Madagascar, Nigeria, India or China. They are from Ghana. I have seen people selling djembe drums from Pakistan and telling people they are from some country in Africa. The djembe drums are full size and have custom carving from top to bottom and not just the bottom of the drum. For the drum circle people they sell for $175.00. For the general public they are going for $200.00. Now the shakere is the best lot I have seen from Ghana in over five years. I mean they are really nice. If some of you have seen the shakere I use; these are 50% larger than mine and give a really good sound. As a matter of fact I'm taking my own two  shakeres and put them in the used instruments lot and going to keep two new ones from Ghana for myself. The new shakeres from Ghana will be selling for $50.00. The used ones will be selling for $25.00. That's a great deal don't miss it.

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle





Thursday, June 26, 2008 3:11 AM

[DrumCircles] Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show

..."make them aware of what a force pagans in America are"
interesting statement I wonder what it means? I wonder does it also  means
Miami and Fort Lauderdale
? What yahoo site did the statement  come from? Who made the statement at that yahoo site? Must be a  standard accepted statement by all pagans? Don't know the answer  myself. Just reading other drum circles sites? I wonder is that a  pagan site? Don't know.
> --- In floridadrumcircles@ yahoogroups. com, "Ray *" <witchnfl@>
> wrote:
> Here is a link to the video of KLG its at about 4:41 in to the
> http://www.msnbc. 21134540/ vp/25368216# 25368216
> To call the producer of the Today show... dial (212) 664-
> 1,then request to speak with Jim Bell from the person who answers.
> You'll be transferred.
Letters of complaint will not do much but national product boycotts
> will make them aware of what a force
Pagans in America are, if you want
to  see stuff happen quickly start a Pagan boycott of products sold by
> advertiserson
NBC, and MSNBC, also their sister stations, SciFi, and USA.
Don't forgetNBC's parent company is GE... yes that's right
General Electric,
look them
> up on the Internet and find out what they own and boycott their products and
> do it vocally and nationally.
> Please remember that any letter you write, or phone call you make,
> you arerepresenting all of us, so... no cussing, or name calling... be
> polite,intelegent, and clear,
spell check, and try to use proper grammer.
> B*B*
> Ray

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Thursday, June 26, 2008, 7:39 PM

Subject: Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show
I heard that you are a covert pagan that don't want to come out of the closet. And you use bad curse words a giveaway for being a pagans. Confess up full moon drum circle pagan guy.

FORT LAUDERDALE DRUM CIRCLE <fortlauderdaledrumcircle@...>





Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:19 PM

RE: [DrumCircles] Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show

part of the issue is the risk of opening the door to religious advocacy of any kind, which has a way of sowing discord that could undermine the real purpose of this list.
david patrick muer <NightHawk420@> wrote:
PAGANS are trying to get the word out to all pagans everywhere about this insensitive remark about us. There are many pagans on this site. I would be willing to bet that this was the reason for the post. I don't see any harm done. I really hope you all really understand.




Friday, June 27, 2008 7:32 AM

RE: [DrumCircles] Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show

I notice that we haven't yet heard from Randy who first raised the topic. Until we do, we need to calm down. Maybe he meant to send it to another group and just picked this one by mistake. He can't, however, have failed to notice the fuss - so I hope he comes on line soon. At the present state of knowledge, assuming he did send us it on purpose . .
As one of the moderators on this line, I cannot disagree with *anything* Chrystine says. In fact I endorse *everything* she says. We've all got causes we support, and injustices we fight. Drum Circles are often a really good way to address such issues, but a drum circle list is not the place to *air* such issues. Even if it was, I'd hope for something a bit softer like, "Sorry listers - I know this is off-topic but it's a big issue for me. There's just been this big anti-pagan article/broadcast/ whatever, and I know there are a lot of pagans on this list. Would you forgive me for using this list for a shout-out, and asking people to contact me offline; off the list?" There'd certainly be a bit of muttering but, as long as it was done respectfully, it might just have been OK and would have soon passed. By way of contrast, one mild-mannered DCF-er has forwarded me the nastiest email I've seen for a long time (and I do get some flak off-line) that was sent to him personally. If the sender really *is* a pagan, and they're listening (actually, I don't care if they are or not) they really *are* going to feel persecuted, now, because I'm going to blast them very, very hard from this and any other
Yahoo groups
they're in.
Notice, please, that Nighthawk signs himself '
Love and Light'. Not much sign of that in the email I've been sent. I've seen gentler 'Leave town, now' messages from the bloody Ku Klux Klan
! Here's what was sent:
"Refresh us on who you are [name]? What drum circle do you drumat (sic)?
What state are you in? You use Randy's name as if you have met him;have you
met him? Have you ever wrote (sic) anything negative abour Randy inthe past
year? Don't lie now we will research your answer."
You can't really *demand* respect for your cause by disrespecting others,
now can you? Eh?
Steve Hill




Friday, June 27, 2008 11:13 AM

[DrumCircles] From: Randy "Atu" Robinson

1. Ask me any question for the next 24 hous; but you must ask it on our fortlauderdaledrumc ircle@yahoogroup which means a public question.
No private e-mails. Some groups like to pick and chose my statements  and answers.
2. Ask
flordiadrumcircle@ yahoogroups. com where the
Kathy Lee statement on TV about pagans started. Ask them why they have blocked all comments and they started that statement. Again public questions and answers no private e-mails.
3. And no imaginary people should post that don't exist; state your drum circle and where you have drum last.
Randy "
" Robinson
President -
Fort Lauderdale
Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Friday, June 27, 2008 3:56 PM

RE: [DrumCircles] Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show

No no no no noooo!
Sorry, Nighthawk - you caught the bullet aimed at Randy!
I wanted to compare and contrast your own '
Love and Light
' handle (and philosophy, no doubt) with the KKK attitude of someone who, had just projectile-vomited all over a fellow member, off-line and unsigned at that! I wanted to say "Here are two people defending against/protesting at what they see as an unprovoked attack on paganism - one is moderate and considerate and respectful (Nighthawk); one is like being sprayed with sulphuric acid (the one who wrote offline to a fellow list member." I hope that's clearer. Nighthawk good / "Don't lie now we will research your answer" bad!
Sorry again. I hope this will get to you in time to soothe the hurt I've caused.
Very respectfully yours,
Steve Hill




Friday, June 27, 2008 5:33 PM

Re: [DrumCircles] Re: Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show

Hello My friends.
Like most of us I find also find Randy's post to be off-topic and inappropriate for this forum. It was political, asking us to join into a boycott with out stating was was exactly said. And I would be interested in seeing there is a link to what 
Kathy Lee Gifford  said on the Today Show that put them down? BUT!  As far as drumming goes, I believe that the topic of Pagans
is On Topic, not Off Topic.
I have a deep appreciation of how the  pagan community has wholly integrated drumming in to it's Earth-Life Celebratory practices and gatherings.
It is a good model of incorporating, Dance, Song, Poetry, the Arts, and ceremonial celebration into one activity, while making none of them any more important that the other elements being used.
Because of the stigma of the name, some Earth based Pagan like groups, like "Fire Tribe" And "Earth Drum Counsel", don't use the word Pagan to identify themselves.
But I have found in these organizations. people from all walks of life. The Pagan community is a big umbrella and some of our DCList are members of this culture.
Both Jimmy Two feathers and
Michael Wall
are two such examples of VMC Graduates have positively effected the evolutionary nature of it's culture., while up dating the drumming format with drum circle principles that lead to better musicality in it's "Free Form" drumming approach.
In relation to Chrystine's contribution to this subject, I would respectfully add that if half the circle  are drummers and half the circle are dancers, ( As in Earth Drum Counsel ), I would call it a circle.
Remember the Arthurian statement " Does the drummer make the dancer dance, or does the dancer make the drummer drum? The answer is yes."
I, for one, try to get to at least one "Pagan" Gathering a year. Just to touch some of my former "Roots" that led me of to this DCFacilitation Path.
My 2 cents worth... Arthurian,  []]';-)




Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:50 pm

*To: Arthur From: Randy* Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Lee Gifford

Hey, Arthur you are wrong this time, NOT ME asking someone to join in a boycott for the pagans. No, no not me. Please, I would be the last person on earth to do that. What I would suggest if you want to see the whole picture is to read posts from around May 1, 2008 until June 27, 2008 then you might want to take that statement back. Please clear that up. I'm giving proof not an opinion, that I was not asking for anything for the pagans.
Please clear that up fast. My goodness.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Corcle




Saturday, June 28, 2008 4:26 PM

DrumCircles] Re:*To: Arthur From: Randy* Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Le

As I asked before, you could really help the group if you would explain to  everybody why you posted your original message to the Drum Circles list.
Please don't just direct us (or me in a private email) to a separate series  of emails from another
Yahoo group
. If that's all you're willing to do, then it seems that your issue is with that group and doesn't belong here.
You posted here for everybody to see. But, I really don't understand what's going on. What was your point? And, what does your post have to do with this list?



Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:20 pm

Re:*To: Arthur From: Randy* Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Le

I'm trying to make a point without being bias. Some people including Arthur really got the wrong view that I didn't even give, especially calling me a pagan. I think these posts are getting confusing. So to start from the beginning where it all started and remember I just don't read and post on this drum circles site. I read and post on drumming sites all over the United States and the World. If you don't want to and others read as I suggest don't blame it on me. I'm giving you the answer read. So, again for the third time read: from about May 1, 2008 to June 27, 2008. That's my group where I work out of daily. Plus, on the fun side some people are getting a friendly kick out of reading me being called a pagan. That is further from the truth. You seem like a nice guy trust me. Read what I suggest.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Saturday, June 28, 2008 8:33 PM

RE: [DrumCircles] Re:*To: Arthur From: Randy* Fwd: Pagans maligned by Kathy Le

It's true - Randy's not a Pagan! Quite the reverse.
In an attempt at clarification, and if anybody is interested, I've had a whistle though the messages on the group he directed us to (
http://launch. com/group/ FORTLAUDERDALEDR UMCIRCLE/ ) hereafter known as FLDC for brevity.
Messages can be read, and replied to by anyone; not just members. This all started because someone (against
Yahoo's Terms of Service)
forwarded to FLDC, a message that had originally been sent to Florida Drum Circles. It was the message warning about the video which appeared to malign
. With me so far?
Randy further forwarded that message: from the FLDC list to this DCF list. He wasn't protesting that Pagans had been maligned in the video, he was applauding it. He was calling for a boycott of Pagan or Pagan-linked/ friendly companies and products.
Here's the message, from Randy, on FLDC making it clear that Randy isn't a Pagan (message #198)
"Tell me the pagans are not playing covert games , and acting under cover as always!! On the pagans own group dated May 16 they listed this drum circle
- Steve Hill




Fri Jul 4, 2008 10:49 am

SE Florida Drum Circle Newsletter - 4TH OF JULY SPECIAL EDITION

Southeast Florida Drum Circle Newsletter
Thursday, 3 July 2008
Offered to you by the Southeast Florida Drum Circle Community
Free monthly drum circle newsletter
Lists of drumming & dancing teachers, classes, performances, vendors
Educational & inspirational materials about drumming & dancing
Links to other drumming/dancing resources

Here are various drum circles and parties to help you celebrate this special day:
[Many event details, including…]
1. The Original Ft. Lauderdale Drum Circle Festival
$7 'membership fee' includes lunch and dinner.
"If you missed our Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or Memorial Day events, don't
miss this one!  The Ft. Lauderdale drum circle is in a class by seen on
channel 7 news..."
[Editor's note: Randy Robinson, the host of this event, has publicly and repeatedly expressed, in his Ft. Lauderdale Drum Circle e-mails and in other drum newsletters that circulate throughout the Florida drumming community, a very hostile attitude toward Pagans, who he believes are trying to usurp and ruin his drum circle.  He makes it very clear that his orientation is strictly Christian.  He vehemently expresses himself about this point.  Please take this information into account when contemplating your attendance at this event, so that you are not unexpectedly made uncomfortable.  This note is not intended to express any judgement about his personal beliefs, but simply to give you the information to make your own informed decision.]
- It's beautiful on the intercoastal waterfront
- Music beats from around the world
- Playground for children
- Art displays
- Hiking, beach access
- Fishing
- Party
- Singing
- Meet new people
- Fine food from expert, paid cooks
- An extraordinary, blissful day of drumming and dancing
- Mingle with Master Drummers and Dancers
- Enjoy a host of the best drummers and dancers in Florida and the U.S.
- Drum and dance - or just watch
- Special performances by:
    Bhakumbia, Master Caribbean Drummer/Singer/Dancer
    Sat, Columbian Drummer
    Moussa Soumah, Master African Drummer/Instructor
- African Fashion Show by Patrice Ode & her models
- Free breakfast for anyone arriving before 10am
For your enjoyment pleasure:
a. beginning drummers should arrive early in the morning to get a change to start with the master and advanced drummers before the circle starts full force.  They will give you some pointers.
b. Bring a chair with a back in case you get tired sitting on the benches provided.
c. For people coming after 12 noon - please bring a bag of ice with you; we always run low.
d. There is a large, clean bathroom for folks needing to change clothes.
We welcome money drumming challenges from anyone, anytime.  Money talks: $50 up
to $1000.
Held at: Birch State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale FL, Pavilion #3
1. Take Sunrise Blvd. eastbound
2. Cross the Intercoastal Waterway
3. Turn left into Birch State Park just before you reach A1A
Info: Randy "Atu" Robinson, President of the Ft. Lauderdal Drum Circle, 954-839-5732
Publisher: Southeast Florida Drum Circle Newsletter



Tue Jul 8, 2008 1:39 pm

Thanks to Remo Marketing Department

We received the musical instruments from Remo Marketing Department yesterday and we now have a nice collection since the first of the year the shipments started with our relationship with American Airlines Arena. We are still signing up musicans for the American Airlines Arena gigs. Read past post if not familiar about this.
This past July 4, 2008 drum circle event I notice the agogo bell was very popular with the djembe drummers. I'm going to buy one myself for my instrument collection, it plays well with the djembe drum.
"The Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle as seen on Channel 7 news and
wrote about in Sun-Sentinel newspaper." "In a class by itself."
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:59 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

Since this guy crawls underneath the belly of the snake and has been doing character assassination towards Mr. Robinson since January 2008 let's expose him for what he is. A shepherd for the devil. And make sure everyone knows where he comes from: Florida Drum Circle. Plus he uses bad curse words.

And Michael Goodman from Palm Beach we will return you the favor from your July 4 remarks. You will be remembered.

Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:18 am

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

--- In,
"fortlauderdaledrumcircle" <fortlauderdaledrumcircle@...> wrote:
> Re: Peter - drpetersutphen: Since this guy crawls underneath the belly
> of the snake and has been doing character assassination towards Mr.
> Robinson since January 2008 let's expose him for what he is. A shepherd
> for the devil. And make sure everyone knows where he comes from:
> Florida Drum Circle. Plus he uses bad curse words.
Randy, I like to tease you. You get pretty whacky at times but you don't seem to recognize it. My pavilion comment is motivated by your incredible response to, I forgot her name, the woman who was holding a workshop in "your" pavilion at a completely different time than your ongoing drum circle. So I made a joke about you owning all pavilions at all parks in South Florida. If I responded the way you do at times, I'd hope someone would tease me and point out how over-the-top my responses have been! I'm sure you're a fine, perhaps at times quite idiosyncratic , fellow and I actually only wish you the best in life.





Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:46 am

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

I would like to state that I know Peter and I can vouch that he is not a sheperd for the devil.  He has always appeared to me to be kind and caring and a true lover of the drum, he has some serious skills with the doumbek but yet is very modest about those skills, he is patient while sitting with a new person trying to learn the drum and is a very approachable person.  He has a great sense of humor and is an all around nice guy someone I am proud to sit next to in a drum circle.

 with regard to the character assasinations lets get back to truth....  I was there when the first stone was lobbed over the fence and that stone came from Randy.  Nobody ever seems to want to address the fact that Randy was the one who started, and that I gave him a chance to prevent this whole thing from getting started when I asked him if he really wanted to put something on the list that was going to cause an immediate karmic backlash to him, and he stated that he did.  So before you start giving crap to people why don't you take your own shit stick out of the pot Randy.





Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:58 pm

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

Ok what evidence are you referring to.  Since you want to go down this path lets take a walk.

lets deal with facts.....

lets start with seeing if you can answer the questions that you are asked.

What did actually happen?

and just for the record I was stating my opinion and it was based in Fact since Peter was in attendance at the drum workshop that I gave in Fort Lauderdale for Tribal Solstice, it was a fact that Peter stayed after the class and was helping some new drummers get a better understanding of the rhythms and technique that I taught during my class.  That sounds like a fact to me since it was something I observed with my own eyes.  So what is not fact about that?

The statements that you are making below are not based in fact....  " I can guess where they come from"  that is not evidence you know nothing about this person, you don't have any information to back up what you are saying you are broadcasting an opinion based on nothing but your animosity towards Peter.  what valid proof that you have that he is the sheperd of the devil, what evidence do you have for making that claim?

Why are you talking about yourself in the third person in your original email? 





Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:33 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

Character Assassination since January 2008 more than one time or better, more than five times, I counted this person character assassination and in different areas not just one area. I said this from the beginning. You forgot. Or you are trying to talk about your own point. My original statement character assassination. Then Peter wanted to laugh it off as a joke. He wasn't joking. Then you notice all the negative people show up like that richards guy who thinks he's slick but is being read like a book. I'm watching richards to see how low he will go. Because I don't say something
don't think I didn't notice.
Mr. Robinson




Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:36 am

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

I deal with issues, a point, a fact, something that actually happan. Something some of you fail to recoginize, see, observe, notice. What was his point, what made it happan, who started it first. Is it a valid point, is their proof, evidence. When I see people use bad curse words I can guess where they come from and their upbringing. Anything Jesse stated doesn't address the fact, proof, etc. Is their evidence? Of course, we always have evidence. Do people see the evidence? That's another story.
Mr. Robinson





Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:05 am

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

How did he assassinate your character?  You will need to give some specifics about what happen you can't just make an accusation that is not evidence, you yourself said that proof is required.  you are giving no factual information you are simply making an opinionated statement on your own behalf.  We are not speaking of Richards so please lets stay on topic and address one thing at a time, this is a recurring habit with your posts and does not help to get to the bottom of things by jumping all over the place.

How do you know that Peter wasn't Joking?

I have seen others make comments about you on other lists in a joking though  somewhat sarcastic and demeaning manner but still joking.





Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:03 am

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

--- In, "fortlauderdaledrumcircle" <fortlauderdaledrumcircle@...> wrote:
... Then you notice all the negative people show up like that Richards guy who thinks he's slick but is being read like a book. I'm watching richards to see how low he will go. Because I don't say something  don't think I didn't notice.
Mr. Robinson


He said something NEGATIVE about me! My CHARACTER is being ASSASINATED!

" low he will go." - how can I stand it?!! What shall I do? Is there no end to this CHARACTER ASSASINATION? Will I survive the pain, the trauma, the shame?!!

And the EVIDENCE... this guy must be an ATTORNEY with all the FACTS laid out so clearly and precisely - indisputable!

Alas, my CHARACTER breaths his last, life seeping away, everything going grey, mists closing in... but wait - a light! Go towards the light. Oh, warm and loving light! But what's this? Something’s tugging at my heels. Oh no! I'll being pulled down to hell. And all my regrets are meaningless against the Devil's inexorable (sp?) downward pull....

Well, almost.

You're lots of fun, Atu [Baby Boy Born On Saturday]. Keep it up.





Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:45 am

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

How did he character assassinate me? The proof is in your florida drum circle. The evidence is there. Just pull up drpetersutphen in your search in florida drum circle. It's all there the proof without my bias opinion. What are you going to say now huh? You likely will come up with another dodge of the facts and proof. So, everyone just go to florida drum circle and search in their search engine box and write drpetersuthphen; start January 2008 until now and read all the negative things he wrote about me. and of course he or Jesse are going to say he was joking. He wasn't joking; and would never believe he was joking. He were serious. When you get caught one tries to laugh it off or joke it off.
Mr. Robinson




Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:14 am

Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:49 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

Slick richards trying to joke it off. richards is a serious behind the back low quality individual in the first degree. He should be watched very carefully. I have seen him make up stuff on other drum groups just to see a reaction. Want proof ask me I will direct you to it. I have seen him lose his own Saturday drum circle because he doesn't have the skills to keep it going. And then he tries to hide the fact that his Saturday Drum Circle is gone. As if some people will forget about it we haven't. And their's more, more, negative stuff about this guy than anyone else; repeat more negative stuff about this guy than anyone else in Florida. That is a fact.
Mr. Robinson





Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:04 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

This person oohay12312 should say who they are? This is not our style. I bet this person won't say who they are because this is Mark Richards phony e-mail he does this all over the place not just here. He didn't know I knew it was him I was just seeing how low he would go. And you notice mark richards never answered my commets about his phony post on other drum circles groups. I have proof and evidence and would have pulled it up. And I still might before the day is over expose him for what he is. Stay clear of mark richards he should be watch very closely.
Mr. Robinson




Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:28 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

This is Mark Richards work you notice I made valid proof and evidence about him and then less than an hour later he does this low quality work. This guy has no honor or shame he will do anything. Everybody else don't operate like him he one of a kind low life. Pity him.
Mr. Robinson





Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:03 pm

Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

Mr. Randy Robinson, for those nasty (and untruthful) things that you said about me, I will just have to tease you mercilessly. I didn't want to do it; but you leave me no choice. I won't do this on any other site because it is so mean; but I figure this is your site and you're asking for it. My first tease is quite personal, and, in my opinion, very low; but I'm quite sure that you deserve it:

The name "Atu" is a lovely name, reportedly used in Africa for baby boys born on Saturday. An appropriate acronym might be B.B.B.S. (Baby Boy Born on Saturday). But "Baby Boy Born on Saturday" is pretty much the same as saying "Infant Male Born on Saturday", the acronym for which would be I.M.B.S., a very appropriate tag for you. So, I christen you Randy "I.M.B.S." Robinson, to be referred to henceforth as "I.M.B.S.", for short.

Well, there you go, I.M.B.S.

Keep up the good work!





Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:34 pm

Jesse, Mr. Robinson deals with proof, evidence, issues....

All mark richards did was a character assassination. Am I right Jesse? About my name all he can do is assassination on my name and never an issue on the points that was address to him. Speak up Jesse tell you friend mark richards address some valid points that was made towards him. I told you before watch me I deal on issues, proof, evidence and being valid. That other guy you spoke up for you never said Mr. Robinson gave proof and evidence of him doing character assassination on him since January 2008.
And we all are waiting for Jesse to say public to mark richards address the points that was made towards towards you by Mr. Robinson.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Robinson
note: I'm never going to screen people message, or block them from posting or replying. Never a membership required say what you want. And you seen how richards abuse this open system with fake e-mail and messages. Everybody say's what they want and do no fake stuff like richards a true phony.



Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:34 pm

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

I for one would love to see this proof you are speaking of, I would like to see some proof of something.





Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:35 pm

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Re: Peter - drpetersutphen

I didn't see any valid proof I didn't see anything.  SHOW US THE PROOF




Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:40 pm

RE: [FORTLAUDERDALEDRUMCIRCLE] Jesse, Mr. Robinson deals with proof, evidence, issues....

I will get to Mr Richards in due time, right now I am still trying to hold a conversation with you about Dr. Peter since that was where I started in on trying to sort this whole thing out, and then you jumped to Mr Richards instead of staying on topic with Dr Peter.  Once we are finished with Dr. Peter then we can discuss Mr Richards if you would like.  I have my whole life ahead of me and I am a very patient person.

 So can we get back on track here about the What Dr. Peter said that was a character assasination of you.  Please also include what you said prior to Peters Character assassination of you as well that would be nice to know as well.

 thank you





Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:05 pm

Re: Jesse, Mr. Robinson deals with proof, evidence, issues....

