April Fool 2010

The following prank was listed on board 8:
This Ralnoth Times Issue is an articles special edition. We have 15 articles!!
We are posting them by title only. Please go to www.ralnothtimes.com to read more.
Tyrant and Vivi set to "come back to life" on May 1
Toothbrush releasing map on April 3rd. Players who paid 200k majorly pissed.
5 gods "jumped" Dentin to stop him form hitting the AA's self destruct button. "I am glad they were there to stop me" Dentin confesses.
Shift backstabs a mob for 99 mil exp and freak 210. "I AM the ultimate thief", he replies. Skeptics question notify message.
Mathayas gets paranoid about himself and threatens to ban himself if he gets too close.
Due to economy, Dentin scheduled to destroy all self images except one. Overheard saying: "Sacrifices for an economic war".
Draak and Shadowfax combine powers to create an anti-earth anti-water monster. Code name: "MUD killer"
Darken complains new post to friends channel reveals "too much" which mobs kill him regularly.
Boa reclaims title of "ultimate master" by soloing 300 fame in one hour.
Locane ordered to implement Ouch's ideas immediately: Emailing items, advent calendar for christmas, 20 new spells and skills for clerics and in-game mounts. Multiple system crahses expected next few days.
Wlkalot pays MUD money to change name to Runalot.
Morpheus goes insane and vows to make everyone's dreams a nightmare. "It's about time", several followers agree.
Typo results in auction for Gandor, tommorrow.
Ralnoth Times staff set to a real life pk session - in real life.
Blizzard buys AA for only 10,000 dollars. Dentin warns one year left to play.
** Note: once people came to the website, there was nothing here at the time...
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