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The Ralnoth Times is the first player based e-zine dedicated to the game of ALTER AEON. The name Ralnoth comes from the main city of the game which players use as a social hub. We publish regular articles and interviews which are dedicated to all players. Our hope is to enhance game experience.

  • Issue 8 - 1 interview and 2 articles. Interview: The goddess of blood. Articles: Explorer Points A-Z, The Most Asked About Quest, Responses to TRT 7.
  • Issue 7 - 2 interviews and 2 articles. Interviews: A resourceful player, An experienced player. Articles: Time capsule of PPK, Responses to Ralnoth Times 6.
  • Issue 6 - 2 interviews and 2 articles. Interviews: The hero of a golden anniversary system event, The owner of a popular channel. Articles: A tribute to Toothbrush, Kordan named island of the year.
  • April Fool 2010 - As posted on in-game board 8. 
  • Issue 5 - 3 interviews and 4 articles. Interviews: A Pirate's Trial, A Survey for Clan Elders, The year 2009 in Review. Articles: The Way of the Paladin, Free Thantos!, AA Economic News, and Responses to TRT Issue 4.
  • Issue 4 - 3 interviews and 4 articles. Interviews: A newbie, An every day player, The elemental gods of fire and ice. Articles: Responses to TRT, AA relationships survey, Group etiquette, The directions for the blind project. 
  • Issue 3 - Interviews special edition - top asshole player, top socialite player, first blind god of a MUD, interviewed.
  • Issue 2 - Exclusive interview with Dentin, creator of Alter Aeon.
  • Issue 1 - Some contributed articles.
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