I'm going to say this again for the second time. Jesse pull up peter remarks on your own florida drum circle from January 2008 until now. Then pull up all his remarks towards me. Don't tell me you can't read that on your own site. I went to your site and did it why can't you? I said nothing towards peter what so ever. I make statements on
points not ever a personal character assassination.
Mr. Robinson




Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:29 pm

next one I lost count

Now in this one he is asking you a direct question about Dogboy and I don't recall ever seeing an answer to his direct question, no character assassination yet.

Re: [Florida Drum Circles] Drumming at American Airlines Arena Today

Sounds great, Randy. But inquiring minds are clamoring for DOGGY BOY!! Did he throw down and rock the house?
Did his "change-ups" leave everyone in the dust?
Wo sind sie Herr Doggy Boy?






Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:39 pm

So lets regroup now

So I have looked through the evidence that Randy has brought to the table and have to admit that though peter has belonged to the Florida Drum Circles group for over three years he has posted very little, only about 50 posts.  So Peter you will get a slap on the wrist for that, you have a lot of good information and you need to share.




Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:53 pm

Re: So lets regroup now

I don't know about being under your ruling thing. Who made you ruler. But I don't overlook the fact he wasn't joking. He meant to character assassination me under the excuse of joking. I believe that.
Mr. Robinson




Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:01 pm


Why I think you did Randy.  I mean if you can be President of the Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle, why can't I be the Ruler, I mean I thought I did a good job going through the evidence presented to me and I thought I made a fair decision based upon that evidence.  So since I did a good job that would allow me to continue in my position of Judge of Drum Court, or Ruler for short which ever you prefer.

Randy he was joking, he poked you with the shit stick, now its time to move forward again and get past this.  If he meant to character assassinate you he would have character assassinated you, I don't think Peter would have felt restrained and if that was what he wanted to do you would truly know a character assassination I am sure.

You may continue to believe it if you want to but you really can not state that anymore about Peter unless you have some additional evidence that you would like to bring, otherwise this case is shut.

Now Randy what would you like to discuss next?





Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:18 pm

Re: So lets regroup now

I'm going to give Peter a pass and let him go. Since it seems he is harmless and you protected him with your name. mark richards is another story I'm not changing nothing about him so don't even try.
Mr. Robinson (Note, I don't take jokes well)




Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:25 pm

mark richards

But slick richards is another story. This guy is very dangerous. He has no moral code of behavior. He will cause confusion like he did with the names Fort Lauderdale name situation; and then say sorry sorry my mistake; it wasn't no mistake he just got caught. He uses fake messages and fake e-mail to cause confusion to pit one group against another like he did using our FLDC name as if we wrote it. Then having a fake name in our member list to make it seems like my members wrote it. He shouldn't be listing no one's event at any time or did he just take it upon himself to do it which makes it even worse. And when I wrote Sunday to see how low he will go; well we seen it Monday. And their's much more. Trust me much more. And any drum circle or organized group should ask him address Mr. Robinson points. He won't because it's all true. I have known this for some time about richards but I wanted the public to see for themselves and not take my word for it. But, I'm watching who he hangs out with and who his friends are, for some may be just like him.
Your Truly,
Randy "Atu" Robinson




Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:04 pm


Well lets cut through your rhetoric a little and again lets deal with some facts.

You are offering your opinion about Richards but you are trying to paint it with the fact brush. Let begin by taking a look at your own statements below.

How is Richards very dangerous?

Having no moral code of behavior is not a basis for being dangerous so don't go there.

Many people cause confusion, and I will have to review the incident that you are referring to with regard to the name thing again to better understand what actually took place so I will defer my response to the name incident for right now but will address in short order after reviewing it.

What evidence can you provide with regard to Richards having a fake e-mail address?  That is an accusation that would require you to have proof to back this up.

Why should someone not be passing forward information on events in the area that others may have a desire to attend?  I thought the main idea for groups such as this was to promote whats going on in the drum community to get others involved in events and circles and things like that?  Why would someone taking the initiative to forward someone elses event to a group of people who might be in the position to benefit from that information make it worse?  I don't understand your reasoning behind this statement could you explain that better?

Now I will give you the point on the name thing was uncalled for, and though he did post that which was unnecessary and not helpful to the situation, at this point in your confrontation with each other I would expect things to be at this level because of the simple fact that he knows he will get the appropriate rise out of you and that you will take his bait and respond just like you did which further escalates the situation itself so you are finding yourself in a perpetual motion machine that you can only get out of if you cease from continuing in the form of rhetoric that you are currently pursuing.

Well since this is Drum Court simply stating the words trust me doesn't really hold much weight if you would like to accuse Richards of more then you will have to state exactly what he has done and provide evidence to back it up with.

So Randy you have the floor please state your case.





Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:01 am

Re: mark richards

First of all I never called anything rhetoric that's your statement.

second, it's not my opinion it's a fact.

third, when he used our FLDC post to make it seem we wrote that post and that phony e-mail to make it seem one of our members wrote that message; if you don't think that's dangerous i don't know what is.
Plus, he pulled the same thing on your site; you didn't even notice it.
This guy is a piece of work. I'm not playing with him. He's a behind the back slime. A real low life. He's not joking he means to cause real damage. He knows I know; let him fool you I'm not buying it. If you can't see a fake that's your problem.
But I will put up exact points daily about him and where it can be read.
Again, for the third time ask him to address my points so I catch him in a boldface lie. I know way more than I'm really telling.
Let the public see his lies. He crawls underneath the belly of the snake.
I'll do it my way not yours.
Mr. Robinson




Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:14 am

mark richards

"If someone didn't do nothing their wouldn't be nothing to talk about."
It's like when I used to teach in the public school system in the 80's you had students who always did their homework on time and neatly and always keep an 90 average. Then you had students who only did homework three times a month and kept a 60 failing average. Then having the same class in three different periods all three classes had the same homework. Then all of a sudden the 60 average student when the report cards were coming in two weeks starts doing all his homework but couldn't answer any questions in class. Then you start looking at the homework from other classes and long and behold this 60 average student had the same homework from an 90 average student in a different class. Now, knowing the patterns of these two students the 60 average student copied the homework of the 90 average student.
I'm very good at following patterns. And I know richards patterns. Some people I could say no that's not their pattern they wouldn't do that. Richards did everything I said he did, plus more.
But slick richards is another story. This guy is very dangerous. He has no moral code of behavior. He will cause confusion like he did with the names Fort Lauderdale name situation; and then say sorry sorry my mistake; it wasn't no mistake he just got caught. He uses fake messages and fake e-mail to cause confusion to pit one group against another like he did using our FLDC name as if we wrote it. Then having a fake name in our member list to make it seems like my members wrote it. He shouldn't be listing no one's event at any time or did he just take it upon himself to do it which makes it even worse. And when I wrote Sunday to see how low he will go; well we seen it Monday. And their's much more. Trust me much more. And any drum circle or organized group should ask him address Mr. Robinson points. He won't because it's all true. I have known this for some time about richards but I wanted the public to see for themselves and not take my word for it.
But, I'm watching who he hangs out with and who his friends are, for some may be just like him.
Your Truly,
Randy "Atu" Robinson




Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:57 pm

Broward Edition - SE Florida Drum Circle Newsletter

Southeast Florida Drum Circle Newsletter
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
Offered to you by the Southeast Florida Drum Circle Community

SUNDAY, JULY 6TH, 13TH, 20TH, 27TH   Updated listing
Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle - at Birch State Park
Created and Run by Randy 'Atu' Robinson, President
Every Sunday, 2:00-5:00pm  (If it's raining locally at 1:45pm, the circle is canceled.) If you arrive after 2:30pm, please call Randy's cell phone so that he can notify the park guard.
$5 weekly membership dues or $240 a year in advance.  You cannot vote unless you have membership dues paid up.  Elections are every July.
Randy says:
"The Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle in a class by itself"
"World Famous 'Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle' as seen on Channel 7 News and wrote [sic] about in the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper"
[Of course its NOT the 'original Ft. Lauderdale drum circle'.  Randy started this drum circle in 2007. There have been drum circles in Ft. Lauderdale for decades, some even using the name "Ft. Lauderdale Drum Circle". - editor.  Please see further comments at the bottom of this listing.]
Free beginners hand drum class at 2:00pm sharp.
Free food and drink when you call in one day ahead of time.
Don't forget - come vendor with us every Thursday and Saturday at the Swap Shop Flea Market on Sunrise Blvd. & Martin Lurther King Blvd. - free space for drummers.
Info: Randy "Atu" Robinson, President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle; Coordinator 
Americas East Coast Drum Circle

Editor's Reluctant Comments:
The SE Florida drum circle community is a relatively cooperative and friendly place, with room for a wide diversity of personalities, beliefs, musical styles, etc. 
The whole idea of drumming is to create unity, harmony, togetherness of differences, bliss...  Randy Robinson, the organizer and "President" of the "Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle", has for 6 months been radiating almost exactly the opposite qualities - division, disharmony, anger, fear, constriction...
Very serious concerns have emerged among experienced drummers and leaders of numerous Florida drum circles about both the ethics and the stability of Randy Robinson - leading to concern for the comfort and even the safety of those attending his weekly drum circle in Birch State Park - people who might be unaware of his widely-circulated, bizarre public statements over the past six months, and the controversy, negativity, and harm that he's generated. Via his email pronouncements on drum circle discussion lists across Florida, Randy "Atu" Robinson has blatantly and proudly revealed his intense bigotry against Pagans, has shown a paranoid style of thinking, has made libelous accusations and even veiled threats toward a number of drum leaders who've tried (with logic, humor, tough love, etc.) to get him to see the damage that he's doing, has displayed delusions of grandeur regarding his stature in the drumming community, has isolated himself from all the other drum circles and internet drum groups, has made attempts to divide the drumming community, and has given us all a public relations 'black eye'.
Sadly, and for only the 2nd time in the history of this newsletter, I've found it ethically necessary to add a warning comment to a drum circle's listing.
All these points can be objectively verified by simply reading Randy Robinson's own, astounding words (in his e-mails) on various drum circle discussion lists:
      His own discussion group - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle

      A popular, State-wide drumming discussion list - Florida Drum Circles
      Do a search for "fortlauderdaledrumcircle@...", which is Randy's e-mail.
      Or search for "destronw@..." which is either a supporter of Randy's or
      perhaps another of Randy's own e-mail personas.
You'll find that the situation is worse than my words here convey!
I would be surprised if, after reading his e-mails, you were not offended, dismayed, and saddened by Randy Robinson's bizarre, self-destructive behavior.
On top of this, Randy has created a very bad, isolated situation for himself:
1. Where he no longer attends any popular drum circles but his own.
2. Where the organizers of popular drum circles, plus many of the more active local drummers, will no longer attend his drum circles.
3. Where no other drum circle leaders will even announce his events, due to the ill-will that he's generated.
4. Where he has attacked or threatened the publishers of most of the major local (and even State-wide) drum circle internet groups.  (This newsletter is now the only place that will even list his drum circle!)
5. Where his thoughts, e-mailed to various drum circle internet discussion groups, are no longer taken seriously - they evoke either hostility or belittling amusement.
6. Where his own Yahoo discussion group (Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle), despite Randy's boasts of his incredible successes, has managed in it's 9-month history to attract a whopping 19 members (including Randy, myself, and some other leaders in the drumming community who are only members to keep an eye on what's going on).
My personal message to Randy:
Randy Robinson, I mean you no harm.  My purpose here is to inform and protect individual drummers and the drumming community, not to damage you.  I am simply acting as a messenger, as a reporter, in order to put this information out there, to shine the light of collective awareness into a dark place, so that people can use their own judgment to evaluate this situation for themselves, and decide whether they want to come into contact with, or contribute to, the energy that you are generating.  If you feel this negatively about Pagans, and get so hostile and threatening in your dealings with others when they don't go along with your world view and your grand vision of yourself, then drummers and dancers who are thinking about going to your drum circles ethically deserve to be forewarned so that they know what they're getting into and can make an informed decision.
Many of us lovingly hope that you come to your right mind soon, that you wake up and REJOIN the drumming community.  You have so much to offer - you have great vision, great promotional abilities, and a very generous heart - and rumor has it that you are a good drummer.  You are very welcome - welcome to walk with us, not to 'rule' us.  We'll applaud and respect you, as we used to, as you create and enjoy whatever (respectful, cooperative) drumming atmosphere that you want.
If you'd just relax, calm down, open your eyes, remove your strange filters, think before you speak - and stop treating the rest of us as if we're enemies - then it's unlikely that anyone would want to direct hostility or derisive humor in your direction.  But when you act as offensively as you have been, then you just get your own negative energy bounced back at you ("As ye sow, so shall ye reap").
It's not 'the devil' that you're seeing in those that 'oppose you' - it's your own negativity coming home to roost.  Remember Pogo's famous statement: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."  Despite what you've convinced yourself that you see, no one really wants to 'steal your thunder' or take what's yours or harm you or drag you down to the underworld - most people (Pagan or whoever) are too busy trying to do a reasonable job with their own little corner of the universe to have the time or energy to take over yours.
But Randy - listen carefully now - the bigotry, the paranoia, the libel, the veiled threats, the unwillingness to engage in reasonable and respectful dialogue with-out freaking out, the irrationality, the delusions of grandeur, the divisiveness, the self-imposed isolation (the rejection of any connections to the greater drumming community) - these have to stop!  Just stop writing e-mails for a while, start drumming with the rest of us, and things will get better.  Remember: "Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you."  "As you treat the least of them, so you treat Me."  You get the picture.  The solution to this whole mess you've made is simple: just lovingly live your own, beautiful, Christian beliefs.

Publisher: Southeast Florida Drum Circle Newsletter




Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:55 pm

*Coming!! July 20!! Response To Michael Goodman Newsletter*

Coming July 20, 2008 - 9:00p.m.  A Written Response To Michael Goodman - July Broward Drum Circle Newsletter by Randy "Atu" Robinson  




Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:03 pm

Just arrive at home

Let me unload the leftover food out of the van get out of these sweaty
clothes and then deal with goodman.
Mr. Robinson




Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:04 am

Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:22 pm

Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:52 am

Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:01 am

A Written Message For Michael Goodman from "Randy Atu Robinson"

First of all I don't won't anyone to say I picked on Goodman. My position has always been you don't bother me I won't bother you, if you don't start nothing there won't be nothing, live and let live.

Now one of my pagan friends last month made a point to me (and if you let Goodman tell it you would believe I was a pagan people eater) she said I don't care about your approach but maybe you should not say the entire fullmoon/pagan community but notice it's the same people doing things to you over and over again, why don't you just name them out. And it was a logical point so I started naming names and not saying it was the entire fullmoon/pagan community. That's growth.

Deceive -  1.  to cause someone to believe an untruth 2. to use or practice deceit.

a) Goodman wants people even his own fullmoon/pagan community to believe he has 3000 drummers and dancers in his group which is a boldface lie. He has a dating service group in that number, he has yoga people from his center sign up and on and on. He is not a drummer but is someone who drums. I'm a drummer. Plus, people who go to his card reading, god/goddess, tarot cards thing at his house monthly have told in me in drumming he's not even in your class. He is a ballroom, tango dancer which has nothing to do with a drum circle. He can't even write djembe music much less wants to be the self proclaim leader of all the pagans from Palm Beach to Miami.

b) And sing along at the piano, folk music Goodman with his internet buying degree calling himself a Dr. never even went to a traditional college. I could buy a degree on the internet and call myself anything. My BA degree from college consists of going to a classroom with a professor in front of the room teaching.

c)Then he writes as if he is an expert on our FLDC like I'm co-founder of the FLDC he didn't even know that. So another lie he wrote calling me founder. Know someone's history Goodman you better ask someone.

Now Goodman is everything you wrote about me the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. oops sorry, I forget you don't believe in God.  You are yogi/fullmoon/pagan or something. But you are not a Cristian you read tarot cards or something like. What is it you call yourself a atheist.

d)You wrote I create division, disharmony, anger, fear, isolated myself from who? Their you go again practicing deceit, making someone believe something other than the truth. You should have said in the full moon community, you should have said in the pagan community. I don't have problems with the christian community, as you will see later on in my writing, I don't have problems with the Jewish community, I don't have problems with the Muslim community, I don't have problems with the Rasta or Rastafari community. As a matter of fact today at my drum circle I got a call on my cell phone from a Rasta I have drummed with and they were having a Rastafari family day at Willie Web Park, so they know around 5:00p.m. I would be ending up at Birch and asked me to stop by and drum with them. When I  go there they had well over 300 people and I drummed with them until 8:30p.m. Isolated from who? That was such a dumb statement you made. You were talking about your full moon/pagan community and from what I been hearing in your ranks they have started having seconds thoughts about people like you.(note: I'm not talking about the entire full moon/pagan community just the self proclaimed leader Goodman)And the black eye remark you made;  you are being question about tactics.

e) Now the self proclaimed leader Goodman trying to justified Richards false post in FLDC and fake name made a statement implying I was destronw or something like that. Another dumb statement. Plus I'm very suspicious about you bringing up destronw name and him dropping his name off our member list the day before your post. So, Friday I called the President, Earl Bennett of the West Palm Chapter of Drummers for Jesus and asked about this person. (plus this was my mistake I should have checked him out four months ago) Since destronw was giving me the impression he was a member of that group, and his e-mail no longer in use, I wanted to see if Earl Bennett knew anything. Earl Bennett told me this destronw person never attended any meeting and he never talked to him on the phone. So me and Earl Bennett started saying sometimes sounds fishy here and he took him off his list since he couldn't be vertified. So, if this destronw guy doesn't show himself and be vertified I'm going to say he was your plant trying to get me to say something to be used as weapon. Another dumb thing. But, God works in strange ways on the positive side and the President Earl Bennett and myself  started a conversation with each other he said of course I heard of you and we kept meaning to come down to your drum circle. But we already have July meeting planned and if it's okay with you could you run our August 18 meeting and talked about the theory of drum circles and the pagan situation it would be good for them to hear things from someone other than myself all the time. I said sure that's a date I will be there. Why don't you come also, Goodman Oh, I forgot you don't go to Christian things you are an atheist. Again, isolated from who Goodman?? Also, I post their meetings on my site but you don't post Christian drumming events on yours hmmm.

Oh, before I forget at the Rastafari event today I was asked could I was asked to come down to Homestead to drum at an event they were having later this month. I'm going. Isolated from who, why would   you make  up a dumb statement like that. Isolated from who? Plus, you don't list Rasta drumming events why is it or is it they use a Bible and you don't want your people to be around Bible people.

f)Now, you question my member number well for one thing no one has to have conditions  to post, reply, being screen anything like that. I used my special Holiday events to judge how many people and supporters I have plus how many are repeats. I could produce 50 drummers in 48 hours and I mean drummers and not someone who plays the drum. Look at you good friend Richards he has 417 members and lost his weekly drum circle, he couldn't get 10 people to show up a week. Then your good friend richards tried to copied my Memorial Day special drum circle and had only 18 people show up, but he had 418 members in his list. That was another dumb statement you made about members number. And my proof was seen on channel 7 news over 100 people.

g) Why don't you tell accurate truth the FLDC   was around for over a year; before I started my yahoo group where was I writing at? You left that out trying to be deceitful. Oh, since the writing thing came up you have never, never ever wrote anything theoretical about drumming or drum circles because you don't know anything theoretical. Tell your people where I was writing before I started my own yahoo group don't be deceitful now be an upfront closet pagan. Oh, I'm sorry you are a yogi or something.

h) Oh, by the way even you own people talk about how you don't have an open group you are an announcement only group why are you so afraid to let people post. Is it because if you did that people will find out you don't actually have thousands of drummers and dancers but some dating service and making people from your yoga center sign on as if they are part of the drumming community. I'm in this drumming business and I know you don't have no thousands of drummers and dancers it's such a big lie. Plus, you don't even do the announcement on times in the past six months or more. For example how are you going to post July 4 events on the day of July 4 please give me break stop trying to front you don't think people see that. You are a joke.

i)Another dumb statement you made this person is in your group to watch you. Watch what anyone can read FLDC without being a member and they can post and reply you don't even do that on your own group with you phony 3000 drummers and dancers. Open your group up come on be brave show some background it's okay.

j)Oh, another thing I did more mainstream then you, American Airlines, Television, Newspaper etc. you can't go mainstream because people see that full moon ritual on television and start asking questions, or put something on the altar for energy boy would you be opening a can of worms.

h)Now the thing you wrote about listing my events on other groups and you are the only one another deceitful statement. I'm going to give you a pass and not read you down to much. After all I'm part of the drumming community and need you for my existence really, no not really it sounded nice though.

Hey, we are going to be the best of friends, I like you, let's have lunch this Wednesday and it's on me.

Randy "Atu" Robinson                                                                          

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:42 am

Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:04 am

A Written Message For Michael Goodman from "Randy Atu Robinson"

Michael Goodman didn't write that Guideline for a Drum Circle in his July 25, 2008 special edition news letter!! I hope he wasn't trying to get people to believe he wrote it. That would be deceitful. Goodman doesn't have the know how and skills to write something like that. So confess up Goodman and tell the people who wrote it. Plus,
those guidelines doesn't go with that situation so I know you didn't write it. How are you going to say it is an leaderless community drum circle and you have 20 guidlines. Then you say the guidelines will be enforced, 20 guidlines!! A leaderless community drum circle!!! Lord have mercy! This Goodman guy is a trip. Oh, don't forget to give us credit for drum lessons before the drum circle that was from the FLDC and you wasn't doing it before we started that format. We do original things at the FLDC.
Plus, everyone is waiting for you to let people post in your group. You are the only one in the State of Florida that don't let people post. Do you think people haven't notice everytime you want to make a remark you call it Special Edition. You have been doing a lot of Special Edition lately when you want to say something. It seems you want to hide behind announcement only for other people but when you want to say something it's called Special Edition!! Get real. I can't wait to see these 3000 drummers and dancers you have or really don't have. You can't keep hiding forever. The truth will set you free. Let the people post.
Oh, by the way this past Saturday when I was at the flea market I got a call on my cell phone from some drummers who were having a Saturday afternoon drum circle at Oak Grove Park in Miami. I took a nap after I got in from the flea market and  couldn't make it in time sold some drums though and got some gigs at a day camp for this week. But here is the flash news your buddy Richards put some poeople pictures on his Miami Drum home page without their permission; giving the impression it was their home page. He's catching up with you in the deceitful department. Further information will be coming about that.
Hope we can make it to lunch this week my good friend Goodman.
Mr. Robinson




Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:57 am

American Airlines Arena Miami - 20,000 People - Opening Game - Histo

I received a call from American Airlines Vice-President the second week in July saying they have went over their 2008-2009 season and wanted to include the Americas East Coast Drum Circle in the season Miami Heat Game schedule. The one drumming event we did last year impressed everyone from the crowd response and the staff. As was explained the Arena needs new things going on and a wider community outreach. So both parties can benefit from this partnership the Arena has agreed to give the Americas East Coast Drum Circle the exposure to it's customers and media. While in return our drummers and dancers which come from communities all over the Florida area just have to show up and do their thing. 

And to make sure their is no misunderstanding the Arena people do not close deals for us or pay us. We have to close our own deals and create our own financial mobility. We have to do for self. For example last time Verizon (who have a yearly permanent space their) offered jobs around the South Florida area, to drum and dance,  for the drummers who performed that night. Unfortunately the drummers who showed up had Federal and State jobs couldn't take them up on that offer. I have money so I didn't need the job. And the irony of the situation the drummers and dancers who were unemployed and needed money felt they should have been paid and didn't show up? I know these drummers and they were broke last time and still broke today. You have to do for self and take every lead that you can get for financial mobility. You can lead someone to water but you can't make them drink.

Now, the opening game at the Arena is Friday, October 31,  6:00p.m. A opening game always have a full crowd in attendance and the Arena holds 20,000 seats!! Plus, this year talking to the Arena people they are giving more perks to us to make sure they have a continued long relationship with the drumming community. We are allowed to play at any game the entire season at the Arena. We are encouraged to have business cards to pass out to the media and Fortune 500 companies. We will be given a 30 second sound bite in the Arena sound system and media outlets. We will be including in their new 2008-2009 commercials showing our drumming.

Every person must rsvp with a $15.00 participation fee by check or money order made out to Arena Event.

Mail to: Arena Event, 551 nw 33rd Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33311

Let's step on the stage of World History and be a part of creativity history first. What great thing would you try; if you knew that you would not fail? Possibility people, think positive, talk positive, do positive things and then positive things happan back to them.

Drummers going mainstream again for 2008 and 2009.

Also, as a observation note from the last time we played their it was so cool being there before the public was let in, watching  how the arena staff interact with each other. At one point I walked around the entire place and I keep seeing these cheerleader in uniform walking around like me and I asked one of the vendors who are these women I keep seeing walking and he said they are the Miami Heat Cheerleaders. And then I seen this real real tall guy walking around like me, and I said he should be a basketball player as tall as he is, then this other vendor said he is a basketball player for the Heat and the cheerleaders and players always walk around before the public are let in. That arena thing with all the working people is like one big family and you would never know that by watching it on television. I never been into the basketball scene or Arena thing but it's interesting and they have 20,000 on opening day I'll learn real fast and who knows how many people we can make drummers and dancers who will take interest in this drum thing of ours.       

August 12, 2008                                                                                    
Randy "Atu" Robinson

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:56 pm

Michael Goodman read post 285 and 293 this site.

Deceit: making someone believe something other than the truth. Michael Goodman still hasn't proven to anyone he represents 3,000 drummers and dancers on his personal site. He wants to screen people's reply's first before he personally post it on his site? While he has a dating service, yoga members, and others, he makes signed up at a center on his personal site and they don't drum or dance. Come on Goodman stop trying to control an untruth and tell everyone you don't actually have 3,000 drummers and dancers on your site. Open your site up, let anyone post and reply, like a true drumming site should. The truth will set you free. Read post 285 and 293 this site about the real deal on Goodman. Hey, Goodman I'm still waiting for our lunch date, I'm paying we are going to be the best of friends, I like you.
Randy "Atu" Robinson




Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:55 am

No Labor Day Drum Festival Because....& Personal Notes

I'm going to write a positive and criticism piece. I should have picked up on the situation last Tuesday when one of the cooks called me 1:30 a.m. and asked me for the time schedule for Labor Day. (She works full time as a cook and that's the time she gets home from work it didn't me I'm usually up anyway) Then another cook called me Thursday and asked the same question. Then Sat, who I drum with every Friday night for a dance group, came over from work Friday evening, after I called him and we had hush puppies and fried fish I catch on my weekly off shore fishing trip and he said what time should I be their on Labor Day. Since their wasn't no dance practice this Friday we had time to drink Imported Vodka. Oh, by the way Sat is a great drummer who is worthy of respect. He has been doing rehearse djembe drumming for years and when he started getting into drum circle style playing he can't get enough of it. Plus, I don't have to worry about him double crossing me as some drummers from the _ _ _ _ _ community has. Anyway Sat came over about 5:45 p.m. and stayed until 9:30 p.m. time went so fast especially with the Vodka buzz we had on. It was interesting because I'm not really a active drummer when I'm hanging out with other drummers or just killing time. I'll drum for a dance class, I'll drum for a stage performance, I'll drum if one of my neighbors or friends will say play something for me, I have to drum on our every Sunday drum circle, especially when a small group
shows up or doing a beginning djembe class. But normally I can sat and just listen and enjoy the drumming as much or more sometimes. Well I keep the drums I sell at the fleamarket and the drums for the drum circle in my van, since I have two cars I don't have to load and unload drums every week. I have drums for decoration in the living room and my personal playing drums I keep in my bedroom well Sat wanted me to go
outside to the van and bring him a drum to play around with, I said man I don't feel like looking for my keys and going outside to the van for a drum, here, here take one of my personal drums and play. Then he goes I never seen that drum before when did you get it, I said I been having it, I only play it for a money drum challenge. We were so buzzing from the Vodka when I gave it to him around 7:00 p.m. he played by himself for over two hours straight of course stopping here and there to smoke a cigar or refresh his drink. He played fluent free hand drumming which we never get to see from each other because when we are out in public we have to adjust ourselves to the environment we are in. I didn't play at but I enjoyed myself greatly just listening.  I notice how the _ _ _ _ _ who hate on us have no problems copying when we do an event and even the same day. See we didn't do anything this holiday; the haters didn't do anything either. Now watch as soon as we make public our upcoming events you we see the haters all of a sudden that got an event. What's up with that? I have no problem saying give credit when credit is due. I like credit recognition. Don't copy be original. Lets see some original stuff I'm waiting for this.
Anyway back to Sat and I. I said Sat, let me call Fire in Miami, lets see what's going on this weekend, well the first thing Fire said, when he picked up the phone, I'm coming Monday and picking up some other drummers. I said no, no, no, we are not doing anything this Labor day I'm calling you about this weekend. He said nothing special just the regular things that go on every week. By the way in case anyway didn't
know Fire is the best dunun drum player in South Florida and is an excellent congo player. Did I said to Sat let's call Dexter's mother and see what she knows and the first thing as she picked up the phone was; we are coming Monday Dexter was asking me all week. I said no, no, no, we are not doing anything this Labor Day I'm calling you about this weekend. She said no special drummng was happening we was going to hang with you. In case anyone didn't know Dexter's mother is a great, great African free style dancer and her son Dexter is a "boy wonder" 16 years old djembe and dunun player. And while I was writing this piece right now Moussa Soumah just called me and said he was returning the call from yesterday he got in late last night so he waited this morning to talk. I said no, no, no, we are not doing anything this Labor Day I was calling you about what's going on he said he has nothing up and his wife is in Washington D.C. at a dance workshop. But Moussa said since their is no shows and he has the car he wanted to come to our Sunday drum circle and to tell Sat I'm coming, I said fine I'll call him when he gets off from work today. In case anyone didn't know Moussa has been in this country six years from Africa and is widely known as one of the best djembe drummers in the United States and I wouldn't money drum him he would leave me in the dust. Plus, he is the only master drummer I know that doesn't look down on drum circle people as not having any set pattern in their drumming. And he agrees if you are a drummer you should be able to drum anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Plus, I don't have to look over my shoulder for a double cross like I have to for some _ _ _ _ _
Now, why no Labor Day because have an event coming up on September 27, 2008 that is going to top anything we did last year. Really believe it. Stay tuned for the big announcement. This is bigger than the American Airlines Arena drumming opening day in Miami for the Heat October 31, 2008.
My regrets from last year to this year was I spent too much time with nickel and dime people in the drumming community who wasn't worth my time of day. When I meet new people I have never meet before, I make it a point, to treat them the way I like to be treated. But their are those people who take your kindness for a weakness and will do anything toward you as I have found. But last year I didn't know who was who; this year I know whose who. Contrary to popular belief I didn't just pop up out of the blue sky. I have a four year plan, laid out from five years ago, for the drumming scene in South Florida; but one doesn't talk their plan they work their plan. Another regret from last year to this year I didn't stress and make a strong point for my support group of drummers and dancers to write, write on these drumming sites especially in Florida. Because if you don't write you are letting a certain group control the written word and they have done it quite successfully. So much so they make you think one thing while they are thinking and doing another thing. I know who my drumming support group is and where they are at, but they don't write. Yes, I know you come out in body and drum, I know you socialize with each other but you have to write especially it this unique Florida situation which one of a kind in the country.
August 30, 2008
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle




Fri Sep 5, 2008 9:23 am

DRUM CIRCLE - SUNDAY SEPT. 7, 2008 as read in sun-sentinel & seen on

Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle this Sunday and every Sunday at Hugh
Birch State Park, 3109 E. Sunrise Blvd. at A1A. In the Pavilion 3 area, or down the road on the water.
2:00p.m. until 5:00p.m. Free beginners hand drum class at Free food and drink when you call in one day ahead of time.
Open drum circle play what you want.
$5.00 weekly membership or $240.00 year.
"The Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle in a class by itself"
Our entrepreneurship program is still buying used musical instruments every Sunday.
World Famous "Original Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle" as seen on Channel 7
News and wrote about in the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper.
Don't forget come vendor with us every Thursday and Saturday at the Swap
Shop Flea Market on Sunrise Blvd & Martin Lurther King Blvd. free space for drummers.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
Further info: 954-839-5732
Drummers and dancers who quit without staying with something long enough to make yourself a success remember: "Failure is only postponed success as long as persistence coaches ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory." (This means I have seen a lot of people take up drumming and dance than quit after a month or two. You will be surprise at your progress after six months or so don't look at other drummers and dancers who have been doing this for seven years or more and say I can't play or dance like that. (Persistense, persistense, persistense.)




Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:12 am

I KNEW IT Fwd: A Written Message For Michael Goodman from "Randy A

I told you so, I told you so.  I WANT MY CREDIT AND CREDIT IS DUE. GIVE ME MY CREDIT.  Michael Goodman practices deceit, which means, "making someone believe something other than the truth"

In michael goodman own words he writes, remember he writes this not me!! Goodman states he buys a mailing list from a list broker!!! Wow!! Wow!!

Then in michael goodman own words he writes, if he sees someone posting on a discussion group he posts their e-mail on his list. Wow!!! He writes this not me. I knew it. I knew it.

Then Michael Goodman gives the excuse that they can unsubscribe anytime. In reality he hopes they don't notice to unsubscribe.

I said it back it July 2008 michael goodman has a phony list of members. Give me credit I said it. I said it. Then he writes in September 2008 that he buys a mailing list from a list broker. He said it, not me, he said it. Also, he said in September 2008 if he sees someone posting on a discussion group he uses their e-mail.

Besides my other proof he gives his own proof of his mailing list. Wow!!!

You drummers and dancers out their in, drumming land, better wake up to what's going on around you. Goodman and others are making suckers out of you.  Pure suckers. And the worst part you don't even notice it.  Be clear Goodman is not the only one. Their is this other guy in Miami that has to be dealt with. I hope the person in miami doesn't think I didn't notice what he did this past two weeks on my group. I'm going to get to you. In due time. In due time.

Come and check out the way real drum circles are suppose to operate. I'm available every Sunday regardless of how many people; I'm their every Sunday. Check out our/my September 27 special event it's going to be off the hook and we don't recruit for nothing else once you get their. We are the real deal. No brag; just fact.  

And I'm not going to say how a certain _ _ _ _ _ community doesn't police their own in public. I mean say in public your _ _ _ _ _ home boys and home girls were wrong.  Say it in public!!      

Randy "Atu" Robinson

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle





Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:35 pm

I KNEW IT - A Written Message For Michael Goodman from "Randy Atu

This guy michael goodman plays hide and seek. His pretense of being something he is not. He is in never never land. He has no personal shame of his actions. Thank goodness he is in only in one community
and doesn't reflect the entire drumming community in south Florida. Look at his pictures on his site, does that reflect the drumming community in south Florida. He should go back to being a palm reader where he belongs. He couldn't even carry my sweat cloth. He wants to critique drum circles in south Florida; please have mercy on us. Hey, Goodman when are you going to open your site so we can see these
3,000 drummers and dancers. Oh, I forgot you buy e-mail list and copy e-mail address from other sites and hope some of these people don't notice. Shame on you.
Hey, Goodman I like you. What about lunch next Monday?

Randy "Atu" Robinson

President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle

Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle





Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:52 pm

Good Drum Circle Yesterday Sunday and........News.

Very good drum circle yesterday October 12, 2008. I always come every
Sunday 2:00p.m. but we had some special treats at Birch State Park.
But first let me go around the point before I get to the point.
My hands have blisters and are swollen from Friday to Sunday playing. On Friday at the Ballet Brika African Dance Class where I drum for the dancers, a instructional drummer from, I think, FSU who hold a drum and dance class in Miami on Sunday's 2:00p.m. showed up. That was my first time seeing anyone from that Miami group he was interesting but he can't hold up to Moussa Soumah on a one to one. As a matter of fact he said he would money drum me on a one to one $100.00 each winner takes all, stay tuned for that happenning. I also, told him I would have liked to come up there on Sunday's but our weekly drum circle is every Sunday at 2:00p.m. the same time as theirs on Sunday. But in the future we will be holding a joint adventure together it will be a real throw down. Now as everyone knows I'm running for Commissioner of Lauderhill seat no.1 in the Novenber 4 election so I'm at the Swap Shop Flea Market as unusual on Saturday but until this election is over I'm also doing Sunday's at the Swap Shop and if you didn't know they have well over 3,000 people each weekend day. And the Swap Shop is in Lauderhill so I better be there to get votes for Nov. 4. Big thank you to everyone who bought drums and shakere from me the money will be put to good use. Plus, I play to get people's attention and play for the people who are going to buy the drums and play with other drummers I haven't met before. That was from 7:00a.m. to  2:00p.m. except on Sunday's where I leave 1:00p.m. to make it to the Birch Park drum circle. So, my hands are taking a beating but they keep on ticking. Also, we are getting a great deal of organizers from other states here in South Florida for the Obama Campaign. I have met drummers who are organizering for Obama from California, Chicago, Indiana, and New York. These organizers are having big events around South Florida and they welcome local drummers to come and be a part, plus we don't have to worry about "no drummers welcome" thing. This is an opportunity we don't get every year to met drummers from other states. Their is a video on YOUTUBE.COM that was done on Sunday at the Swap Shop by J. Anders Thueson - Deputy Field Organizer for Obama. Their you will see me promoting drum circles in South Florida where I played two African Rhythms and two Drum Circle Rhythms. Check it out type in at YouTube: Florida Speaks For Obama. Mr. Thueson is in Florida until the Nov. 4 election is over and can be reached at tel. 845-527-9338 He can give you a listing of the big events here in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami area.
(**Let's hope that repulsive, distasteful, horrid, nasty, nauseating, spookism leader of the fullmoon/pagan, Michael Goodman, don't embarrass the majority of well meaning "just let me drum" drummers here in South Florida.**)
The American Airlines Arena event in Miami on Friday, October 31, 2008 is taking off well. On the Obama web site, under events, people are signing up to attend the drum circle, campaign for Obama. I will forward the event in full detail to this yahoo group later today everyone should be there. All the drummers from Obama campaign as well as local drummers are talking this up big.
Now, back to yesterday Sunday's drum circle; I was suprised to received a call from Moussa Soumah at 1:00p.m. saying he's coming at the 2:00p.m. Birch State Park drum circle to drum with us. We got a rare gift of a one on one with Moussa. Our regular member Nick already had the large pavilion secured when we arrived. Also, note for members and drummers if you arrived at 2:00p.m. always wait one hour before you leave and check at the ranger station for any messages left. I'm always  here on Sunday but people from the Obama casmpaign and late buyers was holding me up from leaving on time from the Swap Shop. So, thanks to our regular member Nick who knew the format because I didn't get there until 2:40p.m. Well, anyway Moussa did drum circle rhythms with us but myself and others wanted pin point questions on playing techniques and certain African Rhythms which Moussa gave plus more. And Moussa stayed the entire time until 5:00p.m. So, drummers you never know from Sunday to Sunday what's going to happan or who is going to pop up.
Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle, a full moon/pagan free drum circle, no hidden agenda.
Randy "Atu" Robinson
President - Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle
Coordinator - Americas East Coast Drum Circle
Commissioner For Lauderhill, Florida Nov.4, 2008




Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:07 pm

YouTube Video Up...Djembe Drumming, Obama, "Atu"

You will see djembe drumming, you will see, American Airlines Arena Drum Circle Event with Obama for President Rally and you will see Randy "Atu" Robinson for Commissioner of Lauderhill seat no.1 along with his opening djembe drumming. Check out the video and in the search box type: Flordia Speaks For Obama - The Miami Heat Event
Also, note the "artistandwriter" who did the video has over 200 videos on the check out his other work there. Plus, this is the first allowed video of Randy "Atu" Robinson.