Talking Points

I'll be using this page age to Rant about different things I do with my birds and different events in the pigeons community that I become aware of and Would Like to share with Everyone else. 

1. Nest Bowls

One thing I've come around to using in the past few years are 'real' nest bowls. I used Paper ones for years and I know many that still use them. I've seen every problem you can with them and The way some people keep their nest bowls they'd be better off just hosing down some paper and throwing it in there. I first bought 12 belgian clay nest bowls and I can tell you that I will never use paper nest bowls again as long as I live. These don't fall apart or collapse nor do they tip over. I have yet to find a problem with them. If you put shaving in your nest box before putting them in there it'll raise them up enough so that they'll breathe very well. The birds seem happier, they build bigger nests, they look more formal and 'real'. After you ween the babies just fill up a bucket of water and drench them for about 10 minutes take them out let them dry and You've got a clay nest bowl that looks like you just took it out of the box again. This is one thing I think everyone should atleast try. If you can get one from someone around you and see how much better they are than anything else